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AppNation Is Less Than 10 Days Away We Talk With Founder Drew Ianni

If you’re an app developer on any operating system and at any level you need to get to an AppNation conference. AppNation holds a giant annual conference every year in San Francisco and several boutique events like the AppNation conference and  TV 3.0 Summit happening May 15th and 16th in New York City.

This year’s New York AppNation event is happening in conjunction with Internet Week New York which is happening a few weeks earlier than the normal first week in June when IWNY has been held in the past. There are hundreds of things going on in New York as part of IWNY, but AppNation has got to be one of the biggest.

AppNation founder Drew Ianni has done a great job of recruiting top tier speakers to speak on every possible nook and cranny of the app ecosystem. Ianni also does a great job of pricing the AppNation learning conferences so that big time development studios and Fred in the Shed developers aren’t breaking the bank to get to the conference.

At the end of our interview with Ianni he gives us a gerat discount code so make sure you head to and register. You won’t want to miss it. We’re back again this year as a media partner and we plan on learning a lot.

You’ll recognize a lot of the companies that are speaking and presenting at the App Nation NYC Mobile Summit. Bloomberg, NBC, Time Inc, 20th Century Fox, Nickelodeon, Urban Airship, Mozilla, Glu Mobile, Shazam and Google are just a sample of what’s to come May 16th in New York City.

Drew took some time out of his busy schedule planning this event to talk to us about it check out the interview after the break

How Big Is The U.S. App Economy, Appnation Answers That Question In A Report

Appnation, the company headed by Drew Ianni that produces the Appnation conference has released a report on the state of the app economy in the United States. The report entitled: “How Big Is The US App Economy? Estimates and Forecasts 2011-2015”.

The report released Monday is fresh on the heels of the Appnation III conference that starts Wednesday in San Francisco.  Appnation is the largest independently produced executive level apps conference. It’s a must attend event for Thedroidguy staff.

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Facebook, Walmart & Google Execs To Headline Appnation III

We’re less than two weeks away from Appnation III. In fact by this time next week after you’ve chowed down on turkey, gotten run down by shoppers and watched some great college football you’ll be thinking about what you can do to get your mobile and app fix. Well it’s definitely Appnation III.

Appnation III is being held in San Francisco California November 30th and December 1st and just like Appnation II they have an excellent line up for any level developer.

Facebook’s developer guru Doug Purdy is set to keynote on day 1. Many developers will remember Purdy from Facebooks own developer conference earlier this year.

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Appcelerator Releases Titanium Studio For Cross Platform Devices

The great folks at Appcelerator have created a new tool that makes creating cross-platform applications a breeze, and that breeze is in the cloud.  Appcelerator’s new “Titanium Studio”.

Titanium Studio promises to allow companies “…the ability to rapidly create rich cloud-connected applications using their existing web teams and is based on the patent-pending development technology acquired from Aptana™ earlier this year…” Appcelerator said in a release earlier today.

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Monkeying Around With Infinite Monkeys At AppNation 2011

While there were lot’s of apps brewing and lots of apps launched at Appnation this week in San Francisco, one company, of no fixed address, launched 700 apps. That’s right, they launched 700 apps on multi- platforms.

The company, called Infinite Monkeys, has launched a free way for small businesses, individuals, bands, community associations, clubs and other like minded and like sized organizations to make apps for what matters to them. All of this came together and launched at Appnation on Wednesday.

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Hands On With A Fully Functioning Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

We saw the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 unveiled when we were at MWC in Barcelona in February. We saw it again at CTIA in March where Elijah Ketchum, Thedroidboy, did a quick overview. Here at Appnation Samsung was in full force and we got to touch it ourselves and get a little more hands on.

Video after the break

Getjar’s Patrick Mork On Getjar 3.0 And More At Appnation 2011

We caught up with our good friend Patrick Mork of Getjar at the Appnation 2011 conference. Earlier in the day Getjar had presented in a 2 minute speed presentation conference, on their new Getjar 3.0. Getjar 3.0 has a better, and even more user friendly interface. They’ve also incorporated Facbeook login so that you can use your existing Facebook ID as your Getjar account versus signing up directly for Getjar.

We also asked Patrick about how the App Store climate has changed over the last several months where it seems everyone is opening up some kind of App Store. Getjar has been in the apps game since 2005 when there were only 2 real players in the space. Those players, at the time, were Getjar and Handango.

Patrick will be leading a panel tomorrow on of course, Apps, what Getjar knows best.

Appnation Live: Appsgeyser Could Very Well Be The Easiest Way To App

We are live at the Appnation conference and truth be told there are quite a few companies promoting the best way to make new apps. One of the ways that has caught our eye is Appsgeyser. We originally met Vicily from Appsgeyser at South By Southwest in Austin Texas last month when he started telling us about an easy way to do apps. Today that way is live!

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Qualcomm Releases Dual Core Developer Tool Kit We Go Hands On

Live here at the Appnation event we got to experience the brand spanking new Qualcomm Dual Core Developer Tool. Check out our guided tour video and here are some raw specs. Oh and before we forget if you’d like to order one go for it here

Third party application developers should rejoice at the news you can now start working on Qualcomm dual core apps immediately with this new developer tool. See how the asynchronous cores can run best to suit your app. With the newest Qualcomm dual core chip sets the two cores can operate in-sync with each other or separate of each other.

Here are the specs:

MSM8660 MDP specifications

  • 3.61″ WVGA
  • Up to 1.5Ghz (each core can run at a different frequency)
  • 1GB of RAM
  • Adreno 220 graphics processor (GPU) – stereo 3D capable
  • 16GB of storage
  • 13 Megapixel camera
  • 1 Megapixel front-camera
  • Stereo speakers

Source: TDG/Appnation and Ubergizmo

Appnation 2011: All Eyes On Android, Free Apps Surpass Apple and More,

Thedroidguy is coming to you live from the Appnation 2011 Conference in San Francisco.  Both thedroidguy and our App Editor Elijah “Thedroidboy” Ketchum are covering the entire event, let’s get right into the business…

The business this week of course is apps. Although Appnation is a multi OS focused event, the word on the street begins with an “A” and ends in a “D” and has ndroi in the middle, yes Android.

As the Appnation conference began the latest Distimo report was released with some excellent Android news.  The first piece of news is in the world of free apps. Currently the Android market has 134,342 free applications available while our iOS competing market has just 121,845 free apps.

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Review: OfferedApp A New Way To Get Premium Apps!

There are always people out there who will not pay for an app. Whether it’s every app, or just some apps, people sometimes just find a hard time paying for apps. There are those who will willingly buy any app they choose, and others who only look for deals. That last option is something that Offered App can help with.

Offered App is a site that offers a free app every day, for completing a survey. Before you ask, no it’s not one of those lies that you come across on the internet that tries to make you pay for something to receive a discount.  OfferedApp is a legit way to gt paid apps for free. Now, don’t worry all you hard working  developers out there, OfferedApp is on your side. Unlike Amazon App Store who only gives 20%, Offered App gives developers full profit of the sale through ad revenue, so it’s a win for everyone. The website has a timer in the banner at the top displaying what app is currently available, and how long it will be available. This makes it easy it to make sure you are getting all of the free apps that you can get through this service at all times.

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