Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs Apple iPhone 6 Plus – Specs comparison

Again with the new iPhone(s)? Isn’t The Droid Guy supposed to be an Android-centric website? Leave droid fans alone. Be honest, you were thinking or wondering one of these things before you even finished reading our headline. And we completely understand your frustration. For the past two weeks or so, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 vs Apple iPad mini Retina – Specs comparison

Probably feeling Galaxy Tab Pros lacked the pizazz to really give Apple iPads a run for their money and show the world Android has a bright future on tablets regardless of bleak predictions, Samsung basically retired the four-month-old slates, replacing them with punchier, brighter, skinnier versions. Not by much, mind you, but just enough to

Tim Cook talks about Android fragmentation

Android fragmentation: Tim Cook’s take

Android fragmentation is a topic that repeatedly comes up in discussions of the Google-owned mobile operating system.  In a recent interview with Business Week, Apple CEO Tim Cook joined the conversation and revealed what he thought about the issue. Cook calls the Android fragmentation a “growing problem” that increases exponentially. He points  out that consumers

Mobile device usage facts and figures

Some interesting data on mobile device usage has been published recently by Mediapost. The information sheds some light on some rising trends in the growing market while supporting other unsurprising facts with figures. In particular, it provides information on the consumers, their preferences as well as the reasons behind such preferences. This infographic shows the

Apple posts reasons on why you should choose the iPhone

Immediately after the Samsung Galaxy S IV was launched, Apple published a new mini-website that aims to convince consumers to choose their handset over Samsung’s Android flagship phone of 2013. The mini-website lists fourteen reasons that supposedly make them the better choice versus the competition. First, Apple says that their device has been recognized as

Fruit Vs. Robot Lets Android and Apple Fans Battle It Out

Many Android and iOS fans have been engaging in heated debates over which among the two is better ever since these operating systems arrived. Tech blogs and forums document the banters well, but it seems that these venues are not enough. Enter a new app called Fruit vs. Robot, a game developed by GravityFour, which