iOS 6 Adoption Increased After the Launch of Google Maps

Apple’s iOS operating system has been a slow progress ever since it was launched with the first generation iPhone back in 2007. Don’t get me wrong, it is right up there among the best mobile operating systems in the market, but some would feel it hasn’t evolved as much as people would have liked. Sure,

Apple Could Be Looking to Integrate FourSquare With Apple Maps

The Apple iPhone 5 and the iOS 6 operating system have garnered heaps of praises from loyalists and some critics. However, if there is one aspect where iOS 6 falls behind substantially in comparison to its competition, is in the case of Maps. Apple’s brave and bold decision to ditch Google Maps in favor of

Australian Police Claim Apple Maps Could Be Deadly

We all know how Apple Maps fairs against most of its competition, and it’s not news to us that Apple even acknowledged that in an apology letter to its users. However, the problems still haven’t been fixed, it seems. According to a report by the police in Victoria (Australia), Apple Maps is causing life threatening

Maps Manager Fired From Apple, Eddy Cue Shows Him The Door

Some reports are surfacing saying that the executive that was in charge of creating Apple’s rival to Google Maps has been fired from the company due to the half-baked product he and his team launched. Richard Williamson was reportedly shown the way by Apple’s Senior Vice President Eddy Cue. This comes from people who are

Google Feels Apple is Reluctant to Allow Google Maps for iOS

After Apple Maps failed to live up to the hype and expectations, people quickly began speculating of a Google Maps app for iOS. This, while seemingly plausible, might have been slightly far fetched given the course of events leading to the exit of Google Maps from iOS. But now we’re hearing reports from The Guardian

London Underground attempts to solve iOS 6 Maps issue

With the launch of iPhone 5, Apple also introduced the sequel of its mobile operating system, the iOS 6. The update brings plethora of new features, and with this update, Apple has replaced the default mapping app from Google Maps to its own mapping service. Basically, users are forced to switch the app they use,

Apple Maps sources decoded

  With the launch of Apple’s latest version of iOS, the iOS6, Apple will no longer use Google Maps for its mapping needs. Instead of Google Maps, the Cupertino based technological giant will be using its own Apple Maps. Apple Maps will boast voice guided turn by turn navigation and 3D maps. Besides these, there