Samsung Galaxy S5 vs iPhone 5s vs Sony Xperia Z2 – Benchmark Comparison

Though Samsung never really acknowledged it did anything wrong vis-à-vis artificially boosting benchmarks in the past, last week brought the surprising and refreshing news of sneaky code being removed from Galaxy devices with Android 4.4 KitKat upgrades. Technically, this should greatly increase the credibility of “synthetic tests” on Samsung-made Android gadgets, as well as for

Top Smartphone Problems

Top Smartphone Problems Revealed

Fixya, a question-and-answer website that features the top consumer products, recently revealed the top Smartphone problems encountered by users of popular devices like the Samsung Galaxy S4, iPhone 5s, HTC One and the Moto X. Samsung Galaxy S4 Top Problem Topping the list of Samsung Galaxy S4 problems is the issue related to overheating. Well,

Samsung Galaxy S4 vs Apple iPhone 5S – Specs Comparison

The day each and every Android aficionado in the world has dreaded for months, close to a year now actually, is here. Apple has at long last unveiled the iPhone 5 follow-up, or better yet follow-ups, once again driving the mobile tech universe to a frenzy. High-end contenders – iPhone 5S, 5C or both? Powered

2 Display Sizes and 5 Colors for the iPhone 5S

In a move that is most likely to be welcomed by staunch iPhone fans, Apple may be planning to make the next edition of the iPhone, iPhone 5S, very colorful and accommodating to different users.  In the past, Apple has only been making the iPhone available in one screen size and at most 2 different

Apple iPhone 5S rumors and speculations

Rumors are among the things that made Apple iPhone 5 so popular even before it was release a little over 3 months ago. While the Cupertino, Calif.-based tech titan has yet to ship its newest smartphone to more countries, new rumors about Apple iPhone 5S started to sprout and it’s getting bigger and bigger each