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Samsung Galaxy S4 vs Apple iPhone 5S – Specs Comparison

The day each and every Android aficionado in the world has dreaded for months, close to a year now actually, is here. Apple has at long last unveiled the iPhone 5 follow-up, or better yet follow-ups, once again driving the mobile tech universe to a frenzy. High-end contenders – iPhone 5S, 5C or both? Powered

Alleged rear plate of cheaper iPhone gets photographed

A couple of photos of what is believed to be the rear part of a plastic shell for the rumored low-cost Apple iPhone was published on the China-based WeiPhone forums. The source supposedly knows some Chinese factory workers who allowed him to take photos of the iPhone shell. The shell is colored green, which is

Apple iPhone 5S rumors and speculations

Rumors are among the things that made Apple iPhone 5 so popular even before it was release a little over 3 months ago. While the Cupertino, Calif.-based tech titan has yet to ship its newest smartphone to more countries, new rumors about Apple iPhone 5S started to sprout and it’s getting bigger and bigger each

Scarcity of Apple iPhone 5 at Apple Stores

Demand for Apple products increase with each iteration. When Apple launched the successor of iPhone 4, the iPhone 4S, it received an overwhelming response. Apple’s opening weekend sales for the 4S last year had grown by an astounding 135% over iPhone 4 which in turn had seen 70% higher sales than the 3GS. The difference

A Thinner new iPhone can Increase Battery Life

What do you think is the name of the new iPhone which is due for launch this coming September 12, 2012? No matter what’s the name, a thinner new iPhone can increase battery life for sure. This is because if Apple uses a new thinner display in its next iPhone, the battery could provide an