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Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 vs Apple iPad mini Retina – Specs comparison

Probably feeling Galaxy Tab Pros lacked the pizazz to really give Apple iPads a run for their money and show the world Android has a bright future on tablets regardless of bleak predictions, Samsung basically retired the four-month-old slates, replacing them with punchier, brighter, skinnier versions. Not by much, mind you, but just enough to

$1.5 million worth of iPad Mini stolen in JFK airport heist

Approximately $1.5 million worth of iPad Minis were stolen by a pair of crooks from JFK airport late Monday night, November 12th, the authorities said Thursday after their initial investigation. According to a report, the crooks struck shortly before midnight wherein two pallets of iPad Minis were into a white tractor trailer using the airport’s

Speculations on the Specs and Features of the iPad Mini

Apple has sent out media invites for a special event they will be hosting on October 23rd, an even we all know by now the company will be launching a smaller version of the iPad tablet, iPad mini.  There have been rumors for months now that Apple has been working on the smaller tablet and

iPad Mini to be Priced Below $500

The smaller version of the iPad tablet is expected to arrive before the year ends. Nicknamed the iPad Mini for lack of an official name, it is likely to have a price below US $500. Rumors of the tablet had been circulating for months despite Apple’s silence on the matter. Recently, the existence of the

WSJ Report Backs Earlier Reports On Existence Of iPad Mini

The seems that the tablet battle between Google and Apple might indeed turn into a war in the near future. We have been hearing a lot about Google’s plan to bring a 10 inch tablet to the market to challenge the might of Apple’s iPad and at the same time, there are similar reports doing