5 Best Tablets With Best Battery Life 2019

Battery life is something that most modern devices need to have in order to function accordingly. While battery life is not strictly dependent on the kind of hardware you have, the capacity does make a significant difference to the overall performance. We’re seeing big battery smartphones churning out almost every other day, suggesting that battery

BlackBerry PlayBooks Outsell the New iPad in the UK

RIM has just concluded the BlackBerry 10 launch event by launching the BlackBerry Z10 and the Q10 smartphones. And nothing sets the tone right for an announcement like a bit of good news going your way. For RIM, this good news is coming from the UK where a recent survey has shown that its very

Victim pays $200 for a mirror with Apple logo!

Nobody likes to get ripped off, but sometimes we learn lessons the hard way, and most of the times you lose a good amount of hard earned money, but that’s the price you pay for committing the mistake. Here’s a story about Jalonta Freeman who recently got ripped off and was tricked into buying a

How is Nexus 7 Better than the iPad?

Apple’s iPad tablet is currently the bestselling tablet in the market and has been around since tablets made their first appearance.  The recent launch of Google’s Nexus 7 tablet however seems to upset the market balance as it sports high end features and comes are a very reasonable price, therefore making it a high-end yet

iPad Mini to be Priced Below $500

The smaller version of the iPad tablet is expected to arrive before the year ends. Nicknamed the iPad Mini for lack of an official name, it is likely to have a price below US $500. Rumors of the tablet had been circulating for months despite Apple’s silence on the matter. Recently, the existence of the