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Facebook - Tor Browser

Facebook now bundling Tor Browser with its Android app

Given how important privacy is in this day and age, #Facebook has decided to bundle Tor Browser with its Android app, giving users that extra security cushioning. The feature appears to be gradually rolling out to devices but should be available around the globe over the coming weeks. As a prerequisite, users are required to

Pebble Health

Pebble Health app released for Pebble Time wearables

#Pebble has just released the new #PebbleHealth software for #PebbleTime, #PebbleTimeRound as well as #PebbleTimeSteel models. This will integrate with Google Fit, so users can find all their fitness data in one convenient location. This will track your steps, sleep and calorie intake, so it’s pretty much like a regular fitness companion app that we find in

Train & Run Beta

Adidas releases Train & Run Beta app on the Google Play Store

#Adidas has just released the beta version of its Train & Run application on the #Google #PlayStore. Usually, beta versions of an app are made available via apks and not directly through the Play Store, but Adidas has decided to take this unconventional approach with this app. The changelog isn’t too lengthy and this is all

Bluestacks 2

BlueStacks 2 Android emulator now lets you run multiple apps at once

For those who don’t own an #Android device, but would like to experience it anyway, #BlueStacks has served as a solid alternative since 2011. Although the service was laggy and slow during its early days, the developers have taken giant strides in making it a popular service. It has 109 million downloads now, which says something about

Instagram Logo

Instagram on Android now supports multiple accounts

If you open your feed today, you will find #BlackFriday deals in abundance. In the midst of all this, there’s some actual news coming through from our beloved image sharing site, #Instagram. The developers have finally enabled support for multiple accounts on Android, letting you control two usernames simultaneously. This is a feature that #Twitter has as well,

YouTube Music

Google launches standalone YouTube Music app

Almost changing the course of our music listening experience, #Google has now announced the standalone #YouTubeMusic app for Android and iOS. This app will simply offer music to the customers, with YouTube Red customers getting the added advantage of offline music playback and ad-free content. YouTube Music will also include content like concert videos as

Apple Music - Android

Screenshots of Apple Music for Android leak out

Although #Apple has always been anti-Android, the company has softened its stance over the years. The Cupertino giant is even prepping its very own Android app (not counting the infamous Move to iOS app) thanks to its willingness to expand #AppleMusic. Well, this app has been said to be in the works for quite some time

Facebook Mentions

Facebook now allows journalists to send out live video content to users

With the 2016 Presidential elections looming, #Facebook has now decided to open its live video broadcasting feature to journalists around the world, thus giving users a chance to know exactly what’s happening as the events unfold. This was previously limited to celebrities, so it’s good to see that Facebook is broadening its horizons here. To

Kaboom is the latest self-destructing messaging app in town

AnchorFree, makers of the popular Hotspot Shield application have just released an app called Kaboom on the Google Play Store. This isn’t a game like the name indicates, but a self destructing messaging app, meant to keep your messages private and away from prying eyes. Much like other contemporary apps in the genre, Kaboom lets you

Hangouts Logo

Google Hangouts now has 1 billion pre-installs

Google Hangouts has joined the elite list of Google apps that have surpassed the 1 billion installs mark. While the likes of Gmail, YouTube etc have already crossed the 1 billion installs mark, Hangouts was yet to breach the magical figure. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to the users as Hangouts is now pre-installed


HTC Car application makes its way to the Play Store

HTC’s new Car application has just made its way to the Google Play Store as a virtual assistant for your automobile. This works to give you improved access from your phone while driving and is a very good companion while you’re on the road. Most phones have a dedicated car mode available, but HTC has gone