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[Deal] Apps and games worth $50 available for free via Amazon

Looking to save some money on paid apps? Amazon has you covered as the retailer is now offering content like Bard’s Tale, AVG Antivirus Pro Android Security for free. It is mentioned that this is a limited period promotion and valid only until the 1st of July, so we suggest you download them all by then. You can

Amazon App Store Deal

Apps worth $135 available for free via the Amazon App Store

Starting today, customers can get apps worth $135 completely free through Amazon’s dedicated Android app hub. While the Amazon App Store was created to serve Kindle Fire devices, these apps work just the same with other Android devices as well, provided you have the App Store installed on your Android device. The free content is not

Why can’t get we get enough of Flappy Bird?

Rolling Stone is running a feature on Flappy Bird’s creator, Dong Nguyen. Contributor David Kushner actually flew to Hanoi to interview the elusive game developer, and got the skinny on how the hit game came to be. In the article, we learn how Nguyen did not expect the game to be such a success, and

Android-iOS monetization gap: Should it trouble developers?

Android significantly outnumbers Apple’s iOS and other mobile platforms in terms of user base. Around the world, there are more than 1.5 million Android devices activated per day. In China alone, there are 270 million Android devices active, and there are almost 1 billion devices activated globally. By contrast, Apple says it has sold about

Apple removes Sweatshop HD iPad game from app store

  Apple has been censoring its apps and other content available on the app store since its launch. From the past many years, Apple has maintained that the apps available on the iStore are “curated” as against the books and music on the store.   Sweatshop HD was an iPad exclusive app and was available


Apple censoring App Store

Smartphones are getting popular day by day, and everybody seems to have a smartphone irrespective of whether they need one or not. Anyhow, Apple’s iPhone covers a major chunk of the smartphone market and an iOS device is what an average person chooses when he goes out to buy a smartphone. Apple’s App Store is

Apple Announces 40 Billion Downloads On The App Store

The App Store has hit 40 billion unique downloads, Apple announced today. In the year 2012 alone 20 billion downloads took place with December being a major contributor by ringing in a whopping 2 billion downloads. In September, Google announced 25 billion downloads from the Play Store, which is 15 billion less downloads than Apple’s

Rasperry Pi Opens App Store

The makers of the Raspberry Pi, the tiny $25 to $35 Linux-based computer, have officially launched the Raspberry Pi App Store for users of the device. According to the announcement on the Raspberry Pi website, they are “launching the Pi Store to make it easier for developers of all ages to share their games, applications,

PlayStation Mobile Store now available for Sony Xperia, PS Vita, Android phones

Tokyo-based major video game company, Sony has just launched its brand new service called PlayStation Mobile – an online store that piles various game titles for selected Android phones, PS Vita and Xperia devices. This latest store app officially launched on Wednesday, exclusively in nine countries including Australia, Italy, Japan, Canada, Germany, Spain, France, US

FBI Investigating Secondary Android App Store

Google’s legal team has just recently sent out a bunch of e-mails to their registered developers regarding a subpeona issued by the FBI. Supposedly this has something to do with an investigation  regarding applications that are showing up in various places where developers have not provided any sort of consent., which leads the FBI to

App Store from Amazon On Its Way to European Countries

The United States has had the pleasure of having the Amazon App Store exclusively for quite some time now, but those in other foreign countries haven’t had the luxury of enjoying the Amazon App Store, at least, until today. After years of exclusivity, Amazon has announced just today that they will be bringing the Amazon

Windows 8 App Store to Enable Seven-Day Trials

I don’t really like Windows 8 at all, honestly I think it’s terrible and need a lot of help. It does not take into consideration of the average user. They may think the average user is a geek who can easily find his/her way around, but, the every day person using it won’t be those