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App Of The Week: Any.DO

Any.DO: To Do List | Task ListAs busy as we are nowadays, you would think we would have figured out how to manage our time wisely. Still however, we find people being double-booked, forgetting appointments, and sometimes not getting a single thing done that you wanted to throughout the day. We find ourselves constantly pressured by the busy agendas that rule our life, and have since started to turn to mobile calendars and planners to help us through our days. While I still use my calendar all the time, sometimes I just want a simple list of the things I need to get done, accompanied with reminders due dates. Separate categories, yes, but other than that just one list of things that I need to accomplish. And after stumbling upon it in the Market, Any.DO has completely taken over as my task manager of choice.

Any.DO is one of those apps that I install within 5 minutes of every phone that I get. I live by my task manager, and it all integrates with Google Tasks and my Gmail. But as we all know, Google has completely ignored the need for a task managing app built in to Android that syncs with your Google account and Google Tasks. After giving support to many of its other products and even launching new ones, El Goog hasn’t payed the slightest bit of attention to a task manager. However, the developers of Any.DO have.


App of the Week: Thumb


There are some fantastic apps out there, but some just stick out to me, and Thumb is one of them. When an app can tie a great UI, awesome functionality, and a reason to come back again and again all in one package, I feel like it’s worth getting an App of the Week.

Thumb is free in the Android Market, and was known previously as Opinionaided. Thumb is simple, in fact, the app is so simple, there are really only two things you can do with it: ask for other’s opinions and give your own. The point of the application and service is to get other user’s opinions on different questions you may have, and give your opinion on other questions. This actually works really well, and answers start coming in fairly quickly. Sure, it can vary, but most of the time I get at least 15 answers within the first minute of asking my question. Thumb is on multiple platforms, making the amount and type of users pretty broad. One of the reasons that answers come in so fast, is the app offers the idea of giving your opinion on things while waiting for answers on your own questions. This is a great idea, because in the time it takes to get some answers you can already have answered a ton yourself.


App Of The Week: YouMail

I think the number one thing that I hate most about cell phones, and having one, is voicemails. It may just be because I am lazy, but I hate checking my voicemails. At one point I actually instructed those who got my voicemail to not leave me one, because I will most likely never check it. However, voicemails became much less of a problem when I got a smartphone, because I could use visual voicemail providers. The only problem with that is every carrier has its own visual voicemail app, and most of them have a subscription and aren’t the most productive and intuitive apps, if they even work. The best alternative I’ve found to checking your voicemail is YouMail.

YouMail is a visual voicemail service that is available on Android, iPhone, and also has a web client. Because calling to check your voicemails can be such a pain, visual voicemail can really make things a lot easier. When you download YouMail the first time, the app will ask you to choose the number that you wish YouMail to check for voicemails. After this, YouMail asks you to give it permission to forward all of your voicemails to it instead of your carrier. Once you’ve completed all of this, the app check for voicemails every time you get a missed call, and whatever interval you choose.


App Of The Week: Wunderlist


It doesn’t matter what you do, where you work, or how old you are, everyone worries about getting stuff done. Whether you work a job with countless deadlines, attend high school or college like myself, or have to up your GamerScore on Xbox, people have things to do. Obviously, having a smartphone can help you do this, but more than just scheduling, there are specific applications that can help you make sure you always get everything done. The app I’m going to talk about today is Wunderlist.

Wunderlist is a task manager that, well, helps you manage your tasks. Not in the way apps like Advanced Task Manager kill processes on your device (don’t use those applications by the way), but rather helps you organize your schedule and get things done. Wunderlist is fairly simple, you plug in the things you need to get done, and it notifies you when you need to get things done. There’s not much too it. But that’s the beauty of Wunderlist.

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App Of The Week: APPY Geek

In the tech world, news is one of the most important things to stay up to date on, especially with everything happening so quickly. August  has been one of the biggest months in the tech world this year, with Google picking up Motorola and Steve Jobs resigning, and if you stay out of the loop for just one day you can miss a ton of stuff. There are several sites and blogs that cover all of this, and APPY Geek is an app that helps you stay on top of everything, all the time.

APPY Geek is a news app that pulls everything you could ask for into one experience. Whether it’s Android news, app news, or anything that has to do with technology, APPY Geek is partnered many of the top sites to bring you all of the latest news. You can even have notifications set to alert you every time something is posted so you know exactly when things are happening. You can view all of the top stories from a day, picked by the team at APPY Geek, and you can also view all the news from the day. Both of these can be narrowed down to what you want to see, and you can choose what to be notified for. After using the app extensively, I can say I haven’t found a time where an important story or event wasn’t found in APPY Geek’s feed.

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App of the Week: SwiftKey X

No this isn’t the first keyboard we’ve put a spotlight on, and it probably won’t be the last. However, in this case, I feel it is necessary. TouchType Ltd just released their newest version of SwiftKey, dubbed SwiftKey X. What makes SwiftKey X worth the spotlight you ask, well maybe the fact that it is one of the best text predictors out there. Other keyboards save your text. They can scan your contacts to use names, and save words to a user dictionary. That’s what they do, and it’s how they operate: predicting saved text. What SwiftKey X does is similar, but another step further.


App of the Week: Fuel Log

Of the main things being talked about as of late has been our nation’s struggling economy. Of course, with a poor economy comes loss of jobs and price inflations, but one of the main issues for many is the prices for oil and fuel. The prices of gasoline are soaring again, and this is really a hit on US citizens who have to drive to get most places they need to go. With gas prices rising, most people are quick to find a way to save a buck here and there, and the developers of Fuel Log have stepped up to the plate.


App Of The Week: Poynt

As a faithful smartphone user, the concept of having things “on the go” is something I am regularly spoiled with. Social networking, communication, productivity apps such word processors and calculators, everything is on the go. One thing we do often need when on the go, is directions. When I say directions, I mean more than turn-by-turn navigation, or MapQuest. Sometimes we need a little “direction” on where to go, what movie to see, what to eat, and even where to fill up. Poynt is an app in the Android Market that really takes care of a lot of our problems.


App of the Week: Friendcaster for Facebook

FriendCaster Pro for Facebook

Android users have been on a long, bumpy ride when it comes to Facebook apps. Our official Facebook app is still catching up to its iPhone competitor, and hopefully with update 1.6 our cries will no longer be in vain. Also with Bloo for Facebook passing, we seemed to be left out to dry when it came to Facebook. Some users tried to go back the official app, others utilized Tweetdeck for their social networking needs. Flow for Facebook was also a viable option, and with updates coming regularly users really started to like the app. Handmark, the developers of the popular Twitter app Tweetcaster purchased Flow and renamed it Friendcaster. Many enhancements were made and Friendcaster was born, not flawless but dependable.


App of the Week: Shopkick


I’ve seen Shopkick in the Market for a while now, and just recently decided to give it a try. I usually tend to ignore apps that seem to “promise rewards” and aren’t supported by actual stores. However, after downloading Shopkick I have realized that is not the case at all with this app.

Shopkick does several different things. First, the app sends you personalized deals from your favorite stores for the items you purchase. Secondly, the app awards “kicks” for visiting stores and scanning barcodes. Thirdly, the app lets you turn in your kicks for rewards. One of the main reasons that I use Shopkick is for the personalized deals. Thankfully, Shopkick is partners with Best Buy, and Best Buy happens to be one of my favorite stores. Whenever I open the app, I can just swipe through all of the different deals that Best Buy is currently promoting, and the more I buy and like things the more personalized it gets. This is also true for tons of different stores, all of which can be added to your Faves when the app opens. Faves is a big list of all of the stores that you enjoy the most. Shopkick displays all of your Faves and allows you to swipe between the deals that each store is having. Another thing that shows up in the Faves tab are ways to earn kicks. While swiping through stores to look at the different deals, you can also see ways to earn kicks. You can earn kicks by doing things like visiting a store, and scanning the barcode of different things within the store. As I mentioned earlier, kicks can be reedemed and used towards different prizes such as gift cards.


App of The Week: Timeriffic


As soon as you purchase an Android phone and own for a while you start to realize something: there are a lot of options. Many of these options are things that you must manage on the fly–turn off, turn on– and just when you think you’ve done everything you realize your GPS is running and your phone goes off in class. These are all problems that can be avoided with a simple app called Timeriffic.


App of the Week: Adobe Photoshop Express

Photos are a huge part of our everyday lives. We take them to remember just about anything. Whether it’s professional photography, taking pictures on a vacation, or just messing around with your friends we take pictures all the time. Now, we have smartphones because they are mobile and they can do things like upload pictures to Facebook, Twitter, etc. while we are on the go. But what if the picture you took isn’t as good as you thought it was originally, or maybe it’s too dark? You may not be able to get to a Mac or PC in time to edit these photos, and you sure as heck don’t want to put it on Facebook if it’s not up to all of your snobby friend’s social status. So what to do? You can edit the picture a little on your phone, but sometimes a little extra umph is needed. This is where Adobe Photoshop Express comes into play.
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App of the Week: FlexT9

This isn’t the first time we’ve done a keyboard replacement as an App of the Week, but hey, we use keyboards so much that it doesn’t hurt to have options right? Options are great, and the reason this keyboard is so great is because it incorporates so many different ways to input text. FlexT9 is one of the most fully-featured keyboards that I have come across in a while.


App of the Week: Multicon

As Android users, we are free to customize our homescreens in any way that we want. Whether we would like to have apps, widgets, or apps and widgets, anything goes with Android. But that’s what we’re all about isn’t it? The freedom to customize as we please is what we Android users pride ourselves on. With Android we have customization, however, one of the things that we cannot customize on Android (right out of the box, that is) is how large or small our app icons are. We are stuck with the same size icon for every app. Unless, of course, a developer finds a way around this using a widget. Thus, Mulitcon was born.

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