Pentagon Drops Exclusive Contract With Blackberry Maker RIM

Research in Motion, the manufacturer of Blackberry, suffered another major loss in its business after Pentagon announced that it has already ended its exclusive contract with the company. Pentagon stated that it’s now encouraging other software companies such Apple, Microsoft, and Google to apply for a government contract and provide them with software developed to

App Of The Week: APPY Geek

In the tech world, news is one of the most important things to stay up to date on, especially with everything happening so quickly. August  has been one of the biggest months in the tech world this year, with Google picking up Motorola and Steve Jobs resigning, and if you stay out of the loop

App of the Week: Multicon

As Android users, we are free to customize our homescreens in any way that we want. Whether we would like to have apps, widgets, or apps and widgets, anything goes with Android. But that’s what we’re all about isn’t it? The freedom to customize as we please is what we Android users pride ourselves on.

App of the Week: Chomp

One of the most important to an Android user, casual or hardcore, is apps. Apps are what continuously build the functionality of our phones. They are what entice us as users, to use our phones as more then, well, and phone. They are what have me doing an article every week about the best of

App of the Week: Seek Droid

Everyone with a smartphone, Android or iOS, pours personal information into it. Credit card numbers, email addresses, personal information, and all kinds of goodies. In doing this each and every one of us risk things like ID theft and all kinds of fraud every single day. Sure, you can set pass codes to lock your

App of the Week: Tank Hero

Over my Christmas break I had a great time. I got to be off school and hang out with all my friends, and with a break comes free time. Of course I had to find my next addicting game to play. Sure, I did a game last week, but it’s the holidays. This week I

App of the Week: Zynga Poker

Zynga’s Texas Hold’em Poker has been my go-to Facebook game for quite some time now. I never really got into Farmville or any of the other really big Facebook games, but I have always loved poker. That is why I started playing Texas Hold’em on Facebook. I wasn’t too fond of sitting at my computer

App of the Week: Handcent SMS

Text messaging is huge. Hundreds of thousands of texts are sent daily by Android phones through many different messaging apps. Many of the Android messaging apps differ in their own ways, and sometimes I prefer to have some more features with my messaging app. This is why I use Handcent SMS. I have never used

App of the Week: Fruit Ninja

Yes, this week’s App of the Week is a game. I usually try not to do games for App of the Week, but very rarely does a game keep me coming back as much as Fruit Ninja did. I have literally spent hours playing Fruit Ninja. This game is incredibly fun, and sadly you don’t

App of the Week: Sound Manager

Everyone hates when their phone goes off when it’s not supposed to. Sure, you get to flash your awesome phone to the whole room, but it’s still embarrassing and can get you into trouble. This week’s App of the Week isn’t necessarily a heavily downloaded app, and it isn’t an app you will find yourself

App of the Week: Dolphin Browser HD

Since the beginning of time…or at least Android, browsing the web is one of the most used features on the OS. I mean, come on, it’s a Google phone. When taking this into consideration, it is pretty easy to gather that you need a good browsing app. Every Android phone comes with a stock browser

App of the Week: Smart Keyboard

One of the most time consuming things to do when using a mobile device is typing. When you chat you type, when you browse the web you type, and basically everything you do involves at least some amount of typing. After taking all of this into consideration, having a good keyboard turns into a pretty

App of the Week: Pulse News Reader

I would describe this week’s App of the Week as one of the first 5 apps I tell people to install on their new Android phone. It does exactly what it was intended to do almost perfectly, and more. At $1.99, the app that can be installed on any Android phone, running any Android OS.