How to fix Google Play Store error 941 on Samsung Galaxy S9

The Google Play Store error 941 that seems to be bugging some owners of the Samsung Galaxy S9 occurs when you’re downloading an app. Unlike other errors that occur during the installation, this one only shows up during the download. It’s not only a problem with the S9 but any Android user may be able

How to fix Google Play Store error 406 on Samsung Galaxy A3 2019

The Google Play Store error 406 occurs when you’re downloading or installing an application. It may happen to all Android users regardless of the brand and model of the phone since it’s not an app- or phone-specific problem but an issue with Play Store that’s triggered when an app is being installed. We have been

Galaxy S6 calendar stops syncing, other app issues

Here’s another compilation of some of the app problems shared by member of our community. App issues may look varied but they usually have universal solutions, especially those caused by poor coding. We hope that this post can help you fix your own app issues. These are the specific topics mentioned here today: Galaxy S6 Recent