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MMA Establishes Privacy Guidelines For Mobile Apps

The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) has issued the final draft of their guidelines for privacy when it comes to mobile apps.

As the mobile app ecosystem continues to grow by leaps and bounds, privacy within apps has become a hot button topic. In 2011 stories like this, about even very popular apps and the data they send from users device sparked concerns over consumers rights and privacy.

The Mobile Marketing Association, the leading global trade association for the mobile industry has come up with privacy guidelines for mobile apps and their developers. Over 50 well known companies in the mobile industry, including big names like CTIA, Sprint, TrustE, Millennial Media, AT&T and more helped compile a stringent set of guidelines so that consumers know they can trust that apps will keep their information secure.

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Cool 2011 App Data From Quixey

In mid December our good friends at Quixey published a very interesting infographic on the app ecosystem. We first met Quixey at TechCrunch Disrupt in New York.

Quixey is an app search engine that searches for apps in a more natural way. Type in an app by name you’ll find it. Type in an app by what you want it to do, and you’ll find it. ¬†Quixey is backed by Eric Schmidts venture fund as well as others. They also offer social media components in their intuitive app search.

With a focus on the app ecosystem and economy, Quixey was able to release some very informative data on apps.

Their infographic shows that they found that most app developers still have just one published app.

At the time of publication Apple owned 54.7% of the U.S. mobile app market.

16% of mobile apps are over $3.00

Of the 40 most buzzed about apps 60% of them have Lite or Free in the title. The top three were Angry Birds (of course), Assassin’s Creed, and Oregon Trail Free. Also according to their data developers will develop a title for iPhone before Android.

source: Quixey

The9 Opens Up App Distribution Channel For Developers To Reach The Chinese Market

Despite an empasse between Google and the Chinese government in regards to the Android Market, China is one of Android’s fastest growing markets. At a panel yesterday at TechCrunch Disrupt Beijing, some of China’s top Android influencers spoke about the Android explosion in China and how there is no stopping it. In fact David Chao of DCM, went on to say he believes the Android tablet may even become the gaming console of the future for the Chinese.

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