How to fix Gmail that keeps crashing on Samsung Galaxy S8 (easy steps)

Every Android device comes packed with the Gmail app as manufacturers are mandated to include several apps developed by Google. It’s embedded in the firmware but Google may push a separate update for it from time to time. When problems occur, you may encounter the error “Unfortunately, Gmail has stopped” or the app simply closes

Samsung Galaxy A30 keeps showing ‘Facebook keeps stopping’ error

Facebook comes as one of the pre-installed apps on your Samsung Galaxy A30. Recently however, we have received quite a lot of complaints from our readers regarding the app. Some said that when they opened it, the error ‘Facebook keeps stopping’ shows up and they couldn’t use it. Such problem literally means that the app

How to fix Samsung Galaxy J7 that keeps popping “Unfortunately, Contacts has stopped” error message [Troubleshooting Guide]

Read and understand why a powerful smartphone like the #Samsung Galaxy J7 (#GalaxyJ7) suddenly started to show up the error “Unfortunately, Contacts has stopped” without apparent reason and learn how to troubleshoot your device in case this problem happens to you. The error message “Unfortunately, Contacts has stopped” is one of the most common app-related