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Twitter now allows you to post 140 second videos

#Twitter has now upped the duration limit for videos that you upload on its apps. While the previous limit was 30 seconds, customers can now upload videos of up to 140 seconds in length. The company made the official announcement through a blog post and a customary tweet. What’s more is that videos in full-screen

Apple Music Beta

Apple Music updated with a couple of new features on Android

The #AppleMusic application on #Android is now receiving a new update which includes a couple of much-needed additions. Among the new features is the ability to subscribe to a family account directly within the app. Also, users will now be able to play music videos within the app. These are clearly very big changes and will


Fenix exits the Play Store after reaching Twitter’s token limit

After popular third-party #Twitter app, Falcon, saw the exit from the Play Store a couple of years ago, Fenix has now seen a similar fate. If you’re wondering, well, the app wasn’t removed for a rule violation or any such issues but simply because Fenix has reached Twitter’s token limit, which only allows a certain number

Apple Music

Apple Music on Android now has its own widget

If you’ve been using #AppleMusic on #Android, you must be aware that the feature-set is very limited as of now. But the latest update to the app is changing that with a couple of handy additions. The first of these is the inclusion of a widget, letting you control music right from your home screen.

OnePlus Gallery

OnePlus Gallery app hits the Google Play Store

#OnePlus rejigged the entire user interface with the #OnePlus2 smartphone and Android 5.0 Lollipop. This included bringing some of its apps as individual offerings on the #PlayStore. This is something that manufacturers like #HTC, #Motorola and several others are currently doing with their core apps. OnePlus has now released its own core app on the Play

Skype brings group video calling to Android

A new update to #Skype is finally introducing group video calls on #Android and #iOS. The update lets you add multiple people to a video conversation, making video calls more fun and interactive. Of course, functionality will be limited to the kind of internet connection you have and also to some extent the kind of device

Twitter now lets you send and share videos via Direct Messages

After adding support for #Twitter GIFs, the developers have also announced the addition of yet another feature. Starting today, users of Twitter will be able to share and record videos in a DM or Direct Message. This was previously not possible, so its addition will be welcomed by the users. While it’s not as groundbreaking

Twitter GIF

Twitter adds a new GIF button on its Android and iOS apps

For long now, users have complained that #Twitter is lacking a dedicated GIF button. And Twitter has heard accordingly with a new GIF button officially making its way to the #Android and #iOS apps as of today. The rollout might be limited to a few regions at first, but we expect to see it on a

Gmail app on Galaxy Note 4 not syncing properly, plus other issues

Hello everyone! Welcome to another post about #GalaxyNote4 problems and solutions. We’ve gathered issues that you don’t usually encounter in many Android forums. We hope that these solutions can help other users who may have similar experience with their Note 4. Gmail app on Galaxy Note 4 not syncing properly Galaxy Note 4 won’t charge

Galaxy S4 connection drops when using Facebook app, other issues

The #GalaxyS4 has been around but we continue to get more mails from our readers asking for assistance regarding this phone. Below are some of them. For easy access to previously published posts about S4 problems and troubleshooting, please visit this page. Galaxy S4 continues to use data even when Airplane mode is on Galaxy