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HTC Sense 6.0 apps now available for non-HTC devices

HTC recently brought some Sense 6.0 specific apps to the Play Store, so that updating these features on HTC devices becomes easier in the future. However, some handy developers over at the XDA Forums have managed to extract these files and make them work on just about any Android device. This includes apps like HTC Service

BlackBerry Z30: The newest flagship Android device in town?

Android news has been interesting this week. First, there’s the surprising announcement that Google has sold its Motorola Mobility division to Lenovo. Prior to that, there’s the news that BlackBerry’s latest OS update now allows users to install Android apps straight from the .APK file, or through application marketplaces, without having to convert to a

Moto X camera app now available for all

The Moto X camera app has leaked out in the form of an apk file, giving us an idea of its working before its launch. The camera interface on the Moto X has been looked at very closely during previous leaks, but users are now in a better position to judge its actual capabilities, thanks