New Twitter API Seeks To End 3rd Party Twitter Clients

Twitter has posted an update on its developer blog today and detailed some of the changes coming with V1.1 of the Twitter API. Unfortunately, developers aren’t going to be to happy with the company after it launches. That said, things aren’t looking got at all for any type of 3rd party Twitter application. Thus, many

Kik Goes Developer Friendly With Open API For Instant Content Sharing

Kik Messenger, one of the most well known multi platform messenger apps released their open API last month so that developers can ¬†“bake” instant content sharing into any application via Kik’s messenger platform which is millions of members strong. Kik has updated their iOS and Android messenger apps with an app discovery/sharing service. Kik’s app

CTIA: Take A Look At The Android Powered WIMM Module

When you first take a look at the WIMM Module you may immediately think you’re looking at another Android watch implementation. Although the WIMM Module can be used as a watch, with the included watch band, it’s far from just an Android powered watch. The other key differentiator between the WIMM module and the Metawatch,