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Another patent battle victory for Samsung in Europe

Another patent battle victory for Samsung in Europe

The patent war against Apple and a lot of Android smart phone manufacturers, especially Samsung, never seems to come to an end. But it looks like Apple is slowly losing its ground or hold on these cases. This is because the South Korean Android smart phone giant just won a case against the Cupertino tech giant yesterday in Europe.

Yesterday, a Dutch Court has passed its decision that it does not think Samsung Electronics does not infringe any of Apple’s patents relating to multi touch techniques used on some of Samsung’s Galaxy series of smart phones.

But in the United States, Apple has got a very good hold. This was proved by the case it won against Apple, and which brought home $1.05 billion to Apple. But now it looks like the jury was misled. Tech Eye writes:

However, that case is likely to be appealed on the basis that the jury foreman, who had reason to hate a Samsung supplier for suing him under patent law, admitted that he had ignored most of the law and swung the jury to see his way of thinking.

Even though this happened, the case was strengthened in favour of Apple after the International Trade Commission confirmed that Samsung had indeed infringed a few of Apple’s patents in the making of a few of its smart phones, namely Captivate, Transform and Fascinate smart phones, as well as the Galaxy tablet.

Apple had listed seven patents that it claimed Samsung had infringed. One of them was removed during the time of litigation. Out of the remaining 6 patents on the list, Judge Thomas Pender said that Samsung infringed four of them. And the International Trade Commission will decide in February next year whether to uphold Pender’s decision or to reject it. So it is still to see which company will win the most cases.

Source: Tech Eye