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Angry Birds Fight now available in the U.S.

Angry Birds Fight!

Angry Birds Fight!

Rovio’s latest match-3 release, Angry Birds Fight! has been available almost all over the world, but was surprisingly excluded from the American markets. Well, that changes today with the app going live in the U.S. via the Google Play Store.

For those unaware of the concept, Angry Birds Fight brings true multiplayer gaming to the fore and connects you with a range of global players. It’s based on matching birds of the same kind and eventually fighting your opponents. You can watch the video below for more details on the game.

Angry Birds Fight will be available for free, but there will be multiple in-app purchasing options on offer, letting you get a leg up over the competition. Rovio has been falling behind a bit with its Angry Birds titles and we can see that with the kind of games that the developers have started to push now.

Will Angry Birds Fight replicate the success of the classic Angry Birds? Only time can tell. In the meanwhile, make sure you hit the link below and download the app.

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Angry Birds 2 globally available for Android

Angry Birds 2

Angry Birds 2

Rovio recently announced the arrival of Angry Birds 2 as the sequel to the popular Angry Birds game. The developer has released multiple spin-offs for Angry Birds over the past few years, but never really launched a full blown successor to the game. This game has officially made its way to the Google Play Store today, letting Android users in on the fun. The game is also available to iPhone and iPad owners via the iTunes App Store.

The game sticks to its roots and doesn’t bring any drastic changes to the gameplay. But with that being said, the developers have introduced a couple of new features on board which makes it worth your time. You can now choose the birds that you want to sling, while spells and other tricks can give you that extra edge mid-air. Overall, it’s the same Angry Birds in theory but with a new look and some extra zing.

It’s a free download from the Google Play Store, but you can make in-app purchases to get access to some cool stuff.

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Rovio launching Angry Birds Fight! later this year

Angry Birds Fight!

Angry Birds Fight!

Rovio’s range of Angry Birds games have diminished in popularity over the years. And in a bid to remain competitive, the team has now announced the arrival of Angry Birds Fight!, which is a match-3 game set to strike a chord with lovers of Candy Crush, Two Dots and several other games of the similar genre.

However, Angry Birds Fight! is not just a game about matching three or more similar birds, as it also involves the element of fighting players from across the world. The bird matching is done here solely to power up the birds for the fight, so it’s only part of the experience.

Angry Birds Fight! is available on a limited scale in Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand, but Rovio has finally announced a global launch as well. Here’s what Rovio wants you to know about Angry Birds Fight!.

  • Challenge other players globally in real-time match-three puzzles
  • Power up birds for the fight by matching faster and better than your opponent
  • Match 4 to activate special powers, Match 5 to start Fever Time!
  • Win fights to gain XP, win items and customize your flock and your ship
  • Accessorize with different items to increase health, attack and add skills
  • Earn bird coins in fights to buy more weapons and accessories in the shop
  • Play the lucky slots to unlock more items – go on, give it a spin!

While the game is live on the Google Play Store, many users claim that it has been blocked in their country. So it might take a while for Rovio to bring the game to all regions. You can try your luck by heading over to the Play Store link below.

Source: Google Play Store

Angry Birds: Transformers makes its way to Android

The much hyped Angry Birds Transformers game has officially hit the Google Play Store earlier today, letting Android users in on some of the robotic bird slinging action. This is a free app obviously and follows the same gameplay as preceding Angry Birds titles. The only difference here is that the birds transform into “AUTOBIRDS” when slinging towards the piggy territory. Playable characters include Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and the rest of the crew from the Transformers franchise.

Understandably, Angry Birds Transformers also comes with in-app purchases, letting you upgrade the characters and enhance gameplay as you please. This is your run of the mill freemium game which will work just fine as a free game but will require you to shell out some money in order to play it for prolonged intervals.

It will certainly strike a chord with fans of the Transformers franchise as Rovio has given it a nice little twist to make it stand out. It also follows a very similar plot as the movies, so there will be some familiarity with the game instantly. Hit the link below to download the game and make sure you leave your feedback below.

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Angry Birds Stella makes its way to the Play Store

Angry Birds Stella

Angry Birds Stella

Rovio was expected to launch Angry Birds Stella today on the 4th of September. And right on cue, the game has made its way to the Google Play Store. The developers have teased the arrival of the game on multiple occasions and there’s plenty of hype being built up on social media as well, which is not uncommon for a game belonging to the Angry Birds franchise.

The game is available as a free download of course, but Rovio is also offering in-app purchases for those interested. Angry Birds Stella has over 120 playable levels which is plenty to keep you occupied for long. Rovio has also teamed up with ToonsTV which will have a television mini-series based on the plot of the game. Hasbro will have interactive toys based on the characters known as Telepods, although availability details haven’t been shared yet.

The gameplay remains the same fundamentally, so if you’ve been a fan of the classic Angry Birds, you might find a liking to this one. Hit the link below to download the app from the Play Store.

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Rovio’s latest Angry Birds Stella to arrive on September 4

Angry Birds Stella

Angry Birds Stella

The makers of the popular Angry Birds franchise have teased the arrival of the latest installment to the franchise known as Angry Birds Stella. But this time, the developers have also managed to provide an ETA for the launch of the game. Starting September 4, Angry Birds Stella will hit all major app hubs, so there’s no exclusivity for a particular mobile platform.

Gameplay wise, the game will stay true to its roots and continue the classic bird slinging fun, but with the addition of a new character. We got a fair glimpse of the gameplay a couple of months ago when the developers posted a screenshot of the game. However, it’s still too early to understand how different Angry Birds Stella will be compared to what we’ve seen repetitively over the years.

The most recent addition to the franchise was Angry Birds Epic, which is a role-playing game and a massive shift from the conventional arcade style gameplay.

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Angry Birds Epic landing on the Play Store this Thursday

Angry Birds Epic

Rovio’s much hyped Angry Birds Epic will finally make its way to popular app hubs this Thursday according to the developers. This game has been available in Australia, New Zealand and Canada for quite a while, so this won’t come as much of a surprise for fans in these three countries. Angry Birds Epic is a shift from the traditional bird slinging action that ensues in almost every Angry Birds game we know. So keeping that in mind, this is quite a massive installment in the franchise.

Since it’s a turn based role playing game, the backdrop and the setting will be different and users will see characters fighting with swords, magic spells and pretty much every mythical object you can think of. It will be based on Rovio’s widely successful freemium model, which essentially means that the game will be free to download but players will be forced into making in-app purchases for continuity. I’m not sure fans will mind this all that much.

Angry Birds has been getting a little stale of late and we’ve seen Rovio trying to spice it up a little bit with installments like Stella being teased. Angry Birds Epic certainly has the potential to be successful given that it’s based on a tried and tested formula. So mark your calendars for the 12th of June and wait for the app to appear on the Google Play Store.

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Rovio posts a screenshot of Angry Birds Stella, expected to arrive by Fall

Angry Birds Stella

Angry Birds Stella

Rovio announced Angry Birds Stella back in February, with no ETA in sight. Today, it’s being announced that the new Angry Birds spinoff will be launched on major mobile app hubs by Fall this year. It wasn’t clarified if the launch will be simultaneous or limited to a particular platform.

Rovio has also posted a gameplay screenshot of Angry Birds Stella, giving us a brief idea of what to expect. And it seems like the game will be predominantly based around bird slinging, albeit in a different background and with new characters to play with. The specifics haven’t been made public yet, so we will have to wait until the next teaser to get more details on that.

The screenshot shows support for Telepods as well, which is an additionally purchasable action figure that can interact with the game. So it seems like the stage is set for Rovio’s next major Angry Birds refresh this Fall with additional details to follow.

Angry Birds Stella Screenshot

Source: @AngryBirds – Twitter

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Gameplay of Angry Birds Epic shown off in a video

Angry Birds Epic

The new Angry Birds Epic game was revealed to be a turn based RPG last week, which piqued interest among a lot of gaming fans. And now, the developer has published a gameplay video revealing how it actually works. And we must say, it’s certainly a big switch from traditional bird slinging action that we’re accustomed to.

This includes battles between the two factions including magic tricks and other power spells to choose from. We’re guessing the game will allow users to play as both the birds and the pigs, which should make for a very interesting gameplay. It will also come with the usual humor related to Angry Birds.

Sadly, the game is only available on iOS at this point and limited to Australia, New Zealand and Canada with more countries reportedly following suit. There’s no ETA for the Android version either, but we’re hoping Rovio won’t make us wait too long. We’ll make sure you’re the first to know when the game is made available on the Google Play Store. In the meantime, make sure you watch the video below to get a feel of the gameplay.

Source: Rovio

Rovio expands the Angry Birds franchise with the launch of Stella

Angry Birds Stella

Angry Birds Stella

Rovio has just announced the latest installment in the Angry Birds franchise known as Angry Birds Stella. There’s no information on what this game will bring to the table in terms of gameplay, but it might not be all that different from the classic Angry Birds gameplay. This won’t merely remain a game though, as Rovio clearly states it will be “games, animation, toys, books and other retail products for many years to come.

Rovio further claims that the game will be played in a “world we’ve never seen before.” Unfortunately, Rovio hasn’t provided an ETA for the game, but we hope to know more about that in the coming weeks.

The CEO of Rovio Entertainment, Mikael Hed said the following in a statement – “Angry Birds Stella is breaking the mold by introducing strong, passionate characters who really stand for something, while adding plenty of action and reality into the mix. The Angry Birds Stella story will live and evolve across physical and digital, bridging them in fun and innovative ways. Stella and her friends are here to stay, with plenty of adventures ahead of them.

Source: Rovio

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Are we playing the same games over and over again?

Playing video games

“Pokemon X/Y is the exact same game we’ve been playing since 1996,” writes Stephen Hershey on Kill Screen. “And that’s okay,” he adds. With this latest release of what is likely to be yet another addictive game, one cannot help but have this nagging feeling that game developers are, after all, recycling the same concept over and over.

“At its core, I might as well be reviewing a game from 1996,” he writes. “X/Y uses the same structure as its predecessors, down to the same JRPG battle tactics, sound bytes, cave explorations, Team Whatever surmounting, and even monster cries. Charmingly, a Pikachu still emits 8-bit gargles.”

True enough, if you do a cursory review of the games you have on your computer, console, smartphone or tablet, you might find familiar elements across the different game titles you’re playing. Let’s focus on casual games for now. If you’re a fan of the Temple Run series, you would probably find the game play on Subway Surfers familiar. How about Agent Dash? Check. What about Minion Rush (which my kids love, by the way)? Similar gameplay elements are also there. There’s an endless list of the so-called endless running games on App Advice that you probably won’t run out of these runners anytime soon.

Games that share gameplay elements are often subjected to comparisons. Subway Surfers, for instance, is often compared with Temple Run in terms of gameplay, challenges, characters and other features. I would guess that you might be able to do a similar comparison across other titles and series that share the same basic concept. But of course, it’s not always an apples-to-apples comparison, as some games are deemed better than others, even if they are mostly cloning the concept.

For some gamers, it’s the “aggressive sense of nostalgia” that keeps us hooked on playing, as Stephen writes. Whether you’re a fan of racing games, first-person shooters, RPGs, sandbox, platform or other games, you would still keep coming back to similar kinds of games years later. In my case, I don’t have much time and patience for MMORPGs, but give me a good racing game and I can take you on any day (or at least I’ll try).

Speaking of racing, this brings to mind Angry Birds and its latest iteration, Angry Birds GO!. Interestingly, GO! eschews the usual bird-flinging action of the original Angry Birds and its countless sequels. Rovio has drastically deviated from that formula, but this deviation from the now-tired pull-release-and-fling physics genre might just spell success for the company. Angry Birds GO! could “knock Nintento ‘s Mario Kart of its perch,” writes Stuart Dredge at The Guardian. And there goes the comparison again.

So to answer our question whether we’re playing the same games over and over again, the answer is a big yes. While we do get updates, upgrades and new variants of the games we love, sharing game major play elements and whatnot, it’s what keeps gamers hooked. Whether you’re a hardcore gamer or just killing time at the airport or on the subway with a casual game, it is that sense of familiarity — and nostalgia! — that keeps games interesting, even if game devs give us “8-bit gargles” in an era of 8-core smartphone processors.

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Angry Birds Star Wars II announced by Rovio



Rovio has finally released the much awaited sequel to the Angry Birds Star Wars game with a formal announcement and some peppy looking screenshots. And for the first time in the series, users will be able to choose between two sides, meaning you can easily switch to the Pork Side to play against the birds.

It’s certainly a nice edge to the game and I’ll be eagerly waiting for the launch to see how it feels to be the bad guys for once. Rovio has also something called the TELEPODS launching in September. These are basically collectible action figures which can be brought to life by simply keeping it over the device during any level of the game.


September 19 is the release date, so there’s a little over two months left for the launch. I’m guessing Rovio wants to get things in order with all the purchasable merchandise and accessories before the launch, hence explaining the delay. We can expect a few million downloads on the day of the launch as with any Angry Birds release. Watch the teaser below to get your dose of Star Wars for the day.

Source: Rovio

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Rovio Teases Angry Birds GO! Racing Game to Come ‘Later in 2013’

Angry Birds is arguably one of the best online and mobile device games developed in the recent times.  The popularity of this game can be attributed to its simplicity in playing yet complexity of the many levels one has to progress to and the comical story and characters.  Every now and then, Rovio, the developers of Angry Birds game, release different themes of the game but the gameplay is often the same – birds, albeit different kinds of birds, against pigs.  Today though, Rovio is teasing a new kind of game still involving birds, but this time a racing game dubbed Angry Birds GO!

Angry Birds Go!

We have no solid information regarding the new game but based on the less-than-10-second teaser released by Rovio, this may just be a perfect time killing game that adds a twist to the popular catapult game.  If the new game will present the same comical story and characters as the original Angry Birds then it may just be the next big game especially on mobile devices including tablets and smartphones.  Angry Birds GO! will be the 6th game in the series after Original Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons, Space, Star Wars and Angry Birds Friends.

According to Guardian online, Rovio is working on the new game and will be releasing it ‘later in 2013’.  We can speculate on what the game will be about based on an entry on Rovio’s blog that ‘birds and piggies are getting ready for their most thrilling and action-packed game yet’.  Now we know the new game will most likely feature the same characters in the current Angry Birds – perhaps with a few modifications and additions.  The post further reads ‘All your favorite characters are returning for a brand new title that will bring you closer to piggy island than ever before.  It is Angry Birds, but not as you know it’.

If you are a big fan of Angry Birds and are looking forward to this new game, be sure to follow us on Twitter and check Angry Birds pages on social sites for updates.  Meanwhile, you can check out the brief trailer on the official Angry Birds GO! website here.

Sources: Rovio Blog via 

Angry Birds announces 1.7B downloads, celebrates with toon series

Rovio, the team behind the phenomenal mobile game hit Angry Birds, has proudly announced that their game has already been downloaded for 1.7 billion times. It would be recalled that last year, the company revealed that it reached 1 billion downloads in May 2012.


From its release as a mobile game for iOS in 2009, Angry Birds has grown into a large video game franchise that prompted Rovio to start offering it for other platforms, such as Android, Windows Phone, and Symbian. It also moved from smartphones and tablet to PCs and gaming consoles, and inspired various forms of merchandise.

To date, Rovio has made available several free upgrades to the original game, such as Bad Piggies, Ham ‘Em High, and Golden Eggs, among many others.

Special editions of the slingshot game were also released, including Angry Birds Seasons, Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds Space, and Angry Birds Star Wars.

To celebrate this massive success and to widen the game’s reach even further, Rovio has created a 52-episode cartoon series called Angry Birds Toons featuring the characters from the game. According to Mikael Hed, the CEO of Rovio, the cartoon series will tell viewers about the story behind the game. The series will be aired starting March 16 to 17 in many television channels around the world. These are FOX8-Australia, ANTV-Indonesia, TV2-Norway, Canal 13-Chile, and MTV3 Juniori and MTV3-Finland, 1+1 networks-Ukraine, among several others. Meanwhile, in the United States, the Angry Birds Toons channel may be viewed via Comcast Xfinity on Demand. Fans of the puzzle game will also be able to watch the series on the Xfinity website, and the Xfinity TV Player app, in case Angry Birds Toons is not aired where they live.

Apart from the cartoon series, Rovio is also preparing for a feature-length film that is slated to be released in 2016. The Angry Birds movie will reportedly be produced by John Cohen, worked on various projects such as Despicable Me, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Ice Age, Ice Age: The Meltdown, Robots, and Hop.

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