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Andy Rubin

Co-founder of Android might be interested in launching a new smartphone company

Andy Rubin

Andy Rubin

According to a new report, co-founder and chief architect of #Android, Andy Rubin might be looking to make a comeback in the mobile industry with a new smartphone brand of his own. However, it’s unclear at this point as to whether Rubin will play an important role in the proceedings or if he will simply fund the project as he has done with several other companies.

Since leaving Google last year, Rubin has been a venture capitalist given his partnership with Redpoint Ventures. At this point, there’s very little information on what this smartphone would look like or if it will run Android. But given Rubin’s history with Android, we don’t see it panning out any other way.

This is still an early report, so we suggest you don’t jump to conclusions just yet. It is said that Rubin is also actively trying to hire new people for the project, so this could take off before we know it. We’ll keep you posted on any new developments in the matter. In the meantime, make sure you let us know what you think of this report.

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Android Co-Founder Andy Rubin assigned to head Google’s robotics department

Andy Rubin

Andy RubinThe co-founder of Google was recently relieved of his duties in the Android department. But it seems like Google has other plans for Rubin as he is now assigned to head the Robotics group over at Google. It is believed that Rubin is secretly designated to hire robotics based companies to implement them in future products. While there’s no word on what these bots will be used for, it is being said that Google might look to introduce these robots in the company’s manufacturing line. Using automated bots for the assembly line has been done before, so it’s nothing out of the ordinary. This will save man power and streamline manufacturing to a great extent.

Rubin sounds fairly optimistic about his new project – “I have a history of making my hobbies into a career. This is the world’s greatest job. Being an engineer and a tinkerer, you start thinking about what you would want to build for yourself,” he said while speaking with The New York Times. It’s quite a transition to head the Android department and jump into robotics, but as long as he’s satisfied, we’re not complaining. Besides, the platform is in good hands now with Sundar Pichai heading the Chrome and Android department from the past few months.
Source: The New York TimesVia: Cult of Android

Andy Rubin: There’s A Firewall Around Motorola

The recent buyout by Sony of it’s partner Ericsson from the former Sony Ericsson company, closed fast. Now that it’s over with all eyes are on Google’s purchase of Motorola.  Google has already received approval from both the European Union and the United States Department of Justice. Those two regulatory agencies were believed to be the hardest part of the regulatory process.

With all that out of the way a purchase of Motorola by Google is almost definite. That has the press, analysts and even consumers keeping a watchful eye out on Google’s open source Android Operating System.

In speaking to members of the press at Mobile World Congress this week, Google’s Vice President of Mobile, and head of Android, Andy Rubin said that they’ve “literally built a firewall” between the Android team and the Motorola team. Rubin said “I don’t even know anything about their products, I haven’t seen anything,” in an interview with TheVerge.  Rubin went on to say “They’re going to continue building Motorola branded devices and it’s going to be the same team doing it.”

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MWC: It’s A Good Day For Android (Make That Year)

The doors opened on the official first day of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain (yesterday was press day).  That means Google’s Android centric booth-o-fun was open for business. Not only that but Google’s Senior Vice President in charge of Mobile and the godfather of Android, Andy Rubin, gave out some impressive statistics.

Last year at Mobile World Congress Google announced that there were 150,000 apps in the Android Market. Today there are 450,000 apps in the Android Market. Android is seeing over one billion app downloads per month.

Featured at the Android booth-o-fun at Mobile World Congress are 100 Android devices, which is just a small representation of the over 800 devices running Android today.  Those 800 Android devices account for some 850,000 new Android devices activated each day. Also according to Rubin there are 300 million Android devices around the world.

source: Google

Google/Motorola Having Way Better Luck With The Government Than AT&T/T-Mobile

The Wall Street Journal reported early Thursday morning that sources close to the Google/Motorola merger and the United States Department Of Justice, have confirmed that the Google/Motorola merger is slated for approval next week.

Of course the merger still has a little time to be met with opposition from antitrust enforcers in the United States and abroad, however at this juncture it seems that won’t happen.

As we all know to well those same antitrust enforcers were strongly opposed to a deal proposed in March of last year for AT&T to buy T-Mobile.

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Android: 250 Million Devices, 11 Billion App Downloads

While Google may have missed their Q4 mark with Wall Street analysts, Android had a good report on the Google earnings call.

Despite having double digit revenue, in the fourth quarter Google missed their per share target by $1.00. It was also revealed that almost all of Google’s revenue is coming from search. Of course that makes sense being that they are a search company but Google CEO Larry Page is looking to branch out.

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Intel Releases Reference Device To Android OEM’s

Back at the Intel developer’s conference Google’s Senior Vice President of Mobile, Andy Rubin, spoke about Intel and how in 2012 they were going to break into the Android world. Intel’s “Medfield” chipset is part of Intel’s Atom family of processors and will drive Intel’s journey into Android.

At the Intel developers conference Rubin had said that Intel based Android phones will be optimized from the top down to work fluidly and at maximum efficiency utilizing the Medfield chip set.

Intel’s reference device is just that, it’s a device where Android OEM’s like HTC, Samsung, Motorola, Huawei, ZTE, and LG can evaluate the Medfield chip set. From there the OEM’s can use as much of the design as they want.

The reference device looks a tad bit “Iphone-ish” so we imagine that most OEM’s would use Intel’s framework architecture and leave most of the design to their own designers.

“We expect products based on these to be announced in the first half of 2012,” said Stephen Smith, vice president of Intel’s architecture group. He added, “The devices are sent out to inspire and instruct manufacturers interested in building products around Intel’s latest technology. They can use as much or as little of the reference design as they like.”

Technology Review, who has seen the reference device, has said that it was running Android 2.3 Gingerbread and not Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich the most recent version of Android.

Intel is no stranger to Android they already have an app development house that has been working on apps across all platforms meant to be optimized for Intel technology.

source: TMI via Technology Review

Andy Rubin Tweets: There Are Now Over 700,000 Android Activations Daily

Google’s Senior Vice President of Mobile, Andy Rubin doesn’t tweet often but when he does it’s usually something important and notable, like the number of daily Android activations.

Andy Rubin took some time out of his first night of Chanukah to tweet that Android is now activating over 700,000 devices every day.

His last tweet before this was on June 28th when he proudly tweeted that Android was activating 500,000 per day.  This is again reiterating that Android is nowhere close to stagnate.

source: Twitter

Google Music’s “Twist” Revealed

As we said earlier Andy Rubin was in the hotseat yesterday at AllthingsD’s AsiaD conference.  In addition to All Things Ice Cream Sandwich, Walt Mossberg asked Andy Rubin about Google Music.

Rubin hedged a bit but revealed that they were working on something more than just downloading songs for $.99 an obvious stab at rival Apple’s iTunes service.

The Silicon Alley Insider has fund out from a record industry insider, exactly what Google is working on.  According to SAI, users of Google Music will be able to purchase music from the Google Music store. After the user purchases the song or album they will be able to share the “track” with their friends (possibly on Google+) for a limited amount of listens.

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Andy Rubin: Search On Android is “Getting A Lot Better”

Andy Ruin On Stage at AllthingsD's Asia D photo: AllthingsD

Google’s Mobile chief, Andy Rubin kicked off the AllthingsD, Asia D conference last night in Hong Kong (which was the wee hours of the morning in the United States).  After Google and Samsung’s big announcement in Hong Kong it was only fitting that Rubin kick off the festivities.

Typically AllthingsD conferences put the best of the best in technology fields up against two of the best technology reporters, Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg. Unfortunately Swisher was hospitalized with a blood clot she evidently got while flying from the US to Hong Kong.  Just prior to  Rubin’s interview Walt checked in with Swisher on Video. It looks like she’ll make a full recovery!

As to Android, Rubin dodged questions about what US carrier would get the Samsung Galaxy Nexus first. He also challenged Walt Mossberg’s theory that Android tablets had totally failed.

More revealing though was the fact that Rubin acknowledged that the Android Market’s native search was crap. Something we have reported on for two years. However Rubin gave up some great information about App discovery and that is that the Android Market now incorporates Google’s actual search technology.  Rubin told Mossberg “It’s getting a lot better,”. He went on to tell Mossberg “It’s going to get better exponentially very soon.”

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Google’s Eric Schmidt Finally Joins Google+

Google executives have come under fire as of late for either not joining Google+ or using it sparingly. The concern of course is that Google+ is their own social network and Google is hoping to overtake or at least be uber competitive with their existing competitors.

Google+ has been around since late June. Eric Schmidt, the Executive Chairman, made his first post today. He posted links to comments he made around the web about Steve Jobs passing away.

Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page haven’t been all that active on Google+ either. When the service first rolled out Page filed his page (no pun intended) with photos of a parasailing trip. He also recently posted about Steve Jobs.

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Is Android Getting Close To One Million Activations Per Day?

A very interesting report came out Monday from the website  The folks at the understatement have taken the historical numbers that Google has publicly announced for Android activations per day, and come to the conclusion that if we are still at the same pace we were when Google posted their 2nd quarter results, we should be at a million activations per day by October 20th.

The understatement’s writer Michael Degusta has taken each occurrence that a Google official has publicly announced Android’s activations per day going back to April 15, 2010.  Degusta makes special note of Andy Rubin’s tweet from June 28, 2011 that stated that Android was activating 500,000 per day.  Then 2 weeks later, Larry Page said in the Google earnings call that Android was activating 550,000 per day.

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Intel Inside All Future Androids?

Intel is holding their developers forum today. The biggest news out of the developer’s forum wasn’t even Android it was Microsoft’s Windows 8 running on tablets. So far the interwebs are on fire with positive reviews about the OS on tablets.

In our Android world Andy Rubin just left the stage after dropping some very interesting big news for our favorite green robot OS. Rubin announced that Google’s relationship with Intel will continue.  Intel chips were the chips that Google TV devices were designed around. Today though, Rubin also announced that Android will now be optimized for Intel processors from the core of the OS and up to multimedia.

Intel showed off reference designs of a tablet and a phone running Android on an Intel Medfield chip.  Intel promised that we’d see Android devices running on Intel chips by early 2012.

Source: TIMN


Apple’s Android Bomb Shell? Maybe Not?

Andy Rubin, VP Mobile Platforms, File Photo: LLC

One of the most trusted websites when it comes to researching patent issues going on in the world of technology today is Florian Mueller’s Foss Patents blog.  Mueller has over 25 years experience in the technology and patent world and consults many companies on the issues of intellectual property. He also keeps the world up to date on the latest in patent wars.

Well Mueller released, what could end up being a bomb shell on Foss Patents yesterday.

On background it’s important that we realize that Apple is suing HTC, Motorola and others on patents stemming from those companies’ Android phones.  They have not yet sued Google over patents.  For the most part this is because a lot of their patent disputes have to deal with things like form factor, hardware features etc.

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