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Andy Rubin: There’s A Firewall Around Motorola

The recent buyout by Sony of it’s partner Ericsson from the former Sony Ericsson company, closed fast. Now that it’s over with all eyes are on Google’s purchase of Motorola.  Google has already received approval from both the European Union and the United States Department of Justice. Those two regulatory agencies were believed to be

MWC: It’s A Good Day For Android (Make That Year)

The doors opened on the official first day of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain (yesterday was press day).  That means Google’s Android centric booth-o-fun was open for business. Not only that but Google’s Senior Vice President in charge of Mobile and the godfather of Android, Andy Rubin, gave out some impressive statistics. Last year

Android: 250 Million Devices, 11 Billion App Downloads

While Google may have missed their Q4 mark with Wall Street analysts, Android had a good report on the Google earnings call. Despite having double digit revenue, in the fourth quarter Google missed their per share target by $1.00. It was also revealed that almost all of Google’s revenue is coming from search. Of course

Intel Releases Reference Device To Android OEM’s

Back at the Intel developer’s conference Google’s Senior Vice President of Mobile, Andy Rubin, spoke about Intel and how in 2012 they were going to break into the Android world. Intel’s “Medfield” chipset is part of Intel’s Atom family of processors and will drive Intel’s journey into Android. At the Intel developers conference Rubin had

Google Music’s “Twist” Revealed

As we said earlier Andy Rubin was in the hotseat yesterday at AllthingsD’s AsiaD conference.  In addition to All Things Ice Cream Sandwich, Walt Mossberg asked Andy Rubin about Google Music. Rubin hedged a bit but revealed that they were working on something more than just downloading songs for $.99 an obvious stab at rival

Andy Rubin: Search On Android is “Getting A Lot Better”

Google’s Mobile chief, Andy Rubin kicked off the AllthingsD, Asia D conference last night in Hong Kong (which was the wee hours of the morning in the United States).  After Google and Samsung’s big announcement in Hong Kong it was only fitting that Rubin kick off the festivities. Typically AllthingsD conferences put the best of

Google’s Eric Schmidt Finally Joins Google+

Google executives have come under fire as of late for either not joining Google+ or using it sparingly. The concern of course is that Google+ is their own social network and Google is hoping to overtake or at least be uber competitive with their existing competitors. Google+ has been around since late June. Eric Schmidt,

Is Android Getting Close To One Million Activations Per Day?

A very interesting report came out Monday from the website  The folks at the understatement have taken the historical numbers that Google has publicly announced for Android activations per day, and come to the conclusion that if we are still at the same pace we were when Google posted their 2nd quarter results, we

Intel Inside All Future Androids?

Intel is holding their developers forum today. The biggest news out of the developer’s forum wasn’t even Android it was Microsoft’s Windows 8 running on tablets. So far the interwebs are on fire with positive reviews about the OS on tablets. In our Android world Andy Rubin just left the stage after dropping some very

Apple’s Android Bomb Shell? Maybe Not?

One of the most trusted websites when it comes to researching patent issues going on in the world of technology today is Florian Mueller’s Foss Patents blog.  Mueller has over 25 years experience in the technology and patent world and consults many companies on the issues of intellectual property. He also keeps the world up