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Sony Xperia Z Official Specs, Features and Release Date Announced

Sony boldly refers to their new Sony Xperia Z smartphone as ‘the best of Sony in a premium smartphone’.  With a full High Defition screen 5 inch Reality Display with BRAVIA (Remember BRAVIA engines on Sony’s HD TVs?), Engine 2, Sony says that this phone delivers a display like nothing you have ever seen on mobile – a clear and bright screen visible in every and any lighting condition.

We certainly expected big things from Sony during this year’s CES in Lass Vegas, especially when it comes to Android smartphones and tablets, and they came through.  Their unveiling of the Xperia Z shows just how the Japanese company is not relenting in its efforts to claim a piece of the pie that is the Smartphones market share in the world and particularly in the US.  Before the CES, there had been numerous rumors and even image leaks of Sony’s new flagship smartphone that came to be known as the Yuga.  Could the Xperia Z be the Yuga?  Most definitely.

The most outstanding specification and feature of the Xperia Z is its full HD 5 inch Reality Display screen at a resolution of 1920 x 1080 with a Bravia 2 Engine but the phone has quite some impressive specifications as well.  The phone also comes with an impressive 13 megapixels Fast Capture rear camera with  Exmor RS for mobile, Superior Auto and Noise Reduction and HDR video (you will remember that Sony are the masters when it comes to mobile cameras, from the age of their CyberShot phones a few years back) and a dust and water resistant glass.

Sony Xperia Z Official

Sony went ahead and demonstrated just how resistant the Xperia Z is by immersing it water and sure enough, this is the kind of smartphone you can use while deep sea diving.  Last year we saw the emergence of a number of rugged Android smartphones that were water resistant but this is the first kind of smartphone that can resist dirt and water and still have high end specifications.  This means that those individuals who like the outdoors will not need to buy two separate smartphones – one with high end specs for city and home use and another for taking outside and into the wild.  The Xperia Z is a perfect balance of both with tons of more benefits.

The Sony Xperia Z runs on a 1.5 GHz quad-core Snapdragon S4asynchronous processor, has 2GB RAM, 16GB flash memory but with a microSD card slot to expand storage by up to 32GB, 4G LTE capability and NFC support.  The phone comes with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean out of the box but Sony promises that it will be upgradeable to Jelly Bean 4.2 shortly after the phone hits the market.

When it comes to build and software environment, the Xperia Z is certainly a phone to invest in.  Although it comes with a 2,300 mAh battery, the cell has ‘Battery STAMINA’ mode which Sony claims to boost the battery life by at least 4 times when the phone is in standby mode.  This mode works by switching off running applications when the phone is idle and starting them up again when the phone is back on.  The phone, along with others on this range, will come with Sony’s media apps and One-touch functions.  It is pre-loaded with the legendary ‘Wlakman’ application to play music and videos both online and offline and with Facebook and Social integration and streaming from Video Unlimited.  One-Touch functions make it easy to share music, videos and photos through NFC to speakers, headphones and TVs.  With its BRAVA Engine, the Sony Xperia Z is also a remote controller for Sony TVs and HiFi stereos.

Sony Xperia Z in Water

The Sony Xperia Z will be available in the market within the first quarter of 2013.  Along with it will be a design varian – Xpera ZL – which will also come in the first quarter of 2013.  The ZL will come with the same specs and features but in a smaller form for those people who feel that a 5 incher phone is not practical to carry around.

What do you think of the Xperia Z?  Will you buy this phone?

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