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15 Best Android TV Box in 2019

Android TV boxes have been around for quite a few years now. This is from a time when streaming wasn’t particularly preferred by the customers. But things change and with that the manufacturers have been forced to adapt accordingly. Things are significantly better today, however, with several Android TV boxes available for purchase in the

MXQ Pro 4K Android TV Box Review – Worth $35?

There are plenty of TV boxes available in the market today. Prominent among them are the ones that run on the Android platform. This gives customers a distinct advantage over other TV boxes, thanks to the versatility of the Android platform that gives you access to thousands of apps and games suitable for the bigger

5 Best Android TV Box In 2019

If you’re wanting to upgrade your TV game, then you might want to consider picking up an Android TV Box. Android TV’s work quite similarly to the Apple TV, basically transforming your TV into a Smart TV. They even work with Smart TVs, usually offering a whole lot more software for you to take advantage

7 Best Android TV Box in 2019 That Works with Kodi

Android TV boxes work with all modern televisions, providing access to millions of apps, games, and endless hours of audio and video entertainment. But not all Android TV boxes are made equal because not all can run Kodi—our favorite media player software. We have selected top seven best Android TV boxes that work with Kodi,

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5 Best Android TV Box In 2019

The modern Android TV boxes are a live example of the how the technology has influenced the entertainment world. The Android boxes use advance chipset and connectivity that provides quality and choices that were never possible before. The gadget turns the common entertainment hub into an interactive place for learning, exploring, gaming, streaming and do