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Motorola X Phone image and specs reportedly leak out

A blurry image, as well as a list of specifications of the rumored Motorola X Phone have supposedly been leaked. The photo and specs come from a German website called Android World which cites an anonymous source as the informant. Reportedly, the upcoming Motorola smartphone will sport a 4.7-inch full 1080p HD display, which, one

Android App Development Background, Hello Android!

Android Development Tutorial Series Android Development Background Story Setting Up Your Android SDK Testing And Laumching The Android SDK Emulator Audio Player Case Study Before we dive into some beginner Android App Development tutorials and case studies, lets go over some basic backgrounds for Android. We often read that “Android is an open source project”,

Google to start accepting registrations for I/O 2013 on March 13

Google has announced that it will officially open the I/O event for registration on March 13, 2013 at 7:00 AM PDT (GMT-7). While waiting for the registration to open, Google advises those who are interested in the event to register for accounts on Google+ and Google Wallet. These are necessary to complete the registration process.

Key Lime Pie Rumored To Be Next Android Version Name

Many have not gotten Android 4.1 Jelly Bean on their devices yet, but there are already reports about the next dessert after which the upcoming version of Android will be named. Android 5.0 or Android 4.2, whichever the case may be, will reportedly be called Key Lime Pie. According to the tech blog, The Verge,