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Android Beating iOS? Google Targets 1 Billion Activations in 2012

The recent launch of Apple’s iOS 6 has changed the mobile smartphone and tablet market considerably, with the two leading mobile operating systems Android and iOS going head to head over the last three weeks.  Google is still dominant in the market though and Google has now said that it is targeting 1 Billion Android device activations by the end of 2012.

“We just announced 1.3 million activations of Android phones per day globally – per day” Said the Chairman of Silicon Valley Giant Eric Schmidt, “Do a little math with me,” he asked. “If you’re at 1.3 [million activations per day], times 365 [days a year], and of course that number doubling every six months or something like this. This is well more than a billion devices globally perhaps within a year”

Apple remains Android’s major adversary, claiming about a third of the global mobile market.  Android on the other hand is growing more and more dominant, with over 60 percent of mobile devices running on the free operating system developed by Google.

Eric says that he is well informed on the threat from Apple but he is not worried because Android has grown from nothing to a market leader, and its popularity is growing with each device released to the market.  In the iOS Vs Android war, Google’s chairman said that the battles fought on the market and in some cases in court are the defining fights in the tech market as of now. “I believe that the Android-Apple platform fight is the defining fight in the industry today,” he said.

He further praised Apple for the effort they have put in the research and development that has enabled the company to come up with some of the most notable products including applications, cloud services and hardware.  He admitted that Apple has very talented engineers and product developers who are responsible for the amazing task of content management, apps development and product design in Apple.  However, he was quick to add that Android, Google’s platform, is even larger and has a team of the best engineers and developers.  “Android is going to get further dominant over all its rivals in all aspects”

“Surveys that we’ve seen of unit volume indicate that there are four times as many Android phones as there are iPhones,” The fight of Android Vs iOS is now on a whole new level as Apple is getting ready to launch its smaller version of the iPad tablet dubbed iPad mini sometime this month and a few companies prepping a list of new devices to come before the holiday season.  The new iPhone 5 which was released alongside Apple’s ;attest version of operating system iOS 6 has been the center of attention for the last couple of weeks.  Android on the other hand has been rolling out updates to its devices, the newest version of operating system Jelly Bean already running on a number of smartphones and tablets.

Android OS is actually what elevated Google to become the world’s second most valuable company.  Google has beaten Microsoft whose newest mobile operating system windows 8 has not performed so well and neither has it received enough attention from consumers or manufacturers.  At the moment, Samsung and Nokia are the only major manufacturers with global reach that have shown interest in developing Windows 8 devices.  Microsoft is not doing well in the smartphone and tablet market, taking a measly less than 5% of the market by September this year.

Early this month, Google overtook Microsoft to become the second most valuable company with its stocks touching 249.1 billion.  A list of fresh Android devices being developed by reputed companies including LG, Samsung, HTC, Asus and Motorola is going to boost the popularity of Android and value of Google as well.

Within this month, the battle of the tablet market is set to change gears when Apple releases its iPad mini tablet which will become a direct competitor of Google’s and Asus’ Nexus 7 tablet.  Nexus 7 is a high performance low cost tablet that could as well be rated the best selling tablet of the year (if not ever).