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Galaxy Note 5 capacitive buttons not working, other issues

Samsung’s flagship, the Galaxy Note 5, is a stable device but we continue to receive requests for assistance from some users. Here’s another collection of #GalaxyNote5 problems that we tackle today: Galaxy Note 5 capacitive buttons not working Galaxy Note 5 screen flickers when in low brightness level Galaxy Note 5 locked out and Google Android

Android Device Manager

Android Device Manager seemingly missing for some users

Google’s Android Device Manager (ADM) was released a couple of years ago for users to track their phone on the map or remotely wipe data in case of theft. Since it’s been around for so long, it’s quite understandable that this is the only device tracking solution for most users out there. However, a large group

Android Wear Device Manager

Android Device Manager now supported by Android Wear

Security is a major concern for smartphone users these days. And to put customers at ease, manufacturers and software developers come up with security apps to ensure that your stolen or lost device is located quickly. Android Device Manager serves this very purpose for those using an Android handset. And now, Google has just introduced support

Android Device Manager

Android Device Manager udpated with a new Guest Mode feature

Most Android users will be aware of the Android Device Manager app, which basically locates your phone or tablet and erases essential data in the event of theft or loss. The app has now received a new Guest Mode feature which will let you track your lost phone from another Android device. Users can access the

How To Use Android Device Manager

Google previously announced a new feature that will allow owners of Android smartphones or tablets to track their devices. Since then the Android Device Manager has begun showing up on devices and right now the tracking website is now live. While the setup isn’t complete yet you will now be able to track, ring up,

android device manager

Web interface of Android Device Manager now available

The Android Device Manager has finally gone public, helping users track or remotely wipe their device using nothing but a web browser. However, it seems like this service is being gradually rolled out around the world, so don’t be surprised if you aren’t able to track your device as of now. Google is yet to

Android Device Manager Begins Rolling Out

Google announced their new Android application, Android Device Manager, just last week for devices running Android 2.2 or later.  The company promised that the app will be rolling out over the next month or two and it seems that the roll-out has begun.  Someone posted on Reddit that they received the app which replaces the Google

Android Device Manager

Google announces Android Device Manager app

Google will be launching a new service called Android Device Manager, which will help recover your lost smartphone/tablet by tracking it online. Google has finally taken the initiative to launch a device tracker app of its own, and it will be arriving later this month. It has all the bells and whistles of a regular