Fitbit Versa not receiving notifications from Android device

Your Fitbit Versa and Android device, if successfully paired and connected, should work as one unit and notifications are often relayed from the phone to the tracker in split-second. However, there are times when things don’t go as expected and some Fitbit Versa users complained about not receiving notifications from the phone. In this article,

Galaxy S4 Flashlight Mode Problem

Samsung Galaxy S4 Flashlight Mode Problem

A message was sent to us via The Droid Guy Mailbag about a Samsung Galaxy S4 flashlight mode problem. The email reads, “My flashlight is not working. It was working perfectly alright before, but now, even with flashlight on or on auto mode in dark area, this does not work.” Possible Causes of the Samsung

Samsung Galaxy S4 Problem During Calls

A new message recently came in The Droid Guy Mailbag concerning a Samsung Galaxy S4 problem experienced during calls. The email reads: “I am unable to disconnect an incoming call while talking. Whenever I receive an incoming call, my screen goes blank and none of the switches work and not even power off switch or

Tougher Version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 About To Be Released

A tougher Samsung Galaxy S4 version was revealed to be in the works. The news about the rugged Samsung Galaxy S4 version broke out yesterday (April 23) when Young Soo Kin, the president of Samsung Gulf, mentioned it during the Q&A session of the company’s press conference held at the Armani Hotel in Dubai, UAE.