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How to fix a water-damaged or wet Galaxy S7, other issues

Smartphone owners usually wonders what’s the best way of fixing a water-damaged or wet device, particularly the #GalaxyS7, so we think publishing a brief guide about it is necessary. This issue and four others will be discussed below. We hope you’ll find this material useful in your own search for answers. Galaxy S7 no sound

Google/Huawei Nexus 6P vs LG Nexus 5X – specs comparison

They say the smartphone space is slowly but steadily getting too crowded for anyone besides Apple to post a constant profit. Tablets are dying, and conventional PCs linger in purgatory, yet an obvious market saturation seems to prevent handhelds from further growing. As such, it’s no wonder companies like HTC or Microsoft badly want to

Android Marshmallow is now on 18.7% of all Android devices

It’s been a year since #Android 6.0 was released to the public. However, the Android distribution figures published earlier this month don’t paint a very positive picture. According to Google’s figures, Android 6.0 can only be found on about 18.7% of all Android devices that are currently in operation. That is a very small figure

Galaxy Note Edge

AT&T Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge now getting Marshmallow

The #Samsung #GalaxyNote4 and the #GalaxyNoteEdge on AT&T have been waiting for the Android 6.0 Marshmallow update for quite some time now. Well, the time has now come for the two devices to finally get the late 2015 update, just as we’re a few weeks away from the unveiling of Android 7.0 Nougat. But we’re sure the

Samsung Galaxy Tab E 8.0

Verizon Galaxy Tab E 8.0 now getting the Android 6.0 update

Android 6.0 is everywhere of late. Although it’s been more than 8 months since the OS was made official by #Google. This goes to show that manufacturers and carriers have been relatively slow with regards to updating their devices. Anyway, if you’re the owner of the #Samsung Galaxy Tab E 8.0 on #Verizon, you should be

AT&T Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 edge+ now getting Marshmallow

AT&T is now sending out the #Android #Marshmallow update for Samsung’s late 2015 flagships, the #GalaxyNote5 and the Galaxy S6 edge+. This comes 9 months after Marshmallow was announced, which means the customers have waited quite a while to see this day. The likes of Verizon (which has a history of slow update rollouts) has

T-Mobile Galaxy S5 now getting the Android 6.0 update

The T-Mobile branded #Samsung #GalaxyS5 is now seeing an update to Android 6.0 Marshmallow, taking many by surprise. However, since Galaxy S5 models have been updated around the world, this was always on the cards. The update comes with software version G900T3UVU1GPE1 or G900TUVU1GPE1 and will be north of 1GB in size, so make sure

Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact now getting Android 6.0

The #Sony #XperiaZ3TabletCompact is now the recipient of the #Android 6.0 #Marshmallow update. The late 2014 tablet was always on the cards to receive the update, but Sony has waited until now to send it out to the device. But this is still faster than some of the other manufacturers, so customers won’t exactly complain. The

Verizon sending out Android 6.0 update for the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge

#Samsung #GalaxyS6 and #GalaxyS6edge customers on #VerizonWireless will now see the #Android 6.0 #Marshmallow update hitting their devices. This has been a long time coming, especially since other carriers have already sent out this particular update to the two early 2015 Samsung flagships. The carrier hasn’t explained the delay, but the users will be relieved to

OnePlus releases public beta of Marshmallow based Oxygen OS 3.0

#OnePlus2 owners are eagerly awaiting the release of the #Android #Marshmallow update on their smartphone, but the wait somehow kept getting longer. But users can now get their hands on the public beta version of the Oxygen OS 3.0 ROM, which is based on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. The smartphone will see a bunch of new