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HTC One Max

HTC One Max now getting updated to Android 5.0 Lollipop

The HTC One Max smartphone was launched in 2013 by the company as a competitor to the Samsung Galaxy Note series. Although it failed to deliver on that front, the device is still used by many out there. And as its sibling, the One M7, started receiving the Android 5.0 update a couple of months

Android 5.0 update for the T-Mobile LG G3 gets approved

The T-Mobile version of the LG G3 could soon start getting the Android 5.0 update according to a new revelation made by the carrier. It is said that the update has already been approved, which indicates that the rollout is imminent. It is likely that the update starts rolling out to T-Mobile LG G3 users as soon

T-Mobile sending out Android 5.0 for the Sony Xperia Z3

The Sony Xperia Z3 is only available through T-Mobile and Verizon (as the Xperia Z3v) in the U.S. And now, the T-Mobile variant of the Sony flagship is receiving the Android 5.0 update, bringing much joy to the users of the handset. In addition to bringing all the Material Design goodness, the smartphone also receives support

Best affordable Android smartphones already on Lollipop

According to official Android distribution numbers harvested by Google during the week leading to May 4, a measly 9.7 percent of all devices with the world’s most popular mobile OS inside run 5.0 or 5.1 Lollipop. That’s certainly disappointing, given 5.0 source code was freely disseminated back in early November 2014 and Android M’s “final”

First gen Moto G now getting the Android 5.0.2 update

The first generation Moto G is now receiving the update to Android 5.0.2, according to the company’s official site. The smartphone was already running Android 5.0, so this update won’t bring along any major changes to the fore. But Motorola makes it a point to list out all the Material Design related changes as well

Best sub-$150 Android tablets available today (May 2015 edition)

Although we haven’t gone through an entire “upgrade cycle” since July 2014, when we first rounded up your top ultra-affordable Android tablet options, the seven-name list from ten months ago feels dated enough. It’s time we revisited and revised it therefore, expanding the “magnificent seven” to a “grandiose ten”, as the market greatly diversified and

Verizon’s HTC One M7 to get Lollipop on Thursday

HTC’s smartphones might not be making any waves in the market these days compared to the company’s previous glory, but the Taiwanese manufacturer has still been pretty quick at updating its devices (at least the flagship ones) to newer versions of Android. HTC had announced earlier this year that some carriers weren’t going to meet its

HTC One mini

No Android 5.0 for the One Mini, HTC confirms

HTC has been sending out the Android 5.0 update for the One M8, M7 and a couple of other devices. However, the smartphone which was launched right after the One M7 in 2013, the One mini will reportedly be exempt from this list. It is said that the smartphone will not receive Lollipop treatment over

Android 5.0

Android 5.0 marketshare almost touching 10%

New figures reveal that Android 5.0 is all set to breach the 10% mark over the coming months. These figures reveal that Android 5.0 Lollipop is at 9% as of now while Android 5.1 is only on 0.7% of the Android phones and tablets around us. This goes to show that Android 5.0 has continued to grow

Galaxy Note Edge

T-Mobile Galaxy Note Edge getting the Android 5.0 update

The T-Mobile iteration of the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge has started receiving the Android 5.0.2 update as of today. This means that T-Mobile has finally finished the rollout of the update for both the 2014 Note flagships with the Galaxy Note 4 already getting the update, much after Samsung made the update available for its unlocked

ASUS ZenFone

First gen ASUS ZenFone devices to get Android 5.0 next month

The ASUS ZenFone smartphones from last year were expected to get the Android 5.0 by now. However the company seems to have stumbled across some unexpected issues with the update as it has now pushed the date to May. The company’s newly launched ZenFone 2 models are running Android 5.0 Lollipop by default, but are

Sprint Releases Android 5.0 Lollipop For The LG G2

After the other major carriers in the US have released Android 5.0 Lollipop for the LG G2, Sprint is finally releasing the update for their variant of the device. This is Android 5.0 Lollipop, not the recently release Android 5.1, so keep that in mind. But since this is Lollipop, you’ll get all the usual