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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 wishlist and things to expect

The first-gen was an experiment, the second-gen an instant classic, the third-gen a refinement of an instant classic and all-around force of nature, so obviously Samsung has a lot riding on the success of the forthcoming Galaxy Note 4. Will the pressure get the better of the latest entry in a franchise that practically invented

Google Nexus 6 wishlist and things to expect

The Android landscape has been taken over by the spring fever, as Samsung’s Galaxy S5, HTC’s One (M8) and Sony’s Xperia Z2 lock horns with each other disputing the high-end mobile crown. But a feeling of slight unease and anticipation for something yet to come makes many a power user reluctant to settle. Settle, yeah,


LG will develop and manufacture the Nexus 5

The evidence is piling up on LG making the new Nexus device, with the Motorola rumour fading into nothingness. It seems Google has recalled their old friend to build the new Nexus 5, based on the LG G2. A new Chinese publication details how LG will take over the development stage and manufacture the product,

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LG Nexus 5 will pack 10MP camera, 1080p display and more

There has been a lot of speculation about the next Google Nexus flagship smartphone. Some rumors have pegged Motorola to be the manufacturer of the next Nexus smartphone. But other reports have suggested that Google will stick with LG. These new reports emerging from Korea reiterate those claims. The report also sheds light on the


Google could reveal Key Lime Pie in October

iOS7 has stepped the game up, while Android fans will still claim superiority in the mobile race, it has placed a bigger question on what Google will bring with the new software upgrade. While it is still suggested Android 4.3 will come soon, Key Lime Pie, the next large upgrade by Google, is cited for