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Samsung Galaxy S3 Problems After Android 4.3 Update [Part 1]

galaxy s3 screen dims

UPDATE: To make it easier for you to find problems we’ve already addressed, I prepared Samsung Galaxy S3 Problems and Solutions Index.

UPDATE: 3/7/14 – I have just published the second part of this series answering 15 questions/problems sent by our readers. If you emailed us about the problems you currently have with your Galaxy S3, please read the second part: Samsung Galaxy S3 Problems After Android 4.3 Update [Part 2].

This post will tackle the most common problems Samsung Galaxy S3 owners encountered after the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update. There are 10 problems cited in this article so take time to browse through it to find out if your concern was included in the list. Solutions and workarounds were also provided so that it would be more convenient to you to fix the problems.

In case your problem wasn’t included, you can contact us or ask questions via our Facebook page or Google Plus community. You can also send us email at [email protected]. I will be the one to read the emails and I guarantee I read every single email we receive from our readers as long as it’s not a spam. If you already sent us an email, subscribe to our newsletter so that you will be updated when I post articles like this one.

Messaging stopped working

Problem: Hi & good day. I’m facing a problem where when I press the messaging icon it will hang. The message came out as “Unfortunately, Messaging has stopped”. Would appreciate your expert advise on this. Thanks.Ihsan

Solution: While this problem is very annoying, it is minor and can be solved by a simple procedure. The message “Unfortunately, Messaging has stopped” may pop up upon launching the Messaging app or anytime while you’re typing a message. You can get rid of it by doing the following steps:

  1. From the Home screen, tap the Menu key.
  2. Tap Settings and then More tab.
  3. Tap Application Manager.
  4. Swipe twice to the left to choose All tab.
  5. Scroll to and tap Messaging.
  6. Tap Force Close button first.
  7. Tap Clear Cache and then Clear Data buttons.
  8. Launch the Messaging app and observe if the error message still pops up.

In case the problem persists after doing the first procedure, you have to clear the cache partition folder but power-shock your phone first. Follow these steps:

  1. While the phone is on, pop the back panel open and remove the battery for a minute.
  2. Place the battery back.
  3. Press and hold the Volume Up, Home, and Power buttons.
  4. When the phone vibrates, release the Power button but continue holding the other two until Android System Recovery screen appears.
  5. Use the Volume Down button to highlight ‘wipe cache partition’ and press the Power button to select it.
  6. Once the wiping of cache partition is done, highlight ‘reboot system now’ and press the Power button to reboot the phone.

Galaxy S3 refuses to come back on

Question / Problem: Good day. My Samsung Galaxy S3 suddenly went off and it refused to come back on. I removed the battery and fixed it back, but it still won’t come on.  With your experience and expertise, what do you think is the cause of the problem and what is the solution. Thank you for your time, looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Answer: I really cannot be sure what the cause of the problem is but I suspect it’s the battery more than anything else.

Solution: Plug the charger in, let it charge for 5 minutes and try to see if the charging icon displays. If not, remove the battery (again) and press and hold the phone’s Power button. Doing this will discharge all stored electricity from electronic components inside the phone. Place the battery back in and plug the charger again. If you still can’t see the charging icon, it’s time you bought a new battery.

But just to exhaust all possible solutions, try connecting the phone to the computer and see if you can see the charging icon. If not, consider using a different USB cable as it could also be the cause. But even if the charging icon does not display, try turning the phone on normally and see if it reacts. If not, the problem is more complicated than what it seems. You may need help from an authorized technician.

Additionally, try booting the phone into Recovery Mode to see if it reacts to that: press and hold the Volume Up, Home, and Power buttons. If it boots successfully, try wiping the cache partition and attempt to boot normally to see if it can.

Galaxy S3 browser issue

Problem: Hi! I have the Samsung galaxy s3. I realized that when I’m on a website and I want to open another link on the same web page, it keeps telling me that I have to close a window in order to open another window. How can I fix that? I never had that problem before until 2 days ago.

Solution: I’m not sure what browser you’re using but it seems to me that you have opened a lot of windows or tabs already that the phone couldn’t accommodate yet another one. So, basically, you need to close one to open another. However, if such is not the case, it could be just a browser glitch. To attempt to solve the problem, follow these steps:

  1. From the Home screen, tap the Menu key.
  2. Tap Settings and then More tab.
  3. Tap Application Manager.
  4. Swipe twice to the left to choose All tab.
  5. Scroll to and tap on the browser you’re using.
  6. Tap Force Close button first.
  7. Tap Clear Cache and then Clear Data buttons.
  8. If the problem persists after doing the steps above, uninstall it and then download and install a fresh copy of it from the Play Store.

Workaround: You can use a different browser in case the problem keeps on bugging you. There are a lot of good browsers from the Play Store.

Gallery takes a long time to load

Problem: The gallery in Galaxy S3 (international version jb 4.3) is taking a lot of time to open. I have tried clearing the data and cache from gallery app. I have reset the phone once. But still it takes some time to open the gallery. In the camera app, after taking a photo, it takes a lot of time to view the image taken. Please suggest a solution for this.

Answer: There are only two general problems that could happen in a smartphone; either it’s a software or a hardware problem. I understand you’ve done almost everything you could to resolve this problem but try wiping the cache partition*, and if you’re rooted clear the Dalvik cache** as well, and then perform a factory reset (again) and this time via the Recovery mode.

*Wiping Cache Partition – this directory in your phone’s internal storage may not be cleared even if you perform a factory reset. Cached files used by apps may remain in the directory and by the time you installed the same apps, there would be conflicts as the phone may continue using the old files. Clearing this directory may force the phone to cache new and fresh sets of data.

**Clearing Dalvik Cache – When your phone boots up, the Dalvik Virtual Machine scans all your apps and frameworks, and creates a tree of dependencies which is stored in the dalvik-cache. This would allow apps to run in an optimized state. Clearing it (if you have a rooted firmware) would force the phone to create fresh dependencies and framework to run more consistently.

Workaround: Try using a different Gallery app from the Play Store and observe if the phone would still take a long time to load previewed photos. If so, consider having the phone checked by a technician as there could be some problems with the camera sensor, which apparently affects your phone’s performance.

Could not install program in Storage

Problem: Hi there. I have a Galaxy S3 with a 16GB SD Card that came along with the phone itself. The issue that I am facing is that while installing certain programs like Subway Surfer, Tom Cat etc., it throws an error stating “Could not install program in Storage.” Can you please help.

Answer: There are several variations to this error message. Depending on the variant owners might get “Application cannot be installed in the default install location,” “There is not enough storage space,” or “App could be updated due to insufficient storage space.” All these mean one thing only–your phone is running out of space in its internal storage. These error messages pop up when you download an app or update the ones that are already installed in your phone.

Solution: Try and do a good overall house cleaning.  Uninstall apps you don’t use anymore, clear cache and data of some apps you don’t often use. If it’s not more of a hassle on your end, try performing a factory reset to give the phone a fresh start.

Delayed receipt of SMS messages

Problem: Hi guys, I just got a new phone Galaxy S3 mini and I am ripping my hair out in frustration.  At this point the biggest issue is not being able to receive SMS messages in real time or at ALL!  Messages come through hours later, out of chronological order or piece-meal truncated or fragmented messages. Any suggestions? I played around with the phone today and after a while UN-INSTALLED the Nova launcher because it was really messing things up but still the SMS are a major problem.  I took my SIM card out of the new phone and put it back in my old phone and then 15 messages came in one after the other timed at various times throughout the day that just never made it to the new phone. Help?! Thank you so much.RJ

Suggestion: I would suggest you call your service provider and ask for help or ask for correct APN settings. It appears like this is really a provisioning issue and only your service provider can help you with it. On the other hand, I also have a hunch that it has something to do with the Network Mode your phone is currently set. So, before you actually call your provider, follow these steps first:

  1. From any Home screen, tap the Menu key.
  2. Tap Settings and then the Connections tab.
  3. Tap More Networks followed by Mobile Networks.
  4. Tap Network Mode.
  5. Try every single one of them and send an SMS message after you selected one after the other to check if there’s an improvement.
  6. If all else fails, call your service provider.

Galaxy S3 with custom ROM reboots randomly

Problem: My GS3 crashes after opening an app. I booted to safe mode and it doesn’t crash so I choose to reboot into normal mode and it never comes back on. Everything worked fine on this phone until last week I realized that it kept turning off in the middle of an app even though the charge showed ~30% at times. I am running cm 10.2 and have tried cm 11 as well. No new apps have been installed for a while. I am frustrated and the insurance option will cost me $100 which I do not have right now. I am saving but would like to try other things before spending that.

Solution: I am a CyanogenMod lover, in fact all my Android phones have CM on them. But the thing is, when troubleshooting a phone with custom ROM, it is difficult to arrive at a conclusion because the question of the firmware’s stability would always pop up. I understand it hurts to spend a hundred bucks for the insurance so why don’t  you try flashing the stock firmware into your phone first and see if the problem happens even if it is already running the official firmware? I believe you have an open mind to agree with me that if the problem persists even with the stock firmware installed, there’s a more complicated problem with the phone than just software glitches.

Stuck at Samsung logo after firmware update

Problem: Really need your help. I have an S3 and yesterday got a prompt to update my firmware. I do so and when my S3 was restarting, after the update, it got stuck at the Samsung logo. It doesn’t move from that point. stays there for hours. I took the battery out several times. I also tried to connect the device to Kies but it won’t connect. It charges alright but won’t turn on. I’m really very stuck. Please help!Nadia

Solution: You’re not the only one who encountered this problem. In fact, this issue seems to be so common after the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update, although it’s not something serious. There are a couple of things you might do in order to fix this problem. The first is wipe clear partition and second is performing a factory reset. Both must be done in Recovery Mode.

  1. While the phone is on, pop the back panel open and remove the battery for a minute.
  2. Place the battery back.
  3. Press and hold the Volume Up, Home, and Power buttons.
  4. When the phone vibrates, release the Power button but continue holding the other two until Android System Recovery screen appears.
  5. Use the Volume Down button to highlight ‘wipe cache partition’ and press the Power button to select it.
  6. Once the wiping of cache partition is done, highlight ‘reboot system now’ and press the Power button to reboot the phone.

If the phone is still stuck at the Samsung logo, do the following:

  1. Press and hold the Volume Up, Home, and Power buttons.
  2. When the phone vibrates, release the Power button but continue holding the other two until Android System Recovery screen appears.
  3. Use the Volume Down button to highlight ‘wipe data / factory reset’ and press the Power button to select it.
  4. Still use the Volume Down button to highlight ‘delete all user data’ and press the Power button to select the option.
  5. Once the master reset is finished, highlight ‘reboot system now’ and hit the Power button one more time.

Screen blacks out during calls

Question / Problem: Hello. I’m currently having problems with my Galaxy S3. I have Verizon right now and I’m paying for the insurance monthly. Whenever I make a call or receive calls my phone blacks out and I cant do anything. However when the phone call would end and the other person would hang up since I couldn’t press end my phone would go to the home screen and not be black anymore. A few hours ago my phone just completely dimmed itself, and is almost all blacked out and doesn’t change while I make calls. Just like the led light in the screen almost went out. I can still use the phone just have to really use my eyes. I can receive calls text and use it. I do have a crack on my screen from then I had dropped it a few months back. But these problems have just started recently. What do u think it is and how should I go about resolving this if it is even fixable?

Answer / Solution: If this issue happens only during calls, then there’s no problem with your phone at all. There is just one setting that may have been messed up for some reason. The Samsung Galaxy S3 has a setting that would automatically turn the screen off during calls. It was included in the features to save battery when the owner is engaged in a call. You can actually turn the screen back on in-call by press the Power button. But if you want to get rid of this issue for good, do the following steps:

  1. From the Home screen, tap the Apps icon.
  2. Tap the Phone application.
  3. Tap the Menu key, and the select Call Settings.
  4. Tap or uncheck the ‘Auto screen off during calls.’
  5. Your phone’s screen will stay on during calls from now on.

Uninstalling Maps on 4.3 firmware

Problem: I read your post about how to uninstall the maps.  When I foolishly let my phone update, my maps now seems to be embedded so I only have the option to Force Stop or Turn Off. I do not have the option to Uninstall. Any idea on how I can do this?  There are several things I dislike about 4.3 but the biggest is the new navigation.  I cover the West and Central Region so am very dependent on the navigation system. I wish I could go back to the older OS, do you know if this is possible? Thanks for your assistance. 

Answer: After the Android 4.3 update the Navigation system was replaced by Google Maps, which is attached to the core system of the firmware. The only way you can uninstall or get rid of default apps like Maps is to root your Samsung Galaxy S3. Yes, it is also possible to roll back to previous Android version but you still have to root your phone and flash Android 4.1 manually.

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Samsung Galaxy S3 Problems After Android 4.3 Update [Part 3]

S3 Flashing Camera Light

Personalize Galaxy S3 SMS Notification Sound

It’s time for the third installation of our Samsung Galaxy S3 Problems series. I answered a lot of questions / problems in this post so take time to browse. If your problem cannot be found in this part, try reading the first two parts of the series:

Samsung Galaxy S3 Problems After Android 4.3 Update [Part 1] [Part 2]

Please browse through this post to see if your problem was addressed, if not then we will be glad to help you with it. We are now actively interacting with our readers through our Facebook Page, Google Plus Community, or via email ([email protected]). So, if you think you have some problems that you don’t know how to solve, don’t hesitate to contact us. If you want updates delivered straight to your inbox, subscribe to our newsletter if you haven’t done so already.

Yahoo! Mail Log In Failed Error in Galaxy S3

Problem: Hi, I hope you can help me! I have this error come up and nothing works. I was using the email service that comes with the phone. I looked around on the forums, I deleted the account but not I cannot add it? Says username or password is wrong but it isn’t. I cleared everything, caches, cookies, stored passwords, nothing works! I have yahoo account. Thanks! Best regards.Alexandra

Solution: There are a lot of factors to consider here. First are your credentials, then the email client you’re using, then your internet connection, and then there’s a possibility of Yahoo! server downtime. The point is, we can have an endless list of things that could lead to this very simple issue.

Give up trying to setup your account on the stock or default email app on Galaxy S3. Instead, download and install the official Yahoo Mail app from the Play Store. That could surely save you a lot of time troubleshooting. You see, official email clients like Gmail and Yahoo Mail are tailored to work flawlessly and have access to their respective servers.

My colleague has written an article about this specific problem, check it out: Yahoo! Mail Log In Failed Error in Galaxy S3.

Galaxy S3 Won’t Turn On After Being Charged

Problem: I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 and have had it about 15 months. Yesterday I woke up to see it fully charged but fell back asleep, woke up an hour later and it was off. I cannot get it to turn on  on past the Samsung screen. I have switched batteries and chargers and tried plugged into a wall and into a computer. All I can get it to do it start, flash up the Samsung screen and vibrate before shutting off. AT& T does not carry this phone anymore and said there is nothing they can do but I can’t afford to early terminate my contract with my “dead” phone. If there is no way to make it work is there anyway to get my pictures and movies off of my internal SD card? Thanks.Jess

Solution: It seems like it’s a battery problem but I’m not ruling out the possibility of a software glitch. Try removing the battery first and then press and hold the power switch for at least 30 seconds, this would drain stored electricity from the components. After that, power on the phone again to see if it boots normally. If not, try booting to safe mode. The phone could boot to safe mode and if it does, then there’s an app that’s causing the problem. Find it, clear its data and uninstall it. If, however, you can’t boot to safe mode, then try booting to Recovery Mode. In there, you can try to wipe the cache partition. Exhaust all possible ways to turn the phone on again before finding a way to backup your data. Please read this post How To Fix A Galaxy S3 That Won’t Turn On [Troubleshooting Guide], it could help you.

Unfortunately, Email has stopped working

Problem: I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 and since last update (on 03/03/14) I’m not able to us my Email just getting a message saying “unfortunately your email has stopped working”. I can use my Gmail with no problem but not Email. Please can u help.Julie

Solution: It could be just a minor app glitch. Try clearing the cache of the Email app first and see if you can launch it without having welcomed by the error message. If that doesn’t work, there’s no other option but to clear the data as well. You lose the emails you already downloaded on your phone and you need to setup your email again. This procedure always works for this kind of problem so, it’s worth a try.

S3 telling me to close a window to open another

Problem: Hi! I have the Samsung Galaxy S3. I realized that when I’m on a website and I want to open another link on the same web page, it keeps telling me that I have to close a window in order to open another window. How can I fix that? I never had that problem before until 2 days ago.

Solution: One of our readers actually sent us an email to address this issue, it reads:

I had this problem the other day and was able to fix it. Basically there are too many website windows open in the background.  The way to fix it is to use a “pinch” motion on the website you’re on and it will minimize the screen and show all the screens you have open. Then you tap the red minus symbol to close the pages.

The issue I’ve had since I’ve received the update is my Sync system on my Ford no longer recognizes my phone. It worked perfectly before and afterwards I can’t get it to connect via Bluetooth.  It also used to show me the song and artist playing on Pandora on my screen in my car. Now it says unknown name and unknown artist. — Stacey

Galaxy S3 can’t get out of safe mode

Problem: Hello. I have had my Galaxy S3 for just over a year now and I have never had any problems with it until now, today it went onto safe mode and wouldn’t turn off. once we got safe mode off I still couldn’t call, text or use any internet, I took the battery and SIM card out and then put back in and it went back onto safe mode again. How do I get it to work properly again? Thanks.Taivier

Solution: If you’ve recently installed an app then this problem showed up, you should considering uninstalling it to see if the phone could boot normally after that. If it doesn’t, boot to Recovery Mode and wipe the cache partition, this procedure fixes this problem 90% of the time.

Camera flashes when email messages come in

Problem: One of the problems featured in the first part of this series was that “light flashes every time I receive an email.” I misunderstood it as “LED” light when in fact it was a camera flash. Our reader emailed us again regarding the problem:

Hello again and thank you for featuring my question and your answer in #3 of the 4.3 upgrade debacle.. Unfortunately, I did what you said and problem not solved. The light is more of the camera led (white light) that flashes from the back of the phone, not the red or blue led on the front face…Hopefully you will have a solution for this better explained problem. Thanks again for your time..

Best, John

Solution: Today, one of our readers emailed us with a fix to this problem:

I read very recent article on Drippler. One problem listed was one that I encountered. That problem is pasted below:

Hello, I have been reading your columns  on Drippler and have found them very helpful and fun while using my Samsung Galaxy S3. Since the 4.3 update my GS3 light flashes every time I receive an email and it is very annoying. Please let me know of a way to get rid of that glitch. BTW, my carrier is AT&T. Thank you very much, John

I believe the light that John is referring to is camera flash, not LED. I contacted Samsung regarding camera flash whenever email arrived. That is a known issue. It was resolved by using Setting menu to find Accessibility Options. The option was not enabled but by turning it on then back off resolved this issue.

I have a few co-workers that also had this same issue that I helped them resolve in the same way.

You are doing a GREAT JOB. Thanks and keep it up. — Bob

Thanks, Bob.

Unfortunately, Contacts has stopped working

Problem 1: Hello! Really hoping you can help me. The last update has resulted in my contacts not working.  I can answer incoming calls (although it doesn’t show the names) I can phone if I go on to text message and select the call symbol.  But if I try open contacts or open the missed calls log it says “Unfortunately contacts has stopped working.” Please help! Many thanks.Adam

Problem 2: After the update, my Galaxy S3 has had a few problems but with time, they are correcting,  I guess with other updates! The one thing that hasn’t changed is in my Contacts. Sometimes it will add them, sometimes it won’t, stating that contacts has stopped. If I want to edit an existing contact to a specific group, it either shows:  “processing” (and it doesn’t change) or “unfortunately, contacts has stopped”. Any ideas? Thanks.Karon

Solution: A simple clearing of the cache and data of the Contacts service may fix this problem.

  1. From the Home screen, tap the Menu key.
  2. Tap Settings and then More tab.
  3. Tap Application Manager.
  4. Swipe twice to the left to choose All tab.
  5. Scroll to and tap Contacts. (Don’t touch Contacts Storage as you will lose contacts saved on your phone.)
  6. Tap Clear Cache.
  7. Tap Clear Data, then OK.

Stuck on the logo screen

Problem: Hi! I updated my Samsung Galaxy S3 today and now I can’t start my phone. It’s stuck on the logo screen. I’ve tried everything including both your suggestions with wiping the cache and even the factory reset option (Does that mean I lose all my photos and stuff? I haven’t backed them up…) and when I start my phone up it is still stuck on that screen. Hopefully there’s another solution! Thank you! —  Tiffany

Answer: Yes, factory reset will delete your data including contacts, messages, and anything stored in your phone’s internal memory.

Solution: I’m sorry you have to go through all these. But the option left for you to do is flashing the official firmware to your phone using the flash tool called ODIN. This procedure would bring the phone back like you first unboxed it.

Unfortunately the system UI has stopped working

Problem: Hi there. I just got a message on my S3 telling me to update the device or whatever so I did and now everything runs extremely slowly and every 10 seconds or so a message saying “Unfortunately the system UI has stopped working” pops up. I’ve done some research looking at online forums and it seems the 4.3 update is riddled with issues but it’s all very confusing as to how to fix the problem. I have restarted, pulled the battery out and force closed apps. I thought of doing a factory reset but I feel like that won’t good anything because the firmware will probably remain unchanged. I’m not too cluey on tech issues. Do you have any advice?

Solution: There was a time last year when this same problem plagued Galaxy S3 owners but it was caused by some apps that interfered with the System UI’s normal operation. Uninstalling those apps and clearing both the cache and data of TouchWiz solved the issue. Yours, however, is update-related, or at least, occurred after an update. There is a possibility that there are some corrupt files due to bad download. I would recommend you wipe the cache partition first via the Recovery Mode. If that doesn’t solve the problem, then it is necessary to do a Factory Reset. But please backup your data first. If, in any case, the factory reset won’t fix it, you need to flash the firmware again using ODIN.

Can’t connect to some TuneIn Radio stations

Problem: Hi, I have got a problem with my Samsung Galaxy S3 after upgrading to android 4.3. On the app ‘tunein radio’ I use to listen to my favourite stations (from overseas), but now some of them are hard to connect through 3G and some of the stations do not connect at all. Before the upgrade I didn’t have this problem. Would you please be able to tell me what the problem could be? Thanks. — Bruno

Solution: TuneIn Radio could stream media via mobile data or Wi-Fi, so as long as you have a good internet connection, you can stream your favorite station without having problems. First thing to do to fix your problem is to make sure your internet connection is stable. Then try clearing the cache and data of TuneIn Radio app. You may lose your favorite radio stations and some other settings but you can set them up once the problem is solved. If clearing the cache and data won’t solve it, reinstall the app.

Call barring issue with Galaxy S3

Problem: Hi I don’t know if you can help me. My S3 had an update a few days ago, since this update I’ve had problems. It’s not allowing me to connect to any WiFi it wont allow calls in or out saying my call barring is on and I’m unable to send messages. Very frustrated I visited an O2 shop today where they told me Samsung updates messing up is a common problem and I could send my phone away unfortunately I’ve cracked my screen and they told me they wouldn’t fix it without the screen being fixed also at a cost of £180, which I cant afford! I asked if I could re-update or downgrade this update and they said no. All I could do then is say I’ve lost my phone and claim on insurance? Surely there must be another way to correct this problem. Really stuck help!Lauren

Solution: First thing to do, make sure Airplane Mode is turned off. Second, turn off call barring option.

  1. Turning Off Call Barring
  2. Launch Phone, then tap the Menu key.
  3. Tap Call Settings, and then Additional Settings.
  4. Tap Call Barring, then Voice call.
  5. To disable call barring, tap each of the barring types that you’ve enabled before.
  6. Enter your barring password. If you never changed your barring password, then the default is 0000.
  7. Tap OK.

And to answer your question, YES, you can “re-update” and downgrade. Both can be done with the help of a flashing tool called ODIN.

Galaxy S3 keeps rebooting after having dropped

Problem: Hi, two days ago I got the official update of jelly bean 4.3 to my Samsung Galaxy S3. Last night phone was dropped with in small height. Today morning I switched on the phone its worked fine. But at the evening  suddenly my phone was restarted and Samsung Logo Splash Screen (Samsung galaxy S3 GT-I9300T) and Keeps rebooting. So I remove the battery and insert it after a few second. After that the phone worked fine and again the same problem happened.

If I remove the battery, phone switch off. And if I insert the battery again, phone switch on itself (without press power button) and keep restarting.

I try to open the (Home + Volume Up+ power ON) button option. But is not working. If I plug the phone to charge, gray battery shows and again restarting to charge…. (I mean, phone won’t stay in a stage).

If I try (Home + Volume down + Power On) option, phone shows the download mode for 5 seconds and restart again.

So can you please let me know it’s a software problem or hardware problem?

If it’s a software how fix it? (I tried the emergency firmware recovery through kies, but kies couldn’t find my phone).

Solution: The impact of the drop could have affected some of the components inside your phone. A circuit may have been messed up and triggered the reboots. You said the phone switched itself on when you placed the battery back, it’s clear the Power switch may have been affected. And this might also be the reason why you can’t boot to Recovery Mode. Best thing to do is to have it checked by an authorized technician.

TrueCaller and Tango apps problems

Problems: Hello there, you have been doing a great and appreciable work by helping all of us with your tech support! Thanks for that! 🙂

Now, my 1st problem is that when I install the TRUECALLER app on my galaxy s3 GT-I9300 , my phone’s screen keeps on blinking and ultimately hangs. The blinking part doesn’t stop until I reset the phone. Also when an unknown number calls me, it automatically brings truecaller in action and again the phone faces that problem of blinking and hanging!

2nd problem is that when I have the TANGO app installed on my phone, the app automatically opens while I get a call, and also my phone gets locked. So I have to first unlock my phone, close tango app and then pick up my call! I hope that u will surely help me in this problem! Thank you!

Solution: The good thing about third-party apps is that they are dispensable; you can replace them or you can continue using your phone without them. Clearly, the problems you were experiencing with your phone were caused by these two apps. The rule of thumb: if an app messes up with your phone’s normal operation, get rid of it before it can cause any more damage.

  1. From the Home screen, tap the Menu key.
  2. Tap Settings and then More tab.
  3. Tap Application Manager.
  4. Swipe twice to the left to choose All tab.
  5. Scroll to and tap TrueCaller.
  6. Tap Uninstall, then OK.
  7. Go back to Application Manager and find Tango.
  8. Tap Uninstall, then OK.

Feel free to contact developers of these apps and report what you have been experiencing.

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Samsung Galaxy S3 Problems After Android 4.3 Update [Part 2]


UPDATE: We listed all problems, solutions, troubleshooting guides, tips and tricks into one page to make it easier for you to find information you’re looking for. Visit our Samsung Galaxy S3 Index page.

Apparently, this is the second part of our Galaxy S3 Problems series and there are 15 questions / problems cited in this post. We received a lot of emails since I posted the first part and many remain unanswered. But don’t worry, I will continue writing posts like this and provide support.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Problems After Android 4.3 Update [Part 1]

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Stock email not working, Wi-Fi issues

Problems: Hi, my S3 refuses to run the native email app which I’m running exchange, so can’t use any apps that uses groups etc, like my SMS group app. It just brings up a white screen and says email isn’t working. I’m also experiencing issues with WiFi as well not connecting when I know full well that there’s a valid connection in the house. I’m seriously thinking of rolling back to previous version, is this possible? Appreciate your help! Regards, Mark.

Solution: Hey Mark. The first problem seems like a minor app issue. You could try going to Settings > Application Manager > All tab > Email > Force Close, Clear Cache, and Clear Data. You may lose your settings as well as messages saved in your phone but for now, it seems you don’t have a choice but to clear cache and data.

There are a lot of reasons why your phone can’t connect to your home network. But aside from rebooting your network devices such as your router or modem, try going to Settings > Connections > Wi-Fi and tap the Menu key and set “Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep” to “Always.” Moreover, turn WiFi power save mode off.

Downloading software update

Problem: My boyfriend was up late the other night and got the prompts to update both of our phones (Galaxy S3s). Well we ended up having to switch phones because what was my phone ended up being screwed up and he had to factory reset both (and to make it up to me, he gave me his which didn’t have a cracked screen). Well, shortly after, the phone he gave me got the notification that my phone was downloading software update. It’s been “downloading software update” since the 2nd of March – 3 days ago. I’ve tried restarting my phone, but nothing seems to help. Any way you can help?Kayla

Solution: It seems to me that your internet connection was interrupted while you were downloading the update. A reboot will not be able to fix it. Instead, go to Settings > Application Manager > swipe left to choose All tab > scroll to and tap Download Manager > tap Clear Data button. You may be required to download the package again, so do that. In case this procedure wouldn’t work, perform a factory reset again via the recovery mode.

Phone won’t charge

Problem: Hello,

I have bought my phone a year ago on contract and now been having problems with it. I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 and my phone will no longer charge. I could have it on charge all day and all night it says its charging and may only charge 3% or a tad more. I take it off charge and it will go off straight away.

Before I took my phone back to where I got it from. I plugged my phone in with a different charger, I have bought a new battery and also updated my phone and reset it back to factory settings none of which fixed it.

So then I took it back to the shop and they sent it away for repairs. I got it back saying they fixed it with a new battery and a new update. So I took it home and uploaded all my apps again but it is still the same.

So I took it back to the shop once again and to get a new phone and they replaced it with a new refurbished phone and a new battery.

Took it home and updated my phone with all my apps once more. The problem is still there. It will not charge only a little. Sometimes won’t charge at all. So I can’t use my phone at all its very frustrating.

Can you help me at all or fix the problem that I am having?

Any suggestions would be grateful.

Thank you. — Tara

Answer: So, basically, we have two Samsung Galaxy S3 phones that share the same problem while under your care. Do you think it’s a coincidence? It’s not and based on your message, it’s not a hardware issue. You said you updated the refurbished phone with all your apps and the problem was “still there.”

You know, Tara, it’s actually difficult to diagnose phone problems if I can’t physically inspect the phones myself. So, when writing articles like this, I always take the words of the owners. In your case, it seems you’re lacking something. So, I would ask you, was the phone working fine before you put all your apps back?

If the answer is yes, then one of your apps is causing the problem. Since you’ve already restored all your apps, try booting to Safe Mode and see if the phone boots up. From there, you can  uninstall your apps one by one.

The ultimate fix for this is performing a factory reset and installing your apps back one after the other while being observant so as to find out which one causes the problem. I hope this helps.

Phone freezes when screen rotates

Problem: Hi there,

I saw your post regarding problems experienced by Galaxy S3 users after the 4.3 update on Drippler yesterday. I experienced an issue that I didn’t see listed.  If my S3 is on screen rotation mode, sometimes when it’s in the midst of rotating, my screen freezes. I have to take the battery out every time this happens to unfreeze the screen. It’s not a particular screen that it happens on…it could be on text messages, a contact, internet, etc. it will freeze in the middle of the screen rotation. I’ve turned the screen rotation option off for now as I don’t like having to take my battery out every time it freezes. Please let me know if there’s a fix in place for this. Thanks, Kathy

Answer: Yeah, disabling screen rotation is the immediate workaround. But there could be some issues with the version of Android that’s installed on your phone. If you know how to do and if you’re cool with all the hassles, you can root your phone, download the same firmware you have in your phone right now and flash it with ODIN. But the best thing you could actually do right now is perform a factory reset (after you’ve backed up all your data) just to give the phone a fresh start. If that doesn’t fix the problem, please wait for the upcoming 4.4 KitKat update, it will be rolled out soon. I hope you can last a few weeks with screen rotation disabled.

Can’t upload on Instagram

Problem: Hello TheDroidGuy! I got a bug on my Samsung Galaxy S3 after I downloaded Andriod 4.3. The bug is that if I want to upload a video to Instagram I can record it and lay effects on it, but I can’t get to the point where I can type and upload it. It crashes ever single time I do it. I know it might not be too serious but it is annoying. Thanks for your time!Anders

Answer: It could be just a minor compatibility issue between the Instagram app and the firmware. The best you could do is clear the cache and data of instagram. You may lose some of your data on Instagram if you do this so back them up before hitting the button. If that doesn’t solve the problem, force close the app, clear the cache and data again and uninstall it, and then re-install it. It’s an Instagram-specific problem and reinstallation of the app should solve it.

Phone sluggish after update

Problem: Hi,

I have read your article ‘Samsung Galaxy S3 Problems after the Andriod 4.3 Update, Part 1.’

My problem however is not covered in there yet. After installing the new update, my phone has become really sluggish and slow. It sluggish when opening apps, making phone calls etc. Even when moving in between my home screens is slow. I did not have these problems prior to the update. Any ideas on how I could resolve this matter? Regards, Kabeer

Answer: There are a lot of reasons why a high-end Android smartphone like the Galaxy S3 would suffer from performances issues. It could be just some apps causing the problem, or too much data have already been stored in its memory. The easiest way to fix this is wipe cache partition, backup your data and perform a factory reset. But if you don’t want to do that, try clearing the RAM, uninstalling unused apps while clearing data of big apps and games.

Phone’s screen blacked out

Problem: Hi!

I read your posts about the update on 3/4/14, but I cannot seem to find something like this problem that my boyfriend is having with is Galaxy S3. So the phone is charging, but the screen is blacked out. He was able to use it yesterday with no problems, but when he woke up this morning it’s all blacked out. I think he has it on automatic updates, but I am not sure. I made a call to it and it rang. Do you have any ideas or super knowledge to help us out? Thanks in advance!Drita

Answer: Sorry Drita but I don’t have super knowledge but I would do my best to help. Okay, so all I know is that your BF’s Galaxy S3’s screen blacked out but it charges and rings. What happens if you tap the Home button or press the Power key? If it turns on, then everything is normal. However, if it stays off, the next thing you should do is remove the battery and let the phone be without it for a minute while holding the Power key. This will drain stored electricity from the components. Place the battery back and turn the phone on. If the phone boots up normally then the problem was fixed. If the phone fails to boot, however, try booting to Safe Mode if you can. A third-party application may be causing the problem. If all else fails, a Factory Reset may be needed.

Keyboard freezes, games lag

Problem: Hello & thanks in advance for any & all help. My S3 updated to 4.3 about a month ago now and so far I haven’t experienced any of the issues mentioned but I do have had a couple minor problems not mentioned.  One of those is the keyboard.  I had issues with the keyboard since day one of the day I bought this phone. I ended up just getting a new keyboard from the Play Store (Perfect Keyboard) It worked perfectly except the spell checking on it was awful.

The issue I’m having is the phone in general is experiencing a lot of Lag and almost every game I play is slow and lagging during game play and while using the keyboard for anything it is terrible and seems to get stuck and than unsticks itself and plays catch up to everything I typed while it was stuck. That is my biggest complaint so far. Then there is the black screen while browsing the internet.  Both the stock Browser & Chrome are doing this very randomly.

I dunno why but my S3’s battery life has improved considerably & I heard the update drains the battery so mine getting better and lasting longer is confusing me.

My S3 is from Metro PCS and it’s A NEW PHONE REPLACED BY Assurion DUE TO ME LOOSING THE ORIGINAL. It’s not a refurbished S3 It’s a brand new Samsung Galaxy S3. It was replaced back in Dec. Thanks again. — Paul

Answer: With all these problems it seems like the phone’s performance has been trimmed down to the minimum and if I’m not mistaken, your phone’s power saving mode was enabled. That’s the reason you noticed your battery now lasts longer despite having updated your phone to the latest firmware. That is, actually, the upside of making use of the power saving mode, however, your phone’s performance will be the one to suffer.

When this feature is turned on, your phone’s CPU will be clocked to a lower frequency and that could be the reason you feel lags and sluggishness. The screen power will also be minimized and that could be the reason why it turns black.

To turn this feature off, go to Settings > Power saving mode > switch to Off. This is a new phone, you said, so unless it has some issues with its hardware and software I am positive it’s just the power saving mode that’s causing all these.

Clock app stopped working

Problem: Hey, The clock app (world time) on my Samsung Galaxy S3 has stopped working.

After opening the clock app and then clicking on the world time , the app closes and reads the following message : ” Unfortunately Clock has stopped.” It would be very grateful is you could please help me out with the problem. Yours faithfully, Aniket

Answer: It’s a minor clock problem or glitch. A reboot should fix this issue, however, if it continues then go to Settings > Application Manager > All tab > Clock > Force Stop, Clear Cache and Clear Data. You may lose your settings and personalization as well as your alarms but this is necessary to fix this issue.

Messaging hangs, phone freezes randomly

Problem: First of all,  I love your Drippler updates.  I’m a Verizon Galaxy S3 user in the US and had no issues with the phone until I updated to 4.3 a couple of months ago. 

My biggest issues are these:

1.  Messaging often gets hung up. I use stock messaging app and my issue is that sometimes text messages I send don’t go through and get stuck on spinning icon.  Sometimes turning airplane mode on and off works, but often have to pull out battery.  Definitely seems to be an issue when phone cycles between 1x, 3g and 4G,  but never happened before update. 

2. Phone freezes and only thing that remedies is pulling battery out. 


Thoughts: Hey Dave, reading the first problem makes me think it’s a simple Messaging app issue but the second problem suggests it must be the TouchWiz causing these. TouchWiz is Samsung’s initiative to make its flagships look a little different from others by running an application on top of Android to provide fresher and better user interface. The problem is there are times when it acts up and all operations would be affected.

You can solve both problems by clearing both the cache and data of TouchWiz from the Settings. However, you may lose your Home screens and other customizations. But I think it’s worth it.

Side lock button response delayed

Problem: Sir I’m facing lock screen problem in Galaxy S3 it’s not a laggy dripple effect. It’s another problem. When I lock my screen it locks  instantly but when I press my sidelock buttun to on the lockscreen   it takes 4 to 5 seconds. —  Mayank

Answer: It’s probably one of the effects of the Power Saving mode. When enabled, the phone will go into deep sleep if locked and one of the effects is that there would be little lag by the time you unlock it. Try disabling or turning off the Power Saving mode if it was enabled. Email us back after you did that just to confirm because there could be some other reasons why there’s a lag.

Can’t hear callers

Problem: Hi, names Daniel, anyways for the last month or so I have been having a problem when I try make or when I receive calls on my phone. I go to my contacts or whatever and click call but yet I can’t hear the tone when I am calling someone, and when they answer I can’t hear them either, the only reason I know they answered is because I can see the timer and green thing when I look at screen and then the network turns off, even if they don’t answer if I click end call then just when I click end a sec later literally the all network turns off and you see a circle and line through were your network bars normally should be and then after a min it comes back, the same happens when someone call me. But the weird thing is I can send and receive SMS and use Internet without problems. And my network three said there’s no problem and I did a factory reset but still same problem. All this started out of no where. I will send photo with this. Thanks hoping to hear from you with a possible solution.

Answer: It’s one of the symptoms of a damaged earpiece. Try using a headset and make some calls. If you can hear the person on the other end, then I’m right about it. Sadly, there’s nothing you can do on your end that would fix the problem without opening up your phone and probably voiding your warranty and insurance. Best thing to do is bring it back to the store and have it replaced.

Trouble making calls

Problem: Hello,

Here’s the problem I’m experiencing after the update. When I try to make a call by either swiping, dialing, or just hitting the phone icon, the call will not go through. It doesn’t dial or anything. The only way I’m able to make a call is if I restart the phone. This happens every single day since the update. As a matter of fact I’m on my second S3. On my initial S3, I downloaded the update and immediately started having problems with the call not going through, battery drainage, and finally the phone got stuck and wouldn’t boot. I was sent a replacement and still having problems with the calls not going through. Therefore, I am constantly restarting the phone. Am I the only one having this issue?



Answer: I’m not really sure what happens when you hit that call icon. Here is a couple of my questions:

Does the phone attempt to dial the number but stopped? If so, it’s a network issue. You should call your provider and ask for their help.

Would the dialer freeze? If this was the case, it’s a phone problem but it could be fixed by simply clearing the cache and data of the Dialer from Settings.

Since this is a replacement unit and probably you only have a few data saved in it, please perform a factory reset if this problem persists.

Turn off predictive text and auto-correct

Problem: Hello I have several of the problems you stated in your recent article with the Samsung Galaxy S3  4.3 software update with Verizon. One of the problems is in Typing in E Mails and Text messages. The phones spell check feature (which I don’t use much or know how-to turn off?) Just chooses and inserts words that have no alternate meaning to my original texts or E Mail’s even worse if I try to type a short cut nick name or a ttyl8r (just did it) I typed in ttul! Its very frustrating and time consuming. I have several friends with the same phone and forced to accept the 4.3 horrible update. All with the same multiple problems. One work around is to keep typing then go back in word for word and force the correction. To even make it legible!  Just in this E Mail I have had it happen over a dozen times. Oh how I hate the multiple problems with this 4.3 update. Is Verizon or Samsung going to fix all these problems?  None of this happened before the 4.3 update. Ready to flush this phone. !!!! Help please.Mark

Answer: I can relate with you, Mark. I, myself, don’t use predictive text on my phone. Here’s how you disable auto correct on Galaxy S3:

  1. From the Home screen, tap the Menu key.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Scroll to and tap Language and input.
  4. Swipe the switch beside Predictive Text option to display Off.

That’s it!

Can’t send text messages

Problem: Hi, my girlfriend recently purchased an AT&T Galaxy S3 and is using it on straight talk. I set up the APN setting and had everything working data, mms, call, sms and everything. Then a couple days later she tells me that she can’t send text but can still receive them including MMS. I was curious if this is due to the 4.3 update because I can’t for the life of me understand why everything works except sending texts. If you could help remedy this for me it would be greatly appreciated. I’ve factory restored, cleared messaging cache, cleared partition and still can’t send text.Broc

Answer: I understand you’ve already done everything to fix this problem but to no avail. Apparently, the problem is with the service. Call Straight Talk (1-877-430-2355) and have your service checked. I have worked as a technical support for the company before and believe me, there are always times when services are disrupted that even us can’t explain. The reps have tools to enable the service back, though.

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AT&T Galaxy S3 User Problems After Android 4.3 Update


I started our Samsung Galaxy S3 Problems and Solutions series about a week ago and I already published two parts. After that, we did receive hundreds of emails from our readers who need help.

I find it impossible to answer all those emails through posts that is why I categorized those emails by carriers or service providers. I will continue writing the series I already started but I will also start writing articles for Galaxy S3 owners under different carriers.

If you’re a Galaxy S3 user but under a different service provider, don’t worry, I will be publishing support articles for you. Meanwhile, try browsing the first to parts of our Galaxy S3 Problems series:

Samsung Galaxy S3 Problems After Android 4.3 Update [Part 1] [Part 2]

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#1. Multiple problems after update


Hi, I read your article on several problems people were having with this recent update for the galaxy s3. I have a few problems myself that were not included in that list and we’re hoping you could help me.

1. Ever since the update, the eye icon stays on the top bar at all times. I read that this could be a problem with the camera/ eye sensor but don’t know how to fix it.

2. Since the update, my phone keeps re-downloading every image, pdf doc, etc.. That I’ve ever downloaded numerous times. I know this because I see the notifications in my top bar, and when I scroll through, I noticed they were documents from last year and the year before. Why is it doing that? And how can I make it stop?

3. Lastly, some of my widgets look different, not like they were redesigned, but that they are missing some kind of coding.. They have a clear box around it.

I hope you are able to answer my concerns.




The first issue may not be a problem at all. It could be that a setting was set back to default after the update. You can actually turn the Smart Stay off to get rid of the eye icon on your notification bar:

  1. From the Home screen, tap the Menu key.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Scroll to and tap Display.
  4. Scroll down a bit to find Smart Stay and uncheck the box beside it.
  5. Smart Stay is now disabled, the eye icon should be gone by now.

For the second issue, I think the Download Manager still has data of your previous downloads and after the update it was triggered to download them again. You can fix this or prevent your phone from downloading those files again by following these steps:

  1. From the Home screen, tap the Menu key.
  2. Tap Settings, and the More tab.
  3. Tap on Application Manager.
  4. Swipe left or right to display contents of All tab.
  5. Scroll to and tap Download Manager.
  6. Tap Clear Cache first, and then Clear Data.
  7. Tap OK.

Kelly, it could have been better if you attached screenshots so I could see how these widgets look like. As to your statement “but that they are missing some kind of coding,” perhaps it’s just a compatibility issue. Try deleting or removing those widgets and just add them back, may be that could help.

#2. Stuck at AT&T logo with pulsing blue light


I got a prompt yesterday that a software update was ready for my phone. I downloaded it because after the last update, my Wi-Fi quit working. It is the OS upgrade, I don’t know which version. It downloaded it fine and rebooted, then optimized apps or something, then went to a white screen with the AT&T symbol on it and the led pulsing blue.

It stayed like this from 11PM until this morning at 5, when I took the battery out (which probably was bad). I turned it back on and it went to the lock screen and asked which home screen I wanted to use (I rotate between a few different launchers), but when I picked one, it said it failed. Then literally every app and process on the phone showed a failure notification repeatedly. I turned it on and off several times, and it did the same thing every time.

I finally decided to go into recovery mode (volume up, home, power) and do a factory reset. I did it and it loaded up, but when it got to the pick your language menu at startup, it went unresponsive and eventually restarted itself. Upon restarting, it went into the white screen with the AT&T logo and pulsing blue light. I don’t know what to do, I just want to have a usable phone. ANY help would be greatly appreciated.


I understand your frustration. I know you were expecting that the recent update will resolve problems you had with the previous update but it’s even worse. I am not really sure if the problem is with the latest firmware or caused by some corrupt data.

I encountered a lot times having stuck during boot up after an update and there is this very simple procedure I always that works almost all of the time–wiping the cache partition. Factory reset, while it deletes majority of data stored by the previous firmware, cannot delete all of the cache. After the update, the new firmware may still be using the old caches that often have conflicts.

So my suggestion, wipe the cache partition by booting to recovery mode. After doing so, perform another factory reset. If this doesn’t work, the option left for you to do is manually flash the firmware using Odin.

  1. Press and hold the Volume Up, Home, and Power buttons.
  2. When the phone vibrates, release the Power button but continue holding the other two until Android System Recovery screen appears.
  3. Use the Volume Down button to highlight ‘wipe cache partition’ and press the Power button to select it.

#3. Turning off notification light


Hello, I have been reading your columns  on Drippler and have found them very helpful and fun while using my Samsung Galaxy S3. Since the 4.3 update my GS3 light flashes every time I receive an email and it is very annoying. Please let me know of a way to get rid of that glitch. BTW, my carrier is AT&T. Thank you very much, John


It’s not a glitch. Maybe your phone was set not to flash when you receive messages before and since the recent update, the setting was set to default, that’s why the phone now flashes every time a message comes in. To turn it off, follow these steps:

  1. From the Home screen, tap the Menu key.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Under the Device menu, find LED indicator.
  4. You will see three options: Charging, Low Battery, and Missed Call or Messages.
  5. Uncheck the option you want turned off.

That’s pretty much it.

#4. Getting rid of download icons in notification bar


Hi there!

Since updating my phone I have not been able to get rid of the download arrows from my notification bar. I’ve tried what I know and it isn’t working. Please help.

Thanks, Barb


The first thing to do is to pull the notification bar down and swipe each item away. If you can’t do that for some reason, try this:

  1. From the Home screen, tap the Menu key.
  2. Tap Settings, and the More tab.
  3. Tap on Application Manager.
  4. Swipe left or right to display contents of All tab.
  5. Scroll to and tap Download Manager.
  6. Tap Clear Cache first, and then Clear Data.
  7. Tap OK.
  8. Reboot the phone.

If, for some reason, those download arrows still exist after doing the procedure above, then try this:

  1. Press and hold the Volume Up, Home, and Power buttons.
  2. When the phone vibrates, release the Power button but continue holding the other two until Android System Recovery screen appears.
  3. Use the Volume Down button to highlight ‘wipe cache partition’ and press the Power button to select it.

#5. Exclamation point next to MMS message


I get a symbol instead of a picture in some of my received texts.  This one is from a Galaxy S3, what they occur from an iPhone as well. Can you tell me what is going on? The AT&T store couldn’t help me. Thanks!


This issues occurs when your MMS priority setting was set to “High.” You need to set it to “Normal” to resolve it. Here’s how:

  1. From the Home screen, tap the Menu key.
  2. Touch Messages, the tap the Menu key again.
  3. Tap Settings.
  4. Choose Multimedia messages (MMS).
  5. Tap Priority settings.
  6. Choose Normal.

You would also need to turn off delivery reports:

  1. From the Home screen, tap the Menu key.
  2. Touch Messages, the tap the Menu key again.
  3. Tap Settings.
  4. Choose Multimedia messages (MMS).
  5. Tap Delivery Report.
  6. Send Test message.
  7. Turn off Delivery Report and then send a test message.

#6. Wi-Fi won’t work if mobile data is on


I updated my Galaxy S3 to 4.3 Jelly Bean and now my Wi-Fi is not working unless I turn off my mobile data. The problem is if I turn off my mobile data I can get Wi-Fi but I cant send or receive pictures.


There aren’t many Galaxy S3 owners who have this problem. I talked to a close friend of mine who is an XDA developer and he said there is a big possibility that it is a firmware issue. He added, however, that after the update the phone needs to optimize the services, which may take time. He suggested a few steps to follow:

  1. Toggle Airplane Mode to On.
  2. Turn off both mobile data and Wi-Fi.
  3. Reboot the phone.
  4. Turn off Airplane Mode.
  5. Turn Wi-Fi on first, then mobile data. This could fix the issue.

If the problem persists and you have the AT&T Navigator app installed on your phone, turn it off and that could solve it.

  1. From the Home screen, tap the Menu key.
  2. Tap Settings, and the More tab.
  3. Tap on Application Manager.
  4. Swipe left or right to display contents of All tab.
  5. Scroll to and tap AT&T Navigator.
  6. Disable the app and reboot your phone.

If this procedure  didn’t solve the problem, you need to perform a factory reset.

#7. Screen won’t turn off when charging


I have Galaxy S3 from AT&T and I updated it to Android 4.3. I’ve encountered a lot of problems after the update but almost all of them I  have resolved except for one–my phone’s screen won’t turn off when I charge it. Prior to the update, the screen automatically turns off even if the phone was plugged in. Help me please because my phone will take forever to charge when the screen is on. Thanks.Jolly


There could be several reasons why this happens but let’s try to take a look at the basics here. There is a setting under Developer Options in Galaxy S3 that would literally make the phone stay awake, you need to turn that off.

  1. From the Home screen, tap the Menu key.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Find and tap Developer Options.
  4. Uncheck Stay Awake option.

If the option wasn’t checked in the first place, then a third-party application may be the cause. Try booting to Safe Mode first and charge your phone to see if the screen remains awake.

  1. Turn the phone off.
  2. Press and hold the Power button.
  3. When the Galaxy S3 screen appears, release the Power key but immediately press and hold the Volume Down button.
  4. Continue holding the button until the phone is finished restarting.
  5. You will see Safe Mode in the bottom left corner of the screen.

In case the phone charges and turns off the screen after a few minutes while in Safe Mode, then there’s a third-party app you installed that causes this problem. You should find it and uninstall it. However, if the phone’s screen stays awake, there is a core service or app that’s causing the problem. Your last resort is performing the Factory Reset. Of course,  you need to back up all your data first.

#8. Computer can’t recognize my phone


I just bought a new laptop, it’s Windows, and I have a Galaxy S3 from ATT. The thing is, my new laptop can’t recognize my phone. When I plug it in, my laptop can detect it, or at least knows that something has been plugged in, but it cannot recognize it. I mean, I cannot manage my files on my phone and all that. What is strange to me is that my colleague’s laptop can recognize my phone immediately when I plugged it in. How come mine can’t? Sorry, I’m just a user and I’m not really savvy about these things. Your help would surely be appreciated. Thanks.Greta


In Windows, there are little programs that bridge the gap between the computer and the devices that are plugged into it–they’re called drivers. Universal USB devices can be detected without problems however, devices like Android smartphones need their respective drivers for them to be detected and recognized by the computer they’re plugged into. Your new laptop needs to have those drivers so it could recognize your phone.

You can actually search via Google the “Galaxy S3 USB drivers” and there will be hundreds of results. The easiest way to do this is by simply installing Samsung KIES, which comes packed with necessary drivers for any Samsung devices. You can download from here.

#9. Can’t send text messages


I seldom send text messages. I’m used to calling anyone that I want to talk to but I want that such functionality is available by the time I need to use it and that’s actually my problem. You see, I updated my phone, an S3, recently and I noticed that whenever I type in my text messages, there is a little window popping up on the screen telling me that text messaging has stopped working and the phone freezes. Is this a serious problem? I am a 65-year-old woman and I need your help to fix this problem. I’m on ATT. Thank you.Melody


Hello Melody. It could be just a minor compatibility issue with your phone’s new firmware and the Messaging app but don’t worry, it’s just a minor problem and can be solved by a simple procedure:

  1. From the Home screen, tap the Menu key.
  2. Tap Settings and then More tab.
  3. Tap Application Manager.
  4. Swipe twice to the left to choose All tab.
  5. Scroll to and tap Messaging.
  6. Tap Force Close button first.
  7. Tap Clear Cache and then Clear Data buttons.
  8. Launch the Messaging app and observe if the error message still pops up.

After that, turn your phone off and back on. That should do it.

#10. Can’t download apps from Play Store


Hey guys, I have an AT&T Galaxy S3 and I updated my phone to the latest version in January. I didn’t have problems with it after the update and I was happy because I didn’t have to perform factory reset and reinstall my apps like what I did back in November. It was last week when I tried downloading an app from the Play Store I encountered my first problem  this year. Somehow, I cannot download the app. Can you provide a solution for this? Thanks.


There are a lot of Play Store-related problems that you could encounter but the latest of them all is the 403 error message; you cannot download and update your apps. Is this the one you’ve encountered? If it is, then just wait because it’s not a problem with the phone but with the Play Store. Many reported having experienced this problem but they said it was resolved all by itself. If, by any chance, this isn’t your problem, then try uninstalling the updates from your Play Store app. Follow this:

  1. From the Home screen, tap the Menu key.
  2. Tap Settings and then More tab.
  3. Tap Application Manager.
  4. Swipe twice to the left to choose All tab.
  5. Scroll to and tap Google Play Store.
  6. Tap Uninstall Updates.

That’s it!

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Eliminating the Constant Samsung Galaxy S3 Download Complete Notification

Recording Calls and Getting Unlimited Cloud Storage in Galaxy S3

Galaxy S3 Download Complete Notification

One reader reported through The Droid Guy Facebook wall that he keeps on encountering the Samsung Galaxy S3 Download Complete notification every now and then.

According to him, the problem started when he installed the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update in his device. He explained that each time he connects to the Internet, the top of his screen immediately shows up several download arrows. He has to regularly swipe them down and clear them all to remove them.

Solution to the Constant Galaxy S3 Download Complete Notification

Looking at several forums online, there were a number of Galaxy S3 users who have experienced the same problem when they updated to the 4.3 version of their Android devices.

One contributor in Android Central suggested clearing the cache and data of the Download Manager. This solution appeared to work on the users who used to experience the Galaxy S3 Download Complete notification frequently.

1. Clearing the Cache of Download Manager

Here’s how to download the cache of the device to remove the annoying Galaxy S3 Download Complete notification:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Proceed to Applications.
  • Select Manage Applications.
  • Tap the All tab.
  • Choose Download Manager from the list of apps.
  • Hit the Clear Cache button.

This will remove the temporary files in the app that are possibly causing the errors.

 2. Clearing the Data of Download Manager

Do this only if clearing the cache fail to remove the glitches. Here’s how to clear the cache of your app:

  • Repeat all the steps above until you enter the Download Manager options.
  • Tap Clear Data.

Clearing the data will restore the configurations of your app to its original settings like when it was newly-installed.

Additional Reading

To learn about the difference of clearing cache and clearing data, check the related article in the link.

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Source: Android Central

Samsung Galaxy S4 Problems in WiFi and Internet-Related Errors

removing annoying galaxy s4 notifications

Galaxy S4

This article will quickly answer a couple of WiFi and Internet-related issues associated with the Samsung Galaxy S4 which were sent to us via The Droid Guy Mailbag.

Question Number 1 — Samsung Galaxy S4 Switches from WiFi to Mobile Data Automatically

One of our readers emailed us saying, “I am an owner of a Samsung Galaxy S4. I live in an area where the Internet connection is quite unstable. So, when I am connected via WiFi and the Internet suddenly goes intermittent, the phone automatically switches to cellular data which eats up my mobile plan. Is there a way to disable such feature?”

We agree that this can be such a pain. However, this can be easily remedied by disabling the “Auto Network Switch” feature of your Galaxy S4.

To do this, go to Settings. Then, proceed to Connections. Next, go to the WiFi option. After that, press the Menu button and choose Advanced among the given choices. From there, make sure that the “Auto Network Switch” is not active, the WiFi timer is off and that the option “Keep Wi-Fi On During Sleep” is set to Always.

Question Number 2 — Samsung Galaxy S4 Internet is Unstable Since 4.3 Update

Another message sent to us asks, “My Galaxy S4’s Internet has been crappy since the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update. So far, my other Android devices are running smoothly when surfing the web. My phone was also okay before the update. How do I fix this?”

While we have always advised that a Factory Reset is highly recommended after updating the OS version to enable a clean or smooth installation, some contributors in the Android Central forum have claimed that simply clearing the cache partition of their phones worked for them.

First backup all your data and switch off your Galaxy S4. Second, hold the Volume Up, Home and Power buttons altogether until the phone shows the Android logo or you are already under Recovery Mode. Third, use the Volume Down keys to highlight “Wipe Cache Partition”. Lastly, reboot your phone.

Here’s a quick video tutorial on how to wipe your cache partition:

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Source: Android Central

Sony begins Android 4.3 rollout for Xperia T, TX, V and SP

Sony begins Android 4.3 rollout for Xperia T, TX, V and SP

They are a bit behind schedule, but as promised, Sony has begun updating its not-so-latest Xperia T, Xperia TX, Xperia V and Xperia SP smartphones to Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. The Xperia SP has been getting the update in some regions since last week, and now the final iteration of Jelly Bean is beginning to make its way to the other three devices.  (more…)

Sony Xperia Z1, Z Ultra Gets New Firmware Update

Sony just released the Android. 4.3 Jelly Bean update for the Sony Xperia Z1 and the Z Ultra last December and now both devices are getting a minor firmware update. The company announced through its official Twitter account that the update will be rolling out to both models today which brings several improvements.  “now rolling (phased): JB 4.3 firmware for #XperiaZ1 & #XperiaZUltra – brings display, BT music streaming, email, Wifi improvements and more!”

Sony Xperia

The update which has a build version of 14.2.A.1.136 is still a Jelly Bean update but with a few improvements which include the following.

  • Adds a new setting for display calibration which allows the white balance to be changed by users
  • Bluetooth music streaming
  • Email improvements
  • WiFi improvements
  • Bug fixes

If you own any of these two devices and are having some issues with your current Android 4.3 build then I suggest getting this update which should resolve the issues.

Right now the update is being deployed in phases and only seems to be available via Sony’s PC Companion and Mac Bridge apps. An OTA (Over The Air) update might be coming soon.

Here’s how to update the Sony Xperia Z1 or Z Ultra using the PC Companion.

First make sure that you have the PC Companion application installed in your computer with the AutoPlay setting enabled.

To enable AutoPlay

  • Click Start > Control Panel. In the search box, type “autoplay”, and then click AutoPlay.
  • Mark the Use AutoPlay for all media and devices checkbox.

To install PC Companion

  • Turn on your new Xperia device and connect it to a PC using a USB cable.
  • In your phone, tap Install to install PC Companion on the PC.
  • In your computer, if a pop-up window that appears notifies you about available PC Software, select Run Startme.exe.
  • In your computer, click Install to start the installation and then follow the instructions to complete the installation.

To update your Xperia device

  • Turn on your Xperia device and connect it to your computer using a USB cable.
  • From your computer wait a few seconds for PC Companion to start. If PC Companion doesn’t start automatically, you can start it from the start menu on the computer.
  • Go to the Support Zone application, click Start, and then select the Phone Software Update option. Follow the instructions on the screen.

via twitter

HTC Netherlands Confirms One X+ Is Not Due for Android 4.4 KitKat (Updated with More Bad News)

They say no news is good news, but plenty of otherwise verifiable proverbs and axioms are overturned in the mobile tech décor, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise silence is more often than not ominous in terms of Android updates.


Take HTC’s One X+, the confusingly named big brother of the One X. Or the underwhelming little brother of the HTC One. Since it was never immensely popular and its makers are known for providing shoddy (and we’re being kind) software support, an Android 4.4 KitKat upgrade always seemed like a long shot.

Still, as the 4.7-incher celebrated its one-year birthday a measly two months back, the phone’s unfortunate owners couldn’t help but hope. And wait. HTC kept its 4.4 update timetable on the hush-hush though, with no moles or tipsters coming forward with any shred of positive speculation.

Ultimately, a gloomy confirmation on HTC’s part looked unavoidable, and alas, it’s here. In response to an eager HTC user seeking high hope validation, the company’s Dutch branch issued a short statement on Twitter a few days ago, which goes a little something like this: “We can confirm the HTC One X+ will remain on the current software version, Android 4.2.2 and Sense 5.”

In other words, no 4.3 bump for you, no 4.4, not even Sense 5.5. By extension, this most definitely means the older One X and One S are not getting any love beyond 4.2 Jelly Bean either. Bummer? You can say that again, albeit you’d think surviving HTC fans would know what to expect by now.


Intriguingly, an HTC official suggested just last week 4.3 is headed for the AT&T-branded One X and One X+ in the near future. So which is it after all? Maybe both. Maybe only US versions of the pair are due for leaps to the next Android build. In which case Ma Bell users have a (one in a million) shot of also scoring KitKat.

Or maybe HTC Netherlands’ Twitter handler messed up. It’s also possible, albeit not probable, we’re reading too much into a no doubt deliberately vague statement. In the end, I wouldn’t suggest you hold your breath for a chocolaty treat. Unless of course you’re comfortable flashing unofficial ports and whatnot.

Meanwhile, let’s try to keep in mind at least the One, One mini and One max have guaranteed 4.4 support, with OTAs likely to roll out starting later this month. Also, rumor has it the trio will nab an upgrade to 4.4’s sequel, regardless of it being codenamed 4.5 or 5.0. Too little to take HTC seriously going forward? I for one think so, but feel free to disagree in the comments section below.

Later edit: UK hopes have been officially quashed, also via Twitter, for both the One X and One X+. HTC’s British branch initially supplied the bad news in response to a user’s question, issuing a full statement soon after:

“We can confirm that the HTC One X and One X+ will not receive further Android OS updates beyond Android 4.2.2 with Sense 5. We realize this news will be met with disappointment by some, but our customers should feel confident that we have designed both devices to be optimized with our amazing camera and audio experiences.”

There you have it, official and set in stone. No KitKat heading your way on either the One X or One X+, probably regardless of where you live. There’s still an outside chance select markets are due for an Android 4.3 Jelly Bean bump, but aside from the AT&T versions in the US, I wouldn’t get my hopes up. Also, let’s be honest, who cares about 4.3 at this point? HTC let down its fans again, and we are no longer sorry their financial health is spinning out of control.

Via [HTC Netherlands Twitter], [Android World], [The Verge], [HTC UK Twitter]

Samsung Testing Android 4.3 for Galaxy S3, S4 and Note 2

On the day it makes a high end phablet Galaxy Note 3 (Note III) available, a device that is rolling out globally, there are reports that Samsung has embarked on testing the next major operating system software upgrade for a number of Galaxy devices notably S4, S4 and Note3 to Android 4.3 Jelly Bean.

Samsung is said to be testing Android 4.3 Jelly Bean operating system and the question is when should the end user expect an official update?  Samsung has featured in the news lately, from its launch of galaxy Gear smartwatch alongside Galaxy Note 3 phablet to rumor of the company preparing to release a smartphone with a flexible screen this October.

Samsung Galaxy

The guys at Sammobile are saying that Samsung has just started the testing the system on these devices but it looks like a roll out may be a little farther away than the Samsung Galaxy S4, S4 and Note II owners would have liked.  Users in the US in particular may have to wait longer than international users as it is tradition for Samsung to start with international version when rolling out major software updates.

If you have a Galaxy S3, S4 or Note II and cannot wait to get the latest Android update which promises new features, look and feel, the guys at Sammobile places a rollout sometime between November and December – on the Brightside you may flaunt your Galaxy over Christmas with a new OS =).

What reasons are there to look forward to Android 4.3 Jelly Bean besides the new catchy moniker?  Unfortunately, Android 4.3 Jelly bean is not so different from 4.2.2 or whichever version of Android you are running – Android 4.3 is expected to come with the new Samsung UI TouchWiz which has all the features that Galaxy S4 came with.  We are unsure whether the Note II Android 4.3 will come with the same features yet though.

Google made significant under-the-hood improvements to Android 4.3 that should make it a more responsive and faster operating system.  We also do hope that Samsung has fixed the many bugs on its TouchWiz UI that many users have reported.  Whether we will be seeing an Android 4.4 KitKat for Samsung Galaxy S3, S4 and NoteII is a discussion for another.  Samsung pledges its commitment to bring timely Android updates and software upgrades so let’s hope the major update rolls out soon.

Source: Sammobile via Android Headlines





List of Top New Features in Android 4.3

Google announced the next minor update of their mobile Android operating system yesterday, weeks after the first phone with the operating system, Google Play Edition Samsung Galaxy S4.  We had already learnt that the new operating system has a ton of benefits including battery life improvements, and we didn’t really expect major improvements in this version, especially as it is projected that Google is working on Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie set to be released later this year.  The update may be small, but it is clear that most of the work was done under the hood as there aren’t many notable change in the user interface.  Here is a list of the changes on this new Android version.

Android 4.3

OpenGL ES 3.0: The support for OpenGL ES 3.0 on the new Android version means that applications will now be able to make full use of it to improve device graphics including better frame rate and rendering.  This means that you will have better gaming experience and generally improved visual performance.

Wi-Fi for location: The current version of Android uses the device’s GPS only to place the user on the map when applications request for location.  With Android 4.3, applications can now place the user on the map based on Wi-Fi locations.  Wi-Fi locations will reduce battery usage and speed up location services.

Restricted Profiles: This is a feature to restrict what other users can see on the device.  It appears to be more of feature for parents to control what their kids view.  Google pointed out that it would be a handy feature to use in kiosk Mode.

DRM APIs: The introduction of APIs for DRM means that some applications now have expanded capabilities.  Apps like Netflix could now even stream full HD 1080p videos to the device.

Keyboard & input: Android 4.3 brings an improved tap-typing algorithm recognition designed to simplify text input especially while chatting, typing emails and composing messages.  This feature also include an emoji keyboard, just like iPhone’s and reduces the latency input for joysticks and gamepad buttons.

Bluetooth AVRCP: This is a feature that enables your Android jelly Bean 4.3 device to sync with a car’s Bluetooth stereo system for expanded functionalities.  Version 1.3 of Bluetooth AVRCP also allows car stereo system to display the phone’s metadata including a song name when streaming music from the device to the car stereo system.

Notification Access: Notification access has been one of the most celebrated features of Android.  With the new Android version 4.3, users can interact with notifications on the status bar and control how the notifications are pushed to the primary device and other devices such as smart watches and fitness bands.  It also enables users to view all notifications in one place.

Simpler Setup wizard: Android 4.3 Jelly Bean is now able to correct user input when signing into the device.  The user can now change any information entered during the first device boot and switching between users on the lockscreen is now faster.

Dial-pad Autocomplete: The auto-complete feature has until now been available on the dial-pad.  The feature will suggest phone numbers and contact names when the user starts to enter the first few characters.  This feature is new to Android ROMs but it has been on Samsun’s and HTC’s custom user interface skins over Android.

Bluetooth Smart Ready: As more and more companies work on smartwatches and wearable devices, Google is making sure Android is equipped to handle them.  Android 4.3’s Bluetooth Smart Ready is a feature that supports low-energy state on Bluetooth Smart accessories like thermometers, smartwatches, monitors and pedometers among others.  This means that devices running this version of Android can sync with third party low energy devices without affecting the device’s battery usage.

New Camera UI:  The only user interface change is the camera’s app.  The application has been updated with a new arch-based menu to make it easier to control the camera and to change settings.

Other new features worth mentioning include addition of a new tab in the system settings to manage and view hidden applications, an improved Photo Frame Daydream screensaver, simpler initial setup and a Quick Response feature.  We expect that Google is developing Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie, which will be a major improvement to the Android OS and is expected to finally put an end to the operating system’s fragmentation.

Sources: Android Headlines and NDTV

Even Before Official Release, Android 4.3 Jelly Bean Root Already Out

Barely a week after we got a glimpse of the next installment of the Android smartphone and tablet OS 4.3 Jelly Bean, some folks at XDA developers have been working on it and now an elite developer known as +Chainfire says he has managed to root it.  Google has not rolled out Android 4.3 Jelly Bean yet – in fact the only phone with this operating system is the Google Play Edition Samsung Galaxy S4.  On a side note, you can install the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean system on your Samsung Galaxy S4 as I wrote in this guide, but there is no guarantee it will work though.

SGS4 4.3 Jelly Bean

Back to the story, Chainfire says that he has managed to adapt his SuperSU root application for Android 4.2 and has worked flawlessly on the Google Play Edition Samsung Galaxy S4 which runs Android version 4.3 (JWR66N.S005.130625) that leaked a couple of days ago.  In a detailed explanation on Google+, Chainfire posts that the ‘protections’ on Android the phone’s system may be Samsung’s or plainly Android’s, but to root the system it takes ‘quite a few mods to the SuperSU’.

It remains to be seen if all of the protections that have been circumvented have been Samsung’s doing (as is normal for Samsung pre-release leaked firmwares), or if some of them are actually normal for Android 4.3.

For example, Android processes have their binding set of capabilities 0’d out. I’ve not personally seen that before on other firmwares, so I’m not sure if that’s Samsung’s doing or something 4.3. It prevents processes from performing certain actions – evenif the process manages to execute code as root user – like mounting the system read/write. Just to be clear, this root does not suffer from this issue.

If all the features in the rooted Android 4.3 Jelly Bean are fully operational, users with any Samsung Galaxy S4 could install the leaked Android 4.3 Jelly Bean ROM on their devices and have it running with no hitches.

Note that if you are going to install the ROM, you must understand that results re never guaranteed.  You will void your warranty and you could brick your phone even if you do everything right.  Android 4.3 Jelly Bean is not yet official and from the look of things, Google may not make a lot of fuss about it especially since it has only a handful of improvements from Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean.  Rumor has it that Google may be releasing Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie as early as August this year and it is expected to put an end to Android’s fragmentation.

Source: +Chainfire Google+ Via  AndroidSpin

How to Install Stock Android 4.3 on Samsung Galaxy S4 (Snapdragon Only)

The first test build of Android 4.3 is out, and you may be the lucky few to get to install it and try it out on your Samsung Galaxy S4.  If you are one of those people who just cannot wait to try something new, then this test firmware for the Google Edition Samsung Galaxy S4 (GT-I9505G) is brought to you courtesy of SamMobile.  The folks at SamMobile wanted to try out the Android 4.3 for Samsung Galaxy S4 but didn’t have the Google Edition SGS4, so they ported it to a standard Galaxy S4 powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon chip (GT-I9505) and they say it performed outstandingly well.

Android 4.3 Jelly Bean

The Android 4.3 OS ported from the Google Edition Samsung Galaxy S4 is fully functional – everything runs smooth and all the features and tools are working.  This operating system runs perfectly despite the fact that no changes were made on the firmware or the operating system.  If you have a Samsung Galaxy S4 with Snapdragon chip, you can install Android 4.3 on it too.  Note however that just because the guys at SamMobile successfully installed it on their phone does not mean you are guaranteed the same results.  Before you proceed, there are a few things you need to bear in mind.

  • Results are not guaranteed.  We do will not assume responsibility for anything that may go wrong. Do this at your own risk.
  • You cannot flash this ROM using Odin.
  • Flashing your phone voids your warranty.
  • Do not try flashing your phone unless you are sure of what you are doing.  If you haven’t done it before, this is probably not the best stage for you to learn.



Samsung Galaxy S4 Model GT-I9505

Custom Recovery


System Details

Android version: 4.3

Build ID: JWR66N



Build Date: June 26 2013

Change list: 968842


How to Install

Step 1: Download the Google Edition Samsung Galaxy S4 ROM from either of these links: (MD5: 363ED9CC32A841A512E72372A19C7D05)  (MD5: 74D241B64266220161018EB98A19F279)

Step 2: Copy the Google Edition ROM you downloaded to the internal SD card of your phone. Make sure that it is has at least 80% battery charge (the more the better).

Step 3: Enter recovery mode by restarting the phone while pressing Power + Volume Up + Home

Step 4: Factory reset the phone from the recovery menu.  You can navigate through the menu options using the volume up and volume down key and selecting using the home button.

Step 5: Install the new ROM.

Step 6: Reboot your phone

Google has not officially announced Android 4.3 yet, in fact it was just earlier today that the first public screenshots of the Android 4.3 made it to the internet (as we reported here).  It is however comforting that OEM’s already have the source code.  This early access to Android 4.3 means that by the time it makes it to the public domain, quick necessary updates will be available and there will be less Android fragmentation.

Note that Android 4.3 is still in development and may not have all the features yet.  For updates, be sure to check back or follow us on twitter.

Source: SamMobile


Android 4.3 Jelly Bean Accidentally Revealed in LG Webpage

LG Optimus L7 II Dual screenshot

The Android 4.3 Jelly Bean may be true after all. According to Android Authority, the webpage of LG featuring the LG Optimus L7 II Dual just revealed that the new version of the Android operating system. We decided to check out the veracity of the news and found out that the company has indeed posted that the device will possess the unreleased Android operating system.

Typo Error

While the report is definitely very exciting for Android fans, the source speculates that it may be just a form of typographical error committed by the writer of the site. But by checking further the specs of the app in its “Advanced Features” section there it is again. Except that the operating system was listed as the “Jellybean 4.3 Jellybean”.

Is it just strike two for the site or is it jumping the gun on the upcoming Android OS? Whether it is deliberate or just a mistake on the part of LG, we will surely find that out soon when the Dual version of the L7 II comes out.

Checking the Previous Version

As a way to confirm whether the issue is a product of typo or not, the source decided to check out the original version of the LG Optimus L7 II. However, the OS of the product was revealed only as Jelly Bean. There was no mention what Android version it is.

The report also claimed to have reviewed the other devices in the website but there were no other traces of the Android 4.3 OS. It should be noted though that there were mistakes on the OS descriptions of the LG Optimus G and LG Nexus 4.

Android 4.3 Sightings

The source stated that the Android 4.3 has shown up recently in its server logs. The article added that the logs appeared to be coming from a series of Google Nexus devices. A related report from Android Police also claimed to have spotted the Android 4.3 in its logs which appeared to have come from Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 units.

Source: LG Website and Android Authority