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HTC says Samsung has done no innovation, and only marketing

HTC President Jason MacKenzie

HTC President Jason MacKenzie

Samsung has launched its new flagship smart phone, the Samsung Galaxy S IV, against the new HTC One. The HTC One is the Taiwanese smart phone manufacturer’s one of the major smart phones. This one smart phone is going to decide if the company is going to survive in the smart phone world, or if Samsung indeed is going to be the sole player. So after the announcement of the Galaxy S IV at the Samsung Unpacked event, the President of the Taiwanese smart phone maker had something to say.

HTC President Jason MacKenzie is said to have felt good after the completion of the event hosted by Samsung. He felt good about his company and the new product that it has launched, and he also felt bad for Samsung, as the company did not release a good product (according to the man), and that the South Korean smart phone giant actually spent a lot of money on presenting, or marketing, instead of research and development. “Watching the presentation, it looks like they invested a lot in marketing instead of innovation,” he said.

President MacKenzie also said that his company’s new One smart phone is not going to face any threat from the Samsung Galaxy S IV as the One is far more superior and better than the new Galaxy S IV. He has been reported as saying that the presentation from the company employees was not really good, and the presentation did not showcase any new features. He has said that the Galaxy S IV does not bring anything new to the table, all the features available on the S IV are already available on many other smart phones.

MacKenzie also did not enjoy the presentation. “I went from laughing to actually feeling embarrassed at some of the acting,” MacKenzie told CNET. But Samsung was confident enough to reply to these comments. “Everybody is entitled to their opinion,” said Ryan Bidan, director of marketing for Samsung Telecommunications America.

Source: CNET