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AMD Brings Android Support To Windows Through BlueStacks

AMD and BlueStacks have announced that they have collaborated together to bring Android to Windows. This comes just days after Intel’s announcement that it will provide a way to make Android run from within Windows. AMD however might have the upper hand as its latest processors will include an ARM chip, the same architecture that

AMD Announces The FX-9590: “The First 5 GHz Processor”

AMD has just announced their latest product which they say is the first-ever commercially available 5 GHz processor. The AMD FX-9590 was announced today at E3 and features 8 Piledriver cores allowing it to reach a maximum frequency of 5 GHz. It’s going to use the AM3+ package and will initially be available to system

AMD Might Debut the Next-Gen Radeon HD 8000 at the E3 2013

AMD confirmed that it will be participating on the next E3 2013 convention. According to news from the WCCF Tech website, the company confirmed that it will be showcasing its latest innovations and its next-generation products during the event. Although there was no specific mention in the announcement about the next-generation AMD Radeon graphics card

AMD No Longer Just Bound To Windows OS, Now Open to Android

AMD chips are no longer just limited for Windows-based devices. A new report from PCWorld said its manufacturer is now considering expanding its line of operations to include computing devices plus smartphones and tablets that are running under the Android and Chrome operating systems. Lisa Su, senior vice president and general manager of global business

Apple Planning to Boost the Graphics of its Next-Gen Processors

A new rumor has surfaced that Apple is planning on boosting the graphics of its upcoming line of processors. The speculations about the enhancement of the next Apple GPU came about when the company started posting new jobs for its manufacturing plant in Orlando and its Cupertino office. In a job posting in the Apple

AMD Introduces Opteron X “Kyoto” Processors To Challenge Intel Atom

Advanced Micro Devices introduced a new family of x86 processors called the Opteron X-Series which consumes low power and is designed to scale out server architecture. Opteron X, which is codenamed Kyoto, currently has two processors under the line namely the X1150 and the X2150. The company claims that both these chips beat Intel’s Atom

Vizio Reveals AMD Windows 8 Tablet With 1080p Display

American consumer electronics manufacturer Vizio has just revealed an impressive Windows 8 tablet which they will be showing off at CES later this week. The company known for making flat-screen monitors has already a couple of tablet models out in the market but these are running on Android OS. This upcoming device will be their

AMD Announces New ARM-Based Processors, Will Release By 2014

By now we should all be very away of the advancements and power in the latest microprocessor. My realization to this actually came when I saw the power that NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 was able to offer. In fact, I realized that much more after I started seeing a bunch of Tegra 3 exclusive games release

AMD unveils new Z-Series processor dubbed as ‘Hondo’

While ARM-based processors dominate the tablet market today, Microsoft’s Windows 8 provides x86-based CPUs a fresh shot at the market. Intel was the first one to adapt to the growing market but Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) shows no sign of backing down in the competition it is well-acquainted with. Consequently, the company recently announced its

BlueStacks Partners With AMD

BlueStacks has announced a new partnership with Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) that will allow users of the tablets and PCs running on AMD to enjoy Android applications. The apps are available through the AMD AppZone store that will enable Windows users to enjoy 500,000 Android apps. This is a substantial addition to the 2,000 apps

Qualcomm to Possibly Purchase AMD

To an extent, I was actually very surprised that Qualcomm was looking to purchase AMD. AMD’s shares rose by nearly ten percent after rumors rose that chip-maker, Qualcomm, could possibly be thinking of purchasing AMD. The rumors were based off of an announcement that AMD had made earlier this week on Tuesday. The company confirmed

AMD announces new FirePro APUs and GPUs

AMD (Advanced Micro Devices), an American multinational semiconductor company based in Sunnyvale, California, requires no introduction. The Intel rival debuted its first ever APUs in its FirePro lineup of processors that is targeted towards entry level and mainstream desktop terminals. APU stands for accelerated processing unit and is basically a processing system that comprises of