Amazon Error Code 1060

How To Fix Amazon Error Code 1060

Amazon Prime Video is used by a lot of people to stream videos and download its contents. However, there have been reports from users getting an Amazon Prime Error Code 1060 that prohibits them from streaming and or downloading video contents. The error has been reported to occur not only on PC and game consoles

Amazon Music

Amazon Music Now Offers Free Music Streaming with Ads

Amazon offers multiple benefits to Prime customers, but what about those who aren’t subscribed to Prime? Well, the company has just made its music streaming service available for free to everyone in the U.S., UK, and Germany. Amazon made the announcement in a blog post, detailing how this works. The company mentions that this service

Amazon Prime - PUBG

Amazon Prime Users Can Now Unlock Special PUBG Mobile Content

PUBG is undoubtedly one of the world’s most popular online multiplayer games with millions of users worldwide. The developers have now teamed up with Amazon to offer special in-game freebies for simply signing up with their Amazon Prime account. This is just one more incentive to getting an Amazon Prime subscription, with the list getting