Amazon Music

Amazon Music Now Offers Free Music Streaming with Ads

Amazon offers multiple benefits to Prime customers, but what about those who aren’t subscribed to Prime? Well, the company has just made its music streaming service available for free to everyone in the U.S., UK, and Germany. Amazon made the announcement in a blog post, detailing how this works. The company mentions that this service

Amazon Prime - PUBG

Amazon Prime Users Can Now Unlock Special PUBG Mobile Content

PUBG is undoubtedly one of the world’s most popular online multiplayer games with millions of users worldwide. The developers have now teamed up with Amazon to offer special in-game freebies for simply signing up with their Amazon Prime account. This is just one more incentive to getting an Amazon Prime subscription, with the list getting

Amazon Music Unlimited

Amazon Music Unlimited officially announced for $9.99/month

#Amazon has just unveiled its #Spotify killer, aptly named Music Unlimited with a monthly subscription cost of $9.99. The service is only $7.99 if you’re an existing owner of any of the #Echo devices or a Prime subscriber, which makes this a steal, really. The cost comes down to just $3.99 if you intend to

Black Friday 2015 Android deals: Samsung, Huawei, HTC, Verizon, Sprint, and more

It’s time to just about wrap up our epic pre-Black Friday 2015 deal roundup. We’ve already brought you the most compelling Android-powered and Android-compatible bargains from retailers as diverse and outright obscure as Best Buy, Target, Staples, Walmart, Fred Meyer, Dollar General, BJ’s Wholesale, Toys R Us, Shopko, Kohl’s, Dicks Sporting Goods, and Hhgregg. What

Amazon Prime - The Washington Post

Amazon Prime now comes with 6 months subscription of The Washington Post

Well, #AmazonPrime already has a lot of perks and we can now add one more to the list. The company has announced that users of Prime will now receive 6-months subscription of The Washington Post National Digital Edition, which includes access to practically everything you can find from the publication online. Interestingly, The Washington Post is owned

Amazon Logo

Amazon Prime subscription available for just $72 tomorrow

Customers can get Amazon’s Prime subscription for just $72 instead of the usual $99 price tag. This offer will be applicable only tomorrow, so if you are looking to subscribe to Amazon’s priority service, it might be wise to wait until Saturday. The discounted subscription pricing from Amazon is its way of celebrating the Golden Globe

Amazon Fire Phone: Top features and key weaknesses

Every gadget, no matter how carefully prepared, thought-through and well-groomed, has flaws. The iPhone 5s fell short of perfection, Samsung’s Galaxy S5 likewise, and even LG’s G3 is underwhelming in some respects. The key to success is in most cases to cover a device’s imperfections with a greater number of assets. More important than their

Amazon top-box

Amazon reportedly developing video streaming top-box

Amazon is reportedly working on a video streaming top-box, which will allow people to stream videos straight from the Internet. This comes from Bloomberg Businessweek sources, who detail it will land this fall. Currently Amazon Prime has a video streaming service, allowing users to view different movies and TV programs for a monthly fee. The

Disney Sells Their Content To Amazon Too

Disney/ABC has licensed their content to Amazon for the first time. It was reported around the internet today that Disney/ABC and Netflix had re-upped their content deal to stream Disney/ABC tv shows and movies to Netflix customers. Now it appears that Amazon will have that same content just in time for their Kindle Fire launch