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Metal Amazon Kindle Fire HD 2 to arrive in August

Amazon will introduce a new Kindle Fire tablet with a metal housing in late August or early September, according to a report from Tech Kiddy. Citing Taiwanese supply chain sources, the blog claims that the launch will involve three fresh Kindle HD 2 tablets with the aforementioned housing to update the present tablet lineup. Given

Amazon Kindle Fire Dominates US Android Tablet Market

A research conducted by mobile apps analytic service Localytics clearly shows the Amazon Kindle Fire dominating the US market. Since the US market represents 59% of worldwide market share then the device is even dominating worldwide. The research shows that the Kindle Fire has captured 33% of the market share in the US. Despite having

Is Foxconn Making The Amazon Smartphone?

Foxconn International Holdings Ltd. is reportedly making a new smartphone for Amazon, according to an article from Taiwan Economic News. Citing industry sources, the newspaper indicates that the phone will be made “on an exclusive basis.” Reportedly, the Amazon smartphone will be released sometime between next year’s second quarter and third quarter. This would place

Amazon Allows In-App Purchases Of Physical Products

Although Amazon has made its identity as a seller of tablet PCs and e-readers through the Kindle Fire and the Kindle, it is still first and foremost a retailing company. Recently, it underscored these two roles by allowing app developers to sell physical products through the application itself. This decision has a number of benefits,

Android Apps Unavailable On Amazon’s Kindle Fire

The thing about technical specification sheets is that they naturally do not mention what consumers miss by purchasing the device. Save for some eagle-eyed consumers and those with technological know-how, many consumers find what they are missing once they have already bought the device and played with it for some time. The situation is no