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[Deal] Apps worth $110 free from the Amazon Appstore today

Amazon’s app deals are well known to us. The company has now announced a new bundle of apps that can be yours for free, assuming you have the Appstore application installed on your Android smartphone or tablet. This new deal includes games like Game Of Thrones, Sorcery! 3, Bike Race Pro, Five Nights At Freddy’s 3 etc.

New BlackBerry OS update brings Android apps via Amazon Appstore

BlackBerry has started issuing the version 10.3.1 update to customers of all BlackBerry 10 OS running devices. This update will finally include support for Android apps downloaded from the Amazon Appstore. The likes of Z10, Q10, and Z30 are eligible for this new update, so if you own either of these handsets, now might be the right

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Amazon to offer apps worth $220 for free starting Dec.24

As part of its Christmas promotions, Amazon will start offering its customers apps worth $220 for free starting December 24. This deal will last until the 26th of December, so you will have plenty of time to make up your mind about what to get. There will be massive apps on the company’s ‘Free app of

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Amazon Appstore offering paid apps worth $130 for free

On the eve of Thanksgiving, Amazon is giving away paid apps worth $130 in value. The sale is valid until the end of the day and includes multiple paid titles like Sonic Jump, Bejeweled 2 and many more. The ad free version of Angry Birds Seasons is also selling under this promo. In total, there

Amazon Appstore now accessible through standalone Amazon app

Amazon offers its Appstore to users of non-Kindle devices with a downloadable apk file available on its website. However, the online retailer also has a standalone app which is used for shopping electronics, books or a wide array of products that you find on Amazon. And now, the company has merged the Appstore into the standalone

Amazon Fire Phone: Top features and key weaknesses

Every gadget, no matter how carefully prepared, thought-through and well-groomed, has flaws. The iPhone 5s fell short of perfection, Samsung’s Galaxy S5 likewise, and even LG’s G3 is underwhelming in some respects. The key to success is in most cases to cover a device’s imperfections with a greater number of assets. More important than their

Amazon Appstore making its way to BlackBerry devices

We all know that BlackBerry is headed towards its demise pretty rapidly, despite the launch of several midrange handsets over the course of the past couple of years. In the meanwhile, we have heard rumors of the company bringing Android apps to the BlackBerry 10 platform in order to increase the number of apps available to the

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Amazon Appstore offering Sonic CD for free today

Popular 16-bit title, Sonic CD is now being offered for free via the Amazon Appstore as part of its ‘free app of the day’ promotion. The game costs $2.99 usually, so this is quite a deal on a very popular game. The app costs the same in the Google Play Store as well, so this is

BlackBerry Z30: The newest flagship Android device in town?

Android news has been interesting this week. First, there’s the surprising announcement that Google has sold its Motorola Mobility division to Lenovo. Prior to that, there’s the news that BlackBerry’s latest OS update now allows users to install Android apps straight from the .APK file, or through application marketplaces, without having to convert to a

Amazon Free App Promotion

Amazon Appstore offering $40 worth of apps for free today

It’s the holiday season and we were expecting deals like these to come our way. Amazon is now offering several free apps, worth over $40 in value for free. This is a Christmas Day special promotion, so it will last until midnight today. The apps include the following: Angry Birds Star Wars II  ($0.99) My


Amazon AppStore will now offer web apps

Even though the Amazon AppStore is essentially just another app on the Google Play store, the e-commerce giant want to make sure they have developers making experience just for their apps store. Amazon will now allow HTML5 apps onto the AppStore, pushing for more web developers to create apps native to the Android platform, that

Path now available on Amazon AppStore

Path has started to shape up into a real social network, even though many still have problems connecting with more than 10 friends. Even though the expansion to the Amazon AppStore may not be a huge boom for Path users, it shows the commitment to multiple different platforms. The closed social network allows users to

Amazon launches virtual currency on its app store in U.S

Amazon has followed in the footsteps of Microsoft and Nintendo that offer virtual currency in the form of points and Wii respectively. Amazon has now come up with a new coin concept where users can buy virtual coins worth a fixed amount of money and spend the coins on books, apps and other goodies in

Amazon Allows In-App Purchases Of Physical Products

Although Amazon has made its identity as a seller of tablet PCs and e-readers through the Kindle Fire and the Kindle, it is still first and foremost a retailing company. Recently, it underscored these two roles by allowing app developers to sell physical products through the application itself. This decision has a number of benefits,