Best Android hybrids, convertibles, laptops and multi-purpose PCs

They said Android is limited. Impractical to use on a larger than 10-inch screen. Worthless with physical keyboards, and utterly inoperable on “full-on” computing machines. They scoffed at the idea of mainstream Android laptops, which was filed under megalomaniac fantasies from overly imaginative, reality-disconnected nerds. Well, we showed them. And by we, I mean a

Acer DA241HL

Acer DA241HL AIO desktop arrives

The Acer DA241HL All-In-One Android desktop is a testament to how the operating system is moving from mobile devices to PCs. This device, which Acer recently unveiled in Berlin, Germany, is one of the first desktop PCs to offer the Android OS. In particular, the device comes with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, one of the