[Deal] Alcatel OneTouch Watch for $69.95

The #Alcatel #OneTouchWatch was released about a year ago in global markets. This smartwatch can now be yours for just $69.95 from eBay. The wearable made the news for being one of the few OS agnostic wearables out there. This essentially meant that it was compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones, not limiting itself

Alcatel ONETOUCH Watch now available on pre-order for $149.99

Alcatel’s ONETOUCH Watch can be pre-ordered for just $149.99 starting today. The smartwatch is OS agnostic, so you can operate the device regardless of the OS your smartphone is running. The smartwatch was announced during the CES event earlier this year, where it caught the world’s attention. You can only pre-order the ONETOUCH Watch with a black

Top ten Apple Watch alternatives that support both Android and iOS

As an unapologetic (wink, wink), self-acknowledged Android aficionado (don’t call me a fanboy), and writer who earns money off Google’s prosperity, I’m practically and almost unconsciously compelled to dislike, scorn and mock Apple. But oftentimes, Cupertino makes it really hard to hate on them. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 contender. Meanwhile, the Apple Watch was expected