5 best sleep cycle tracker alarm clock apps in 2019

It is essential for every human being to get enough sleep. But due to the stresses of life, the average man or woman seldom gets the full quota of recommended sleep. But how can one know if they’re getting the best or enough sleep? Well, you can do that either by buying expensive accessories that

5 Best Uses for Your Old Android Phone

Don’t throw your old Android phone into the garbage bin just yet! If you think about it, older Android smartphones don’t differ too much from those single-board computers that people geek over so much, like Raspberry Pi. Of course, your old Android smartphone comes with a high-resolution display and an operating system that allows you

Best Alarm Clock Apps in 2019

The average person is awoken by the sound of an alarm clock at 06:33 am. For at least 5 days every week, the alarm clock is the first thing most of us hear and the last thing we see. While most alarm clocks and alarm clock apps must have been designed by the devil himself,