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Adobe AIR Runtime Now on Android

By Jake Southers, Special Contributor TDG Online As promised at the Big TX Android BBQ today marks a new Era in Software development with the launch of the Adobe AIR Runtime on the Android market. The Adobe AIR Runtime will allow Android end users to run applications built using Adobe AIR. One such example of

Over a million downloads for Angry Birds Beta!

Gaming for Android is not great. It’s cool, it’s fun, the titles we have right now amuse me for 5-10 minutes at a time, but comparatively it’s not great. We’ve started to see titles that have already been made popular by other smartphones start to move over to Android, and while I was hesitant at

Adobe Air goes live for Android October 8th?

At the Samsung Galaxy Tab launch, we were given a hands on test of Adobe Air. We got a single game to play with, and it ran great every time. There was little opportunity to actually test Air, given a lack of available content, but the demo was solid to say the least. At the