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HTC BlinkFeed

HTC could bring ads to the BlinkFeed homescreen

It’s no secret that HTC has been struggling to make an impact on the mobile industry with its new devices. A report now suggests that the company is looking to take radical steps in order to bring in some money from its mobile wing. It is being said that the company’s BlinkFeed homescreen could soon

Apple iPhone 6

Samsung posts a flurry of ads targeting the Apple iPhone 6

The tech world has been buzzing with news regarding the newly launched Apple iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus for the past two days or so. This also gives ample opportunity for rivals to poke fun at Apple’s latest launch. HTC was the first to publicly mock the iPhone 6 right after its launch

Google Maps Ads

Google bringing more ads to desktop and mobile version of Maps

Google Maps is one of the most widely used mobile navigation applications in the world today. And to make the experience more better for the consumers (and rake in some more money), Google has decided to bring some new ads into the Maps application on desktop and mobile. These ads will be relevant to the user’s

Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1

Samsung takes a dig at Apple with these humorous ads

Samsung and Apple are known to be the fiercest of rivals in the mobile industry. So it is common that the two manufacturers take a dig at each other with advertisements so as to appease their respective fan base.  It is Samsung’s turn now to take a dig at Apple. The Korean manufacturer has posted

Google changes Play Store policies for app developers

Google has just made some changes to the Play Store policies with regards to the way certain apps behave. These changes in the policies came after certain app developers went out of their way to place ads in the most unlikely areas of your phone. We’ve seen ads placed as shortcuts on the home screen

Google Could Make $5 Billion from Tablet Ads this Year

We all know Google from our beloved mobile platform – Android. However, Android is not the only thing Google is known for. The California based tech giant has its reach across a wide range of products and services, and one of the key businesses of Google is ads. Google Ads accounts for over 94% of

Samsung Fined $10,000 in Taiwan for Misleading Galaxy Y Duos Ad

Samsung currently has a lot going for it in the smartphone market. Even more so with the addition of the Galaxy Note II since recently and the barrage of droids arriving every month in global markets. But it seems like one of its smartphones has not gone down well with the authorities in Taiwan. It’s

Gracenote to offer targeted ads on smart TVs

A company called Gracenote will soon bring targeted advertisements on smart televisions in the coming year. This kind of marketing is commonplace online. Both Google and Facebook are popular users of targeted ads. On television, however, the strategy is yet to be explored, and many products are misdirected to the wrong groups of people. This

Facebook Will Introduce Auto-Play Video Ads in 2013

We all love using Facebook, well most of us do anyways. And since there are almost a billion people using the social networking service today, Facebook is a pretty rich company. And that’s because of ads. Ad revenue makes up for a huge chunk of Facebook’s income and the company has been known to be

Watch Apple Commercials Dating Back To 1977

As The Verge mentions, just about every new product that Apple launches seems to bring a new TV commercial with it. One YouTube user claims to have organized every single commercial that Apple has created in one single playlist. There are around 485 different commercials, as they go as far back as 1977 with the

AdBlock Plus Now Available On The Play Store

You may have ads blocked on your computer through AdBlock Plus, but what about your mobile browsing? AdBlock Plus is an extremely popular ad blocking tool for browsers, which has now made its way over onto the Android platform. This is an official app, not a third-party one too. If you’ve tried to grab an

Apple releases iPhone 5 commercials

Apple has always been known for its ads. Most of the adverts have been great. The famous “1984” ad for Macintosh, 1997’s “Think Different,” the 2006 John Hodgman / Justin Long “Get a Mac” series, are all quite memorable. They just know how to do things correctly, except that they seemed to have been out

Amazon allows Kindle Fire owners to opt-out of ads

Amazon had launched Kindle Fire last year with much fanfare and eagerness. It set a benchmark for how a low priced budget tablet device should look and feel like. The tablet was of course very successful, and the reason behind its success can be traced back to its $199 price tag, which the company managed

Tablet Owners Clicking Adds More Than Smartphone Owners

New research from Neilsen, published today, shows an interesting piece of information. 24% of tablet owners are clicking on ads that they are viewing on their devices to learn more about a product. That number is over double the percentage of smartphone owners doing the same thing. According to Neilsen, only 11% of smartphone owners are

Google In Hot Water With Apple Over Cookies

The Wall Street Journal is reporting this morning that Stanford Researcher, Jonathan Mayer, has found that Google has been tracking cookies on Apple’s Safari browser even after users turn cookies off.  The illicit cookies have been allegedly found on both Mac computers and iPhones. The Wall Street Journal alleges that these cookies appeared invisible to