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Mysterious LG LE970 sports next generation Adreno graphics

If you are a smart phone gamer, you will be knowing everything there is to know about smart phone graphics chips. The popular one by far is the Adreno graphics and is found on almost all mid to high end Android phones. The graphics processor is a really very good one as it allows for some serious gaming on even some of the mid end Android smart phones (these smart phones are not called ‘smart’ for no reason).

You would also be knowing that there are a variety of bench mark tests that users, testers, and manufacturers alike put their smart phones through, the Quandrant Standard bench mark and the Antutu bench marking apps are the most common of all. Also, the GLBenchmark is a very popular one which shows a lot of info about the device you are trying to bench mark, after the bench mark that is. And today, we have some good news, thanks to GLBenchmark.

An image which has leaked out of the app’s website reveals something about the new and upcoming smart phone, the LG LE970. Yes, that is unheard of, but so is Adreno 320 graphics processing unit for some. The Adreno 320, as noted by 2dayblog, “only comes in the souped-up Pro or quad-core variants of Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon S4 chipset.” Yes, the new LG LE970 is a phone which runs on the Adreno 320 graphics processing unit on it, which brings it in direct competition with smart phones such as the AT&T version of the HTC One X or the HTC One S variants.

The screenshot of the bench marking does not really provide any clear picture about the device. This is the only info we have on the device along with the fact that the LG LE970 will come with Android 4.0.4, as mentioned by the string “geeb_att_us-eng 4.0.4″. In any case, are you excited? It looks like you are already waiting to get your hands on this device. And if so, I am with you on this. Stay tuned to get more info on this as and when they pop up.