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Adobe releases Lightroom 2 for Android with support for RAW image capture

Adobe Lightroom Mobile

Adobe Lightroom Mobile

#Adobe has just released Lightroom 2 for #Android, bringing support for RAW image capture. This improves on every aspect compared to the predecessor, so it’s a worthy upgrade and a must have for photo editing enthusiasts. Among the list of changes with this new iteration is the ability to capture RAW or .dng images directly from the app.

This will give users improved controls over the photos they take and edit, making for a pleasurable experience overall. For the time being, the app is a free download, although users might require a subscription of Creative Cloud in order to make certain changes. Getting the Creative Cloud subscription will unlock practically every feature on the app, including inter-device syncing, so it might be worth a look if you take your mobile photo editing seriously.

Naturally, Adobe has only just announced this new version of Lightroom for Android, so not everybody will be able to see it on the Google Play Store. But rest assured, Lightroom 2 for Android should be up for grabs on a global scale in the days to come.

Source: Adobe Blog

Adobe Lightroom on Android gets support for .dng files

Adobe Lightroom Mobile

Adobe Lightroom Mobile

The Adobe Lightroom mobile app on Android has just received support for RAW or .dng images, allowing deeper controls from stock/unedited images. This requires your device to be running on at least Android 5.0 to function as RAW image support was baked in by default with Lollipop.

The Adobe Lightroom mobile app is also compatible with tablets now courtesy of this update. Also, users who have a microSD card installed on their device can save and edit pictures directly from there without having to push images to the native storage.

These features are making their way with the latest update to the Lightroom app for Android. Adobe claims that the RAW image editing feature is an exclusive to the Android version at this point. If you have the app installed, you should see an update sometime soon. If not, you can try heading over to Google Play and see if an update is waiting for you.

Source: Adobe Blog, Google Play Store

Via: Android Central

Adobe Lightroom mobile now available on Android

Adobe Lightroom Mobile

Adobe Lightroom Mobile

The Adobe Lightroom mobile app is now available on the Google Play Store. Lightroom mobile was previously limited to iOS devices, but has finally made its way to Android as well. The app brings most of the features from the desktop version of Lightroom, but designed specifically to work on Android.

You can edit images directly from the Camera Roll or Gallery, so you can practically edit almost any picture on your device. You can also edit or modify content in RAW format, but since this feature is hardware driven, not everybody will be able to make use of it.

The app is compatible with devices running Android 4.1 or higher and with at least 1GB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage on the device. The device will also need to have a processor of at least 1.7 GHz (quad core) based on the ARM v7 architecture.

While the app is free to download on the Play Store, customers will need a subscription to Adobe’s Creative Cloud service which costs $9.99 per month. This will include access to Lightroom mobile as well as the web and desktop versions, while Photoshop CC 2014 will be offered as well, so it’s a decent value for your money.

If you’ve wanted to take your photos to the next level, make sure you download the Lightroom mobile app from the link below. It is important to note that Adobe is giving away 30 days of free trial usage for new users.

Source: Google Play Store

Via: Android Central

How to Manually Install Flash Player in Galaxy Note 2

flash player in galaxy note 2

flash player in galaxy note 2

“I would like to install Flash Player in Galaxy Note 2, but I couldn’t find it anywhere in the Google Play store. I could do this in my previous Android device, but now, it seems that the app is missing.”

As mentioned in our previous article titled, Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Flash Player Problem, Flash Player is no longer offered in Google Play store. However, there’s still a way to avail the app through the archives of Adobe.

Installing Flash Player in Galaxy Note 2

Here’s how you can manually install Flash Player in Galaxy Note 2:

1. Connect your Samsung device to the Internet.

2. Access Settings.

3. Choose Security.

4. Select Unknown Sources and hit OK when prompted. This will let you install apps from third-party providers outside Google Play store.

5. Exit the Settings configuration.

6. Open the browser of your device.

7. Using your search engine, type the keywords “flash player archive page” into the search bar. Alternatively, you can just go straight to the Adobe Flash Player archive if you know the exact link.

8. In the archives, look for the Flash Player for Android.

9. Choose the installer that corresponds to your operating system version.

10. Tap the link to start the automatic download of the installer.

11. Close your browser when the download is finished.

12. Go to Notifications.

13. From there, look for the file called, “install_flash_player.apk“.

14. Confirm your action when asked.

15. Tap done once the installation process has been completed.

That’s it, you can now use Flash Player in Galaxy Note 2.

Possible Bugs After Android 4.0 OS

We want to remind people who want to download Flash Player that possible bugs might occur with devices running above Android 4.0.

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Source: Adobe

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Flash Player Problem

flash player in galaxy note 2

Galaxy Note 2 Flash Player Problem

We recently received an email about a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Flash Player problem which reads, “My Adobe Flash Player has been very buggy in my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 since updating to Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. My videos tend to skip a lot, which I sure haven’t experienced when I was using the earlier Android version. Is this a common issue with the update and is there a way to fix this? Thanks.”

The Causes of the Galaxy Note 2 Flash Player Problem

Based on several popular forums I visited like XDA Developers, AndroidCentral and the Adobe Community, the Galaxy Note 2 Flash Player problem is definitely experienced by some users even before updating to Android 4.3. The issue seems to be not only limited to some Samsung devices as a number of Nexus and HTC users have also reported the same problem.

From what I learned from the abovementioned forums and old articles posted by the Adobe AIR and Flash Player Team Blog, it appears to be a compatibility issue. This is due to Google and Adobe simply lacking coordination on this matter ever since the two have withdrawn their support from each other during the second half of 2012.

Alternatives and Solutions for the Galaxy Note 2 Flash Player Problem

Citing Adobe’s Team Blog, devices that do not have Flash Player installed after August 15,2012 are likely to experience compatibility issues. Devices running 4.1 and above are also prone to glitches. Adobe team suggested downloading Adobe AIR which is a substitute for the Flash Player.

Going back to the several forums I visited, a number of contributors said that Flash Player still works without problem in Firebox, Puffin and Dolphin browsers. It seems to work also on the Boat browser but there were some Nexus 7 users claiming that they are having issues with it.

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Sources: Adobe Community, XDA Developers, AndroidCentral

Adobe Acquires Ideacodes



Adobe has acquired a company by the name of Ideacodes, this acquisition makes it the third design focused acquisition that Adobe has made in the past six months. Adobe announce their new acquisition on Tuesday, the company will join Adobe’s Creative Cloud team. Adobe is moving from their old business model of selling packaged software to selling their creative suite through a subscription in the cloud, this will also open up cloud syncing for your files.

There has been no information on how much Adobe spent acquiring Ideacodes but we can speculate that it will be a few hundred million, Adobe spent $150 million on acquiring Behance back in December of 2012. Adobe have been integrating there last to purchases in to the company. There have been worries expressed by creators that the subscription model will effect everyday consumer creators, but Adobe needed to incorporate the cloud in someway so they would not be left behind.

The acquisitions that Adobe has been making show that they are trying to stay on top for as long as they can, unchallenged. The move to the cloud will elongate their time at the top spot and as long as they keep innovating and changing their products for the better they will stay at the top spot for the foreseeable future.

Source – Gigaom

Adobe working on a voice driven app to edit images


Adobe special effects whiz is working on an app called PixelTone that will edit your photos and images – with voice commands. Adobe in collaboration with the University of Michigan, calls the app ‘A multimodal interface for image editing’. Everything you did with touch is now possible with voice, with PixelTone’s fantastic new capabilities!

You can issue a voice command and PixelTone will immediately obey, sometimes displaying options for fine tuning. It does not require camera specific terminology or Android specific instructions. The app works perfectly well with general English and instructions. Commands like ‘Increase the brightness of this image’ will be accepted and executed smoothly. In addition to image correction, the app provides a number of filters for different looks – like the retro look, night, day, sepia, black and white and other interesting filters. The best part about this app is that users will be able to edit not only the entire snap but will be able to work with a portion of the image to improve, distort, or rework it as desired- a brilliant feature to have in an image editing app.

Users have been limited to creating filters or editing images with apps that are shipped with Apple or with those downloaded from Google’s PlayStore or BlackBerry’s app world. PixelTone is the complete package from Adobe to edit your image in every way possible. Filters, tones, contrast, brightness, color depth and a host of other variations, PixelTone offers fun ways to work with images. And the icing to the cake is voice control operation of this app! The power of sophisticated software, the likes of Photoshop and Illustrator packed into your handheld device, run by voice input! Adobe, take a bow!

Adobe Photoshop Touch Updated, Adds Optimization For 7-Inch Tablets

As you know, Adobe Photoshop Touch launched on Amazon’s Kindle Fire just a couple of weeks ago, and yesterday the app was updated in the Play Store to included optimization for 7-inch devices. The one downside is that the screen resolution is required to be 1024 x 600 at the very least, but that is good news for owners of the Google Nexus 7.

Besides the new optimization for 7-inch devices, a whole host of new features have been included in the update. Users will now be able to share their creations to both Facebook and Twitter directly from the app itself now. On top of that, new effects have been added, performance tweaks have been made, and on the visual side of things there is a improved grid layout. You can hit the Play Store link below to grab the update for Adobe Photoshop Touch for current owners.

If you don’t have the app yet, but are wanting to grab it as well it’ll cost you $9.99. It’s well worth the price and is — as you would expect — one of the best apps out there. Those who have tried to produce copies of Photoshop for mobile can not compare to how robust this app is. I highly suggest looking into it if you’ve got the cash to spend!

Have you tried some of the new features out yet? Have you tried the app on a 7-inch tablet yet? How is it fairing for you? Let us know in the comments what you think!

Adobe Photoshop Touch Play Store Download

Adobe Reader XI For Tablets Introduces New Productivity Features

An announcement from Adobe was made just yesterday. They’ve now taken the curtains off their next version of the Acrobat and Reader software. Of course, that is all nice for the desktop and all, but along with the new desktop software, Adobe has promised updated mobile applications. These updated applications bring some major enhancements to the software, such as the capabilities to edit PDF files, modify paragraph layouts and images, along with other objects through a newly-introduced design tool.

Adobe is also boasting of their new cloud applications, including EchoSign, which is Adobe’s own electronic signature service. With this service, users are now capable of digitally signing PDF documents directly from their devices, which means we can finally get rid of those annoying printers and fax machines. Well, I wish we could, at least. You are always going to have that “one guy” that is not very tech savvy. Additionally, annotation and comment support has also been added in the update. Compatibility has served as a major focus for Adobe, as the company has engineered a lot of their new software to allow users to fill in forms using check boxes, radio buttons and text boxes, along with the ability to save these edited documents.

We’ve been able to digitally sign things on our desktops and laptops for quite some time now, but we really haven’t been able to do this from a mobile device. I’m pretty happy that we can now easily do this on the go, instead of having to wait to sign something until you get back home on your desktop or even find somewhere to unpack your laptop. While this isn’t “major” breaking news, I think that being able to sign things on the go is going to increase productivity a lot, as most people are using their mobile devices these days.

While these new features have only been integrated into various tablets, it’s entirely possible, and we should be seeing them coming to smartphones in the hopefully near future. Besides, everyone and their Uncle owns a smartphone, so I’d say it’d be a stupid move not to eventually offer that feature to the various smartphones. Adobe hasn’t provided any further details on an exact release date, but we are expecting that this new software will be launching later this month.

Is anyone excited for this new update from Adobe?  It’s awesome that they are working towards improving their reader on mobile devices as opposed to the desktop versions. Adobe definitely sees a lot of promise in the mobile area, especially with the most recent sales statistics (e.g. Google overtaking Microsoft as third most valuable company and some 20 million Galaxy S III sales). There’s definitely a lot of promise in this area and it’s awesome to see Adobe increasingly take advantage of that.

If your looking forward to the new software update, would you use it a lot on your tablet, or would it be one of those features that just sits on the sidelines? Let us know in the comments below!

source: talk android

Adobe Updates Photoshop Touch

Android users that like to use Photoshop while they’re on the run or just on a mobile device will love to hear that life just got a whole lot easier for you guys. Adobe has updated the Photoshop Touch application, which happens to be one of the better photo editing apps on the Play Store. This latest update brings in a few different language additions, new effects and some general bug fixes.

The largest addition to this game has got to be the ability to edit high res pictures, which happened to be a pretty major complain from really anyone who downloaded and purchased the app. Now you’ll be able to edit images that reach up to 12 mega pixels on your Android tablet while having the ability to keep the integrity of the photo or image. This was a fairly limiting feature in the past and the update will allow for a more wider Photoshop experience. While there isn’t as many gadgets and doodads in the mobile app, it’s still a pretty nice tool to use. Lastly, Adobe has added three new languages: Russian, Brazilian and Portuguese.

I can definitely say that this $10 investment will be worth a whole lot more than it’s ever been.

Has anyone tested out the app yet? Do you think it’s worth giving another go or do you prefer to just do all of your editing on the desktop instead of a mobile device like your tablet?

Let us know in the comments below!

source: talk android


Adobe Introduces 6 Adobe Touch Apps Including Photoshop

We’re live at Adobe Max in Los Angeles this week and today was a really big day.  Adobe Max officially started with some developer sessions over the weekend but kicked into high gear this morning with a keynote address and the unveiling of Adobe Touch Apps for tablets.  The best part, the Adobe Touch Apps were shown off on Android tablets running Honeycomb.

The Adobe Touch Apps will debut in November with a $10 pricetag which is a far cry from the hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of dollars you pay for similar apps (with way more features) on a PC or Mac.

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Latest Adobe Flash Security Flaw Is Not Android Specific

Pocketnow is running a story about vulnerabilities that Adobe found in their latest release of Adobe Flash. The vulnerability that Adobe found in Flash Player and earlier versions affects Windows, Macintosh, Linux, Solaris and Android. Although the big red Android with the flash logo on the front may lead some to believe that this vulnerability is limited to just Android.

The vulnerability, found in Authplay.dll, can also be found in Adobe Reader and Acrobat X (10.0.2) and earlier. The vulnerability, which Adobe is identifying as CVE-2011-0611 could cause a crash and potentially allow an attacker to take control of the affected system. Although no reports of this actually happening have been discovered.


HTML 5 Track Added At Streaming Media East

We know that those of us lucky enough to get a Google IO ticket in time will be in San Francisco on May 10th and 11th but for those of you that didn’t or live on the east coast there is a conference called Streaming Media East being held at the Hilton New York City May 10th and 11th 2011.

If you’re a developer working in the streaming media space than Streaming Media East may be the must attend conference for you. There are several tracks on all topics related to streaming. HBO’s Co-President Eric Kessler is the keynote speaker and will focus on ways the popular premium cable network is utilizing streaming technology.

To make it even more exciting the Streaming Media East conference has added a whole track on HTML 5.  HTML 5 can be found on iPhone and Android devices and is an alternative to Adobe’s Flash technology.  The track at Streaming Media East includes panels on:

Encoding for HTML 5
Building an HTML 5 Player
How HTML 5 and Flash can work together
The business case for HTML 5
HTML 5 web and video standards and more

For more information head over here to check out the conference.

Adobe & Motorola Team Up For Big Barcelona MWC Contest

Adobe, Motorola and MoFilm, are teaming up for what they are calling the “Adobe & Motorola Ad And Short Film Contest”.  They are looking for developers and fans of Adobe and Motorola to harness the power of flash on mobile devices, with full html experiences like the Droid line of Android devices.

Whether you are into making flash enbaled ads or flash enabled short films Adobe and Motorola invite up and coming flash filmmakers to submit their videos into either or both contests. Participants are encouraged to do as many video entries as they would like into both categories.

For the ad contest Adobe and Motorola have allowed filmmakers to use their assets, complete instructions, including a downloadable brief are available here

The short film is a little different and should be put together as a short film and not an ad. You can’t use the Adobe and Motorola assets in the short film but creativity is encouraged.

Prizes Include

Trips to Barcelona to join Adobe, Motorola and MoFilm at the Mobile World Congress at their famous filmmaker awards.
Adobe Creative Suite 5 Master Collection software bundles
Motorola Devices
$5000 in cash prizes

For complete details head over to this official website and make sure you click thru to which contest you want to do, or both and download the briefs which outline the rules, regulations and parameters Click Here