Adobe Lightroom Mobile

Adobe Lightroom on Android gets support for .dng files

The Adobe Lightroom mobile app on Android has just received support for RAW or .dng images, allowing deeper controls from stock/unedited images. This requires your device to be running on at least Android 5.0 to function as RAW image support was baked in by default with Lollipop. The Adobe Lightroom mobile app is also compatible with

Adobe Lightroom Mobile

Adobe Lightroom mobile now available on Android

The Adobe Lightroom mobile app is now available on the Google Play Store. Lightroom mobile was previously limited to iOS devices, but has finally made its way to Android as well. The app brings most of the features from the desktop version of Lightroom, but designed specifically to work on Android. You can edit images directly

flash player in galaxy note 2

How to Manually Install Flash Player in Galaxy Note 2

“I would like to install Flash Player in Galaxy Note 2, but I couldn’t find it anywhere in the Google Play store. I could do this in my previous Android device, but now, it seems that the app is missing.” As mentioned in our previous article titled, “Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Flash Player Problem“, Flash

flash player in galaxy note 2

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Flash Player Problem

We recently received an email about a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Flash Player problem which reads, “My Adobe Flash Player has been very buggy in my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 since updating to Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. My videos tend to skip a lot, which I sure haven’t experienced when I was using the earlier


Adobe Acquires Ideacodes

Adobe has acquired a company by the name of Ideacodes, this acquisition makes it the third design focused acquisition that Adobe has made in the past six months. Adobe announce their new acquisition on Tuesday, the company will join Adobe’s Creative Cloud team. Adobe is moving from their old business model of selling packaged software

Adobe working on a voice driven app to edit images

Adobe special effects whiz is working on an app called PixelTone that will edit your photos and images – with voice commands. Adobe in collaboration with the University of Michigan, calls the app ‘A multimodal interface for image editing’. Everything you did with touch is now possible with voice, with PixelTone’s fantastic new capabilities! You

Adobe Reader XI For Tablets Introduces New Productivity Features

An announcement from Adobe was made just yesterday. They’ve now taken the curtains off their next version of the Acrobat and Reader software. Of course, that is all nice for the desktop and all, but along with the new desktop software, Adobe has promised updated mobile applications. These updated applications bring some major enhancements to

Adobe Updates Photoshop Touch

Android users that like to use Photoshop while they’re on the run or just on a mobile device will love to hear that life just got a whole lot easier for you guys. Adobe has updated the Photoshop Touch application, which happens to be one of the better photo editing apps on the Play Store.

Adobe Introduces 6 Adobe Touch Apps Including Photoshop

We’re live at Adobe Max in Los Angeles this week and today was a really big day.  Adobe Max officially started with some developer sessions over the weekend but kicked into high gear this morning with a keynote address and the unveiling of Adobe Touch Apps for tablets.  The best part, the Adobe Touch Apps

Latest Adobe Flash Security Flaw Is Not Android Specific

Pocketnow is running a story about vulnerabilities that Adobe found in their latest release of Adobe Flash. The vulnerability that Adobe found in Flash Player and earlier versions affects Windows, Macintosh, Linux, Solaris and Android. Although the big red Android with the flash logo on the front may lead some to believe that this

HTML 5 Track Added At Streaming Media East

We know that those of us lucky enough to get a Google IO ticket in time will be in San Francisco on May 10th and 11th but for those of you that didn’t or live on the east coast there is a conference called Streaming Media East being held at the Hilton New York City

Adobe & Motorola Team Up For Big Barcelona MWC Contest

Adobe, Motorola and MoFilm, are teaming up for what they are calling the “Adobe & Motorola Ad And Short Film Contest”.  They are looking for developers and fans of Adobe and Motorola to harness the power of flash on mobile devices, with full html experiences like the Droid line of Android devices. Whether you are

Adobe Releases Adobe AIR 2.5 and Talks About InMarket

For those who didn’t know, Adobe MAX is going on right now and there have been some announcements made that are pretty big news.  The first of those announcements is the release of Adobe AIR 2.5. The second announcement was the InMarket program. If you had the opportunity to attend the Adobe panel at the

Adobe AIR Runtime Now on Android

By Jake Southers, Special Contributor TDG Online As promised at the Big TX Android BBQ today marks a new Era in Software development with the launch of the Adobe AIR Runtime on the Android market. The Adobe AIR Runtime will allow Android end users to run applications built using Adobe AIR. One such example of

Adobe Air goes live for Android October 8th?

At the Samsung Galaxy Tab launch, we were given a hands on test of Adobe Air. We got a single game to play with, and it ran great every time. There was little opportunity to actually test Air, given a lack of available content, but the demo was solid to say the least. At the

Verizon pushing flash enabled update to Droid 1

Verizon Wireless has reported this morning via an analyst in their communications department that they have begun to push the update to the Motrola Droid 1 that will enable users to download Adobe Flash 10.1 to their handsets via the Android Market. We are not sure when the update will hit your specific Droid 1