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AdMob integration brings AdWords to Mobile Apps

If you did not know, AdMob is a platform which allows you to place ads on mobile apps, and target them to the right people based on location, phone model and platform, etc. AdMob offers advertisers a great deal of flexibility while creating and publishing their ads. Google had acquired the company in 2010 at

Millennial Media Still Largest Independent Ad Network For Android

XYlogic released a report today detailing the mobile ad networks that are touching Android devices. While Google owned Admob, still takes the cake as the largest ad supplier to Android applications, Millennial Media is still on top as the largest independent mobile ad network found in Android apps. Admob is a Google owned company. It

Millennial Media Now Offering Ad Test Features To Developers

Android developers, are you using Millennial Media for your ads? If you’re not you should be. Millennial Media, the mobile advertising platform, has just announced on their blog some new enhancements that developers should check out. Millennial Media is now offering developers the ability to register up to 100 test devices so that they can

Android Still On Top In Latest Mobile Mix, RIM Not As Dead As We Thought?

Millennial Media, the largest independent mobile ad platform in the world, publishes a monthly report called Mobile Mix.  The Mobile Mix report gives a more accurate snapshot of the state of the mobile device industry because Millennial Media uses actual devices on network as opposed to shipping vs sales vs activations.  Millennial Media’s ad network