What Facebook’s WhatsApp acquisition means for mobile users

For a company that promises “No ads. No games. No gimmicks,” what will happen to WhatsApp after Facebook’s acquisition? The surprising news this week is the biggest tech acquisitions this year — Facebook’s acquisition of mobile messaging app WhatsApp for $19 billion. That’s $4 billion in cold cash, $12 billion in shares, plus $3 billion


Vodafone acquires Kabel Deutschland for $10.1 billion

Vodafone has reached a deal with Kabel Deutschland to acquire the company for $10.1 billion or €7.7 billion. Vodafone will use their subsidiary Vodafone Vierte Verwaltungsgesellschaft mbH to offer a voluntary public tender offer at €87 per share in cash. Kabel Deutschland has been under Vodafone’s radar for a while, previously declining an offer from the telecommunications company


Yahoo acquires start up conference call service Rondee

Yahoo has been on a huge acquisition spree since Marissa Mayer took charge, with ten acquisitions since stepping in as CEO of the topsy-turvy Internet company. Just this month Yahoo completed the deal for Tumblr, costing the company $1.1 billion. This was a questionable acquisition, considering Tumblr only made $20 million revenue this year. Yahoo


Google has acquired Waze for $1.1 billion

Google has sealed the deal with navigation and social traffic app Waze for $1.1 billion, following months of rumours from various tech news agencies about the deal and who was bidding for the Israeli based startup. Waze will stay open for business, as many large deals for mobile and web services do nowadays. With a

Softbank acquisition of Sprint approved by US Justice Department

The Softbank acquisition of Sprint has been a long process for the Japanese carrier, with the US Justice Department stepping in to check any security concerns with the deal. However, the department has dropped its delay on the merger and now the FCC is the only US institution that needs to approve the deal, before Softbank

Yahoo rumoured to be making a $1 Billion Acquisiton of Tumblr

Earlier today rumours have come to light saying that Yahoo who has been making a lot of cut backs recently is serious about acquiring tumblr the social site that allows you to create your own personal blog. Various sources are saying that they are planning on acquiring the company out right and they have plans

Spotify Acquires Tunigo the Music Discovery app

The music discovery startup Tunigo has been acquired by music streaming giant Spotify, this is an attempt by Spotify to protect themselves from the rise of Twitters music streaming service #Music. Spotify will run Tunigo as a normal the existing users won’t notice any changes, but what Spotify is doing is adding all of the

Beluga Acquired By Facebook

See that didn’t take long, one App of the week review from Thedroidguy.com and they are acquired, of course that’s not really how that happened… Beluga was founded by 3 ex-googlers and was catching on fast. Beluga is a group messaging service where the user makes pods and can essentially replicate a group chat so