Verizon acquires two minor regional carriers for its spectrum needs

Verizon Wireless has been busy acquiring small time regional carriers across the U.S. to increase its spectrum. We recently saw the carrier acquire spectrum from Cincinnati Bell. And now, the carrier is looking to snatch spectrum from California based Golden State Cellular and Mobi PCS from Hawaii. Verizon has already filed the necessary documentation with the FCC

Cover App Twitter

Twitter now owns the popular Cover lockscreen app

Twitter Inc has just acquired popular Android lockscreen app Cover for an undisclosed amount. Usually an acquisition like this wouldn’t make much of a difference to the customers, but since Twitter has a bad history of acquiring companies and shutting them down, the users are beginning to get a little worried. Cover lockscreen is basically a replacement

T-Mobile Logo

Report states that Sprint’s acquisition of T-Mobile unlikely to happen

The CEO of Deutsche Telekom (parent company of T-Mobile USA), Timotheus Hoettges has mentioned that the merger of T-Mobile and Sprint is unlikely to go through due to regulatory obstacles that lie ahead of them. It was recently revealed that the FCC wasn’t really convinced with Sprint acquiring T-Mobile, so the CEO’s words don’t come as a surprise.


Path approaches a $1 billion valuation

Path the private social network is raising some more funds to keep the lights on in the offices as it were, the company could receive a valuation as high as $1 billion. According to some sources the company is looking for $75 to $100 million in investment in this round of funding. The private social


Adobe Acquires Ideacodes

Adobe has acquired a company by the name of Ideacodes, this acquisition makes it the third design focused acquisition that Adobe has made in the past six months. Adobe announce their new acquisition on Tuesday, the company will join Adobe’s Creative Cloud team. Adobe is moving from their old business model of selling packaged software

Yahoo willing to spend upto $800 million on Hulu

As you might think after a big acquisition companies might want to hold back on the spending for a while to keep the accountants happy, not Yahoo. Reports have said that they are willing to pony up $800 million to acquire Hulu a video streaming site which is currently owned by Disney, Fox and NBC

Tumblr CEO feels the $1.1 billion offer from Yahoo is too low

Tumblr CEO David Karp has said that he thinks the amount that Yahoo wants to lay down for the acquisition of the blogging service, the amount that the Yahoo board have officially agreed upon that they are willing to spend on acquiring the company is $1.1 billion. Not too shabby for the company, if they

Twitter acquires Ubalo

Twitter is in the midst of shopping spree, but not for conventional goods Twitter has something larger to fill they’re shopping basket – startups. Their newest acquisition is a company called Ubalo which specialize in early-stage numerical computing, this comes after acquiring the company We Are Hunted and turning that into what is now Twitter

Dropbox Acquires Photo Sharing Service Snapjoy

Dropbox has been very active since the past few days. It recently acquired music streaming service AudioGalaxy which led us to believe that it had something in store for the cloud music crowd. This made a lot of sense especially since Dropbox is already a big name in the cloud storage industry with a large

Popular HootSuite Platform Has Acquired Seesmic

After a fairly popular and long run on the Android platform, Seesmic has been fully acquired by HootSuite (another Twitter platform). Don’t worry though Seesmic users, HootSuite has promised Seesmic users that they’ll continue supporting the Seesmic application, but business users of the application will be getting moved over to HootSuite’s offering. Both CEO’s sound

PayPal acquires

Paypal, a global e-commerce business which is subsidiary of eBay allows money transfers between businesses and individual online, requires no introduction. Paypal today announced that they have agreed to acquire, a mobile commerce company founded by two AdMob employees released their payments app in January this year. It basically allows any person

Nuance: When You Can’t Sue It, Buy It

Nuance, probably the biggest name in voice to text, speech recognition technology on Android smartphones, had a hate hate relationship with competitor Vlingo for quite some time.  Over the years Nuance has sued Vlingo several times over patent infringement. In fact at one time Nuance had four lawsuits against Vlingo while at the same time

AT&T Responds To Sprint’s Lawsuit

Earlier in the day we reported that Sprint filed a lawsuit against the AT&T/T-Mobile merger.  Sprint went for the jugular and in addition to calling out the merger as bad for consumers, bad for competition and bad for innovation they also said they intend to prove that the merger is illegal. AT&T didn’t sit back