How I Survived The Hospital With A Powerbag

Two weeks ago my chronic medical condition had me floored and admitted into the hospital in Baltimore while I was on business and meeting with friends and family. Now I’m a little different than the average PowerBag user however the Powerbag got me through. I was already in travel mode, and on a long road

Speck Introduces 2 New Cases For The Samsung Galaxy Note

This week at South By Southwest Interactive I was one of many “influencers” using the Samsung Galaxy Note. I used the Note for just about everything which will be featured in a post shortly. One thing about the Galaxy Note right now though was the availability of protective cases. The case that is packaged at

Yes A Powerbag Can Charge Your Samsung Galaxy Nexus

As you’re well aware we are big fans of the Powerbag. We saw them first on display at CES in 2011. A year later we saw them again at CES 2012 and they had a full line of possibly the greatest accessory we’ve ever seen. Powerbags come in a variety of sizes and styles and

Cruzer Lite’s Androidified Galaxy Nexus Cases Are Back In Stock

Back in January, right after CES, we wrote about these really cool silicon cases for your Galaxy Nexus by our friends at Cruzer Lite.  The series of cases called “Androidified” sports our favorite little green robot actually molded into the back of the case as seen above. They are very durable soft gel cases. In

Accessory Spotlight: House Of Marley Conqueror Mist Ear Buds

House of Marley is a cause minded movement, that helps grass roots causes throughout the world, bringing awareness to social issues and cause minded change through outreach and investment. The House of Marley movement was started by Rohan Marley, one of Bob Marley’s sons, and the spirit of the movement is shared amongst the remaining

Philips Releasing 4 Android Headsets This Spring Take A look Now: VIDEO

Philips was the first company to offer a true Android music dock. Sure there were companies offering 3.5mm, BlueTooth and adapter oriented work arounds but Philips went ahead and designed 4 Android docks, similar to their iPod offerings, but with rotatable mico-usb connectors. Now Philips is introducing new Android Headsets. I know, I know, what

Ballistic’s Shell Gel Cases Now Covering More Androids

Ballistic Case Company’s new “Shell Gel” series of cases are now covering a lot more Android phones. The three layer cases provide shock, drop and roll protection for clumsy, or purchase conscious consumers. The first layer of the case is made of soft silicone and Ballistic’s patented Ballistic Corners. Protecting that layer is a layer

CES 2012 With Power Bag! Wow What A Relief

If you’ve been following Thedroidguy for a while than you know the thing I like most about all products is how they contribute to productivity. Sure fun and entertainment are great but I need to stay productive. Don’t get me wrong the Samsung Galaxy Tabs are awesome for entertainment and I own one. The Galaxy