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[Deal] Samsung offering buy-one-get-one free promo on its fast charge wireless charging pad

Galaxy S6

Samsung’s entire 2015 and 2016 flagship lineup is compatible with its wireless charging pad. In order to move more units of this charger, the Korean manufacturer is now offering a BOGO or buy-one-get-one free offer on these charging pads. This means you can basically get two of these fast wireless chargers for the cost of just one.

This brings some relief for hopeful buyers of the charging pad as each one costs $69.99. The Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge, Galaxy S6 edge+ as well as the Galaxy Note 5 should be compatible with this charger. However, only the Galaxy S6 edge+ and the Galaxy Note 5 are compatible with the fast charging tech on board. This means that the others will charge at normal speeds.

We must mention that the deal might only be valid in the U.S., so global users might sadly be exempt from this particular deal. Interested in getting two of these chargers for the price of one? Hit the link below for more details.

Source: Samsung Store

Via: Android Central

Bulky Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Extended Battery Pack Now Available

Note 3 Extended Battery Pack
Note 3 Extended Battery Pack
Photo Source: Android Police

If you do not find the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 huge yet, then, the extended battery pack released by ZeroLemon will definitely further add to its size. According to Android Police, the Note 3 extended battery pack houses an enormous 10,000mAh power supply. This is also carries an NFC support for the device.

When combined with the Smartphone, the rugged Note 3 battery pack would make the whole device appear to be an unappealing chunk of brick. But on the bright side, the additional power provided to the 3200mAh Li-Ion battery of the Galaxy Note 3 will surely be very useful to its users as the accessory approximately triples its energy capacity.

Why Add an NFC Chip?

As mentioned, one of the things that were added to the Note 3 extended battery pack is the presence of an NFC chip. But why add an NFC chip to a device that already has NFC features?

Based on the report, the reason why there is an NFC chip is to ensure that the functionality is still available to the Smartphone after snapping on the bulky Note 3 battery pack. Apparently, the snap-on battery pack blocks the native NFC feature of the Galaxy Note 3. So, that explains why there is a need to add an NFC chip in it.

Other Features of the Note 3 Extended Battery Pack

In addition to the NFC chip, the Note 3 extended battery pack holds a stylus pen protective tab, microUSB protective tab, kickstand to enable different viewing angles and fitted screen protector.

Where to Buy

The source says that the Note 3 extended battery pack is already available on Amazon. Currently, it is sold for $59.99 (shipping fees not yet included).

Source: Android Police

Scentee accessory provides alerts…to your nose?


The creators of Scentee, a new smartphone accessory from Japan, seem to believe that regular notifications that alert you via vibrations, tones, or LED lights are old school. Its solution: a notification system that emits scents and smells to let you know that you have a new message waiting to be opened.


Scentee works by releasing the scents in so-called flavor capsules once triggered by an incoming notification or alarm. Such capsules, which offer a wide range of scents, are stored right inside the accessory that plugs into your smartphone.

The range of smells that the Scentee can produce are wide, and some of the choices are surprising. Among those available in the scent catalogue are apple, coconut, jasmine, strawberry, bacon, corn soup, coffee, rose, curry, ylang-ylang, lavender, mint, and cinnamon roll. These capsules retail for $5 a pop, and each lasts for around 100 puffs. But that’s not all: the company is offering a limited-edition scent capsule to celebrate the device’s launch next month. Called Hana Yakiniku, the scent capsule comes with three flavors that will approximate a real meal: calbee or beef ribs, tan-Shio or salted tongue, and Jyaga butter or buttered potato. These scent capsules are available on Amazon Japan.

You can customize which smell the Scentee accessory dispenses for Facebook likes, new e-mails, or text messages. You can also choose to program the accessory to release your preferred scent at particular time intervals, so your smartphone remains smelling like flowers or fruits every half hour or so. Customization is done by means of a smartphone app, which currently supports both Android and iOS devices. The round gadget also comes with an LED light whose color can also be customized via the free mobile app.

The Scentee device is bound to arrive in the Japanese market on November 15th. It will retail for around $35. Eventually, Scentee will make its way to foreign markets, but such schedule has not yet been revealed.

Would you consider buying an odd smartphone accessory like the Scentee?

via androidauthority

source scentee

iRig for iOS lets you record high quality audio

IK Multimedia has released a special accessory for Apple devices, which lets you record high definition audio through an external microphone. This device, called iRig MIC Cast, is extremely useful for travellers who like to record podcasts on the go, or travel bloggers who like to keep voice journals. The device is tiny, and attaches itself through a 3.5mm jack onto your iPhone or iPad. It also has a headphone output so that you can monitor the recording. iRig has been created to provide you with clear, and high quality audio, without the background noise as you normally get while using the built in microphone on your phone while talking on Skype or Facetime.

The manufacturers have priced the product at $40, which isn’t cheap, but the performance of iRig more or less makes up for it. Early reviews suggested that the device definitely lives up to its expectations in terms of sound quality and noise reduction. Sound captured by the microphone was crystal clear without a hint of background chatter. This tremendously boosts the usefulness of the device for even professional purposes.

There’s a tiny toggle switch which lets you toggle the level of input between lo and hi. The device is small and light, which greatly enhances its usefulness as a portable device. The accessory works with a number of apps specially created for use with iRig MIC Cast. You can choose which app to use based on your needs. The free version of the app, called iRig Recorder is meant for every day usage whereas if you need more specialised work done, you might go for the paid version, which offers voice processing and many other capabilities. IK Multimedia has really come out with an innovative product, which will prove to be very useful to a lot of iOS enthusiasts.

Meet Andru The Coolest Little Android Wall Charger You’ve Ever Seen

Salom America may not be a name you know, however they’ve been around for years designing OEM chargers for mobile devices. Salom has decided to take on their own line of chargers called the Gen line.

Meet Gen’s first charger, his name is Andru and as you can see he is a little green Android with lots of personality. Andru’s arms and antenna move. His eyes light up. They are blue while he is charging your Android phone and white when he is in stand by. His little legs plug directly into the wall.

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Mophie Introduces Juice Packs For Android

For the past two years one of the companies we really liked that didn’t have Android specific accessories, was Mophie. Mophie makes juice pack chargers for Apple’s iPhone. They also have a line of powerful rechargers that can connect to anything with a micro-usb connection.

The juice pack is a charging case that, until now, fit around an iPhone and provided protection to the phone along with a powerful re-charge.

After harassing them for two years about when they would make juice packs for Android phones they unveiled their first Android juice pack at CES.

The juice pack has a 2000mah battery inside the case which of course recharges your phone while it protects the phone at the same time.

The first Mophie Juice Pack for Android is for the LG Nitro HD on AT&T however Mophie promises that in record time we will see more and more Android designed Mophie juice packs.  Of course they also have their power station product line that comes in red or black and has a 4000mah battery inside which should be good for at least two full charges.


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Ballistic’s Shell Gel Cases Now Covering More Androids

Ballistic Case Company’s new “Shell Gel” series of cases are now covering a lot more Android phones.

The three layer cases provide shock, drop and roll protection for clumsy, or purchase conscious consumers.

The first layer of the case is made of soft silicone and Ballistic’s patented Ballistic Corners. Protecting that layer is a layer of impact resistant polycarbonate. The outer most layer is made up of Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) providing a layer of shock absorption that’s second to none.

All of this is in a sleek looking case (some in pretty colors) that have no assembly required, like most Otterbox cases.

The most recently announced Android phones covered by Ballistic Case Company’s Shell Gel line are the Galaxy S 2 family of phones including the Samsung Galaxy S II and the Samsung Epic Touch 4G. However at the Ballistic Case booth we ran into many more Shell Gel Android cases.

Ballistic now provides Shell Gel protection for the HTC Rezound, HTC Evo 3D, HTC Evo Design 4G, Motorola Razr, LG Optimus 3D (LG Thrill), LG Nitro HD and many more.

Most Ballistic cases are worth every part of the modest $35 price. You can find them at many retailers or here at


Dear I-Lounge Vendor There Are More Of Us!

Although it may not seem like it the holidays, and then CES are right around the corner. In fact we will be at a “Holiday” branded tech event in New York next week previewing all the latest greatest tech stuff for the holidays. Then after the Android Homecoming, Android Barbecue, CTIA, and CES unveiled it will be time for CES in Las Vegas.

If you’ve never been to CES and enjoyed coverage from Thedroidguy and other sites one thing you may not know is there is this HUGE area called the I-Lounge.  The I-Lounge shows off the latest and greatest in iPhone and iOS accessories.  However except for things like the i-Grill or the i-Cade or anything else using Apple’s proprietary connector, this area is filled to the brim with Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone accessories.

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Android Shaped Blue Tooth Speaker

This little Android isn’t just the newest in Android figures.  He is a complete bluetooth speaker featuring both a speaker and a microphone.

The Android bluetooth speaker can connect to either a computer or your Android phone.  He also has multiple functions.  Need to turn up the volume, rotate his head to the left or right.  Need to pause or play a track, click his head.  He comes packaged with a nifty little desk stand that keeps him off your desk and makes it sound a little better.

He’s only 2w but it’s a comfortable level for a full office. He can also be used for calls with his built in microphone.  He also recharges over USB.

For more information or to pick one up click here (it’s in the UK)

Tools We Use: Accell’s Power Squid

Although some find it funny, every time we travel to an event my gear bag contains 2 power strips. I’ve also found over the years that it’s just easier to plug in powerstrips wherever I feel like it instead of tracking down 15 event coordinators to tell me where to set up.  Since I always have power (and internet) a lot of my colleagues know that if they need an outlet, thedroidguy is their man…

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Accessory Spotlight: PowerSkins

The biggest complaint anyone hears is “The Battery Life Sucks”. If you own a smartphone, whether it’s Android powered or not, you probably noticed that it takes quite a bit of battery to run these. And not everyone whats to pay the money for a good extended battery or a backup battery. Thankfully there is an alternative to give your phone a power boost when needed.
It’s called the Powerskin. XPAL is the company that is responsible for this wonderful accessory for smartphones. The Powerskin is not only a case for your phone, but it also has a duplicate of your phones battery built into the shock absorbing technology, in the event you accidently drop your phone. You simple charge it, connect it to your phone, and cover the phone and you are good to go.
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