Note 3 Extended Battery Pack

Bulky Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Extended Battery Pack Now Available

If you do not find the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 huge yet, then, the extended battery pack released by ZeroLemon will definitely further add to its size. According to Android Police, the Note 3 extended battery pack houses an enormous 10,000mAh power supply. This is also carries an NFC support for the device. When combined


Scentee accessory provides alerts…to your nose?

The creators of Scentee, a new smartphone accessory from Japan, seem to believe that regular notifications that alert you via vibrations, tones, or LED lights are old school. Its solution: a notification system that emits scents and smells to let you know that you have a new message waiting to be opened. Scentee works by

iRig for iOS lets you record high quality audio

IK Multimedia has released a special accessory for Apple devices, which lets you record high definition audio through an external microphone. This device, called iRig MIC Cast, is extremely useful for travellers who like to record podcasts on the go, or travel bloggers who like to keep voice journals. The device is tiny, and attaches

Mophie Introduces Juice Packs For Android

For the past two years one of the companies we really liked that didn’t have Android specific accessories, was Mophie. Mophie makes juice pack chargers for Apple’s iPhone. They also have a line of powerful rechargers that can connect to anything with a micro-usb connection. The juice pack is a charging case that, until now,

Ballistic’s Shell Gel Cases Now Covering More Androids

Ballistic Case Company’s new “Shell Gel” series of cases are now covering a lot more Android phones. The three layer cases provide shock, drop and roll protection for clumsy, or purchase conscious consumers. The first layer of the case is made of soft silicone and Ballistic’s patented Ballistic Corners. Protecting that layer is a layer

Dear I-Lounge Vendor There Are More Of Us!

Although it may not seem like it the holidays, and then CES are right around the corner. In fact we will be at a “Holiday” branded tech event in New York next week previewing all the latest greatest tech stuff for the holidays. Then after the Android Homecoming, Android Barbecue, CTIA, and CES unveiled it

Android Shaped Blue Tooth Speaker

This little Android isn’t just the newest in Android figures.  He is a complete bluetooth speaker featuring both a speaker and a microphone. The Android bluetooth speaker can connect to either a computer or your Android phone.  He also has multiple functions.  Need to turn up the volume, rotate his head to the left or

Tools We Use: Accell’s Power Squid

Although some find it funny, every time we travel to an event my gear bag contains 2 power strips. I’ve also found over the years that it’s just easier to plug in powerstrips wherever I feel like it instead of tracking down 15 event coordinators to tell me where to set up.  Since I always

Accessory Spotlight: PowerSkins

The biggest complaint anyone hears is “The Battery Life Sucks”. If you own a smartphone, whether it’s Android powered or not, you probably noticed that it takes quite a bit of battery to run these. And not everyone whats to pay the money for a good extended battery or a backup battery. Thankfully there is