Samsung Gear VR

[Deal] Samsung Gear VR for $59.99

You can now get Samsung’s Gear VR headset for just $59.99 courtesy of Amazon. This headset usually sells for $100, which makes this a pretty decent deal. Bear in mind, this is not the latest version of the Gear VR that was launched by Samsung, which means it won’t be compatible with the Galaxy Note


[Deal] Boombotix Boombot wireless Bluetooth speakers for $44.99

You can now get the trendy looking Boombot Bluetooth speakers on eBay for just $44.99. The speakers come from Boombotix and feature a fairly attractive exterior shell which should appeal to a wide range of customers. The speakers are water-resistant as well, making it suitable for your outdoor parties and other activities. Bass seems to

[Deal] 20,000 mAh power bank for $11.99

You can now get yourself a 20,000 mAh power bank for just $11.99¬†courtesy of a deal over at eBay. This is perhaps the cheapest power bank that we’ve seen out there, which makes this a fairly attractive deal. We’re not sure how long the pricing will be valid, so make sure you hop on board

Logitech G230

[Deal] Logitech G230 gaming headset for $33.99

You can now get Logitech’s G230 gaming headset for just $33.99 on eBay. Although this is designed for the gamers, the fact that it comes with a decent pair of ear cups and a microphone makes for a pleasant experience for any audio lovers, especially if you happen to do a lot of talking online.

OnePlus Bullets V2

OnePlus announces Bullets V2 earbuds

After teasing its arrival for a few days, #OnePlus has taken the wraps off its new accessory – the Bullets V2 earbuds. Seems like this is an upgraded version of the original Bullets earbuds that was released last year, and as such, there are some upgrades expected to be on board. It follows the same

[Deal] LG Tone Pro Bluetooth headphones for $19.99

You can now get the #LG #TonePro Bluetooth headphones for just $19.99 on eBay. These are the company’s recently launched wireless earbuds and follow the same design language as the company’s Tone Infinim headphones which was unveiled a couple of years ago. The $20 pricing makes it a very exciting proposition for those seeking a

Fitbit Charge 2

Fitbit Charge 2 and Flex 2 revealed in a new leak

A new leak has unearthed the Fitbit Charge 2 and the Flex 2, revealing what appears to be a revamped design. While not much can be said about the Flex 2, the Charge 2 is clearly possessing a bigger display on board. As per the report, the Charge 2 will also have a heart-rate sensor

[Deal] First-gen Google Chromecast for $25.99

We’ve seen some pretty cool deals on the new Chromecast. But today, we’re coming across an exciting deal on the 1st gen Chromecast. An eBay retailer is offering this nifty accessory for just $25.99, which is an almost $9 discount on its initial pricing of $35. Of course, you can get a 2nd gen Chromecast

Moto Hint

[Deal] Moto Hint+ Bluetooth headset for $54.99

In what is considered to be one of the smallest Bluetooth headsets available from a major manufacturer, the Moto Hint+ is now selling on eBay for just $54.99. The unit is so tiny that users will actually have to worry about losing it. Once worn, the headset is barely noticeable to the people around you,

Jemma 20,000 mAh

[Deal] 20,000 mAh power bank for $19.59

Jemma, which has released accessories before is now offering the 20,000 mAh power bank for just $19.59 on Amazon. With this battery, users can charge up to two devices simultaneously and about 6 devices overall given the sheer capacity. This is a must have if you have one or two tablets around you at all

Apie Bluetooth Wireless

[Deal] Apie wireless Bluetooth headphones for $22.99

Most of you might not have heard of a brand called Apie. But it’s quite popular on Amazon with its series of products, mostly in the audio segment. The company’s Bluetooth wireless headphones can now be purchased for just $22.99 from Amazon. These are pretty decent headphones and are of the in-ear variety, which is

Gear Icon X

Samsung Gear IconX launch pushed to Aug 19

#Samsung unveiled the Gear IconX headphones back in June, but availability wasn’t expected to begin until mid-August. Perhaps Samsung was waiting for the Galaxy Note 7 to hit the markets before launching these headphones. Well, while the original arrival date was set for August 14, the company has now delayed the release until August 19.

[Deal] 6,000 mAh power bank for $12.99

Amazon is now offering an exciting deal on the 6,000 mAh power bank by JETech. This external battery is priced at just $12.99, which is a pretty exciting price tag on an accessory like this. It has rounded edges, which adds to the overall appeal. As is the case with most power banks, it comes

Jemma 20,000 mAh

[Deal] 20,000 mAh power bank for $17.59

Amazon is now offering a 20,000 mAh external battery or power bank for a miserly $17.59. The unit has four-star ratings all throughout, which speaks for its quality. Even though this might be a relatively unknown brand to many, you can purchase the power bank without much worry. The thickness is seemingly minimal, which is

Beats Pill 2.0 Fragment

[Deal] Limited Edition Beats Pill 2.0 speakers for $139

You can now snatch up the #BeatsPill 2.0 speakers for a very attractive price from eBay. The seller here is offering the Limited Edition ‘Fragment’ model of the speakers for just $139. These are wireless speakers, so you will be able to carry this on your long trips and other social activities. Though it might

Anker 6 Port

[Deal] 6-port Quick Charge 3.0 compatible USB charger for $29.99

Anker’s highly appealing 6-port USB charging adapter is now up for grabs at just $29.99. This is a very exciting price on the accessory given what it brings to the table. This USB charger comes with five PowerIQ charging ports and one Quick Charge 3.0 compatible charging port. While PowerIQ can intelligently adjust power and

[Deal] Beats Powerbeats2 for $61.99

Apple-owned Beats Electronics is known for its headphones and other audio accessories that are popular among all age-groups. Well, the #Beats #Powerbeats2 can now be snatched up on the cheap courtesy of a deal on eBay. These wired headphones are now up for grabs with a price tag of just $61.99. One caveat here is

LG Tone Pro

[Deal] LG Tone Pro wireless headphones for $19.99

Customers can now purchase the #LG #TonePro wireless Bluetooth headphones for just $19.99. The headphones are manufacturer refurbished. The Tone Pro were sold at quite a steep price when they were originally made available, but LG has discounted the headphones since. What we’re finding here is coming from a third party source, which explains the