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Acer Iconia A1 tablet goes official with 7.9″ display

a1It seems like Acer is on the go! With a couple of products already launched, Acer has announced the launch of yet another tablet. Yes, it is the Iconia A1, images of which were leaked out a few weeks ago. The announcement was made at the New Your City Press event, in which the company had invited a number of reporters even from far flung areas. The exact date for its launch is now known however it is expected to be launched sometime in June.

The most amazing thing about this tablet is the price. The tablet is priced at $169 for 8GB model and the 16GB version will be available for $199, making sure that low income tablet users are also able to afford it. So there’s affordability and practicality, which we will discuss later. It is believed that with this price, it will prove to be a major competitor for the Nexus 7.

Also, those people who choose to buy the iPad mini especially for the reason of affordability have another choice to buy from.

Another good part of the tablet is the screen size. It has a 7.9 inch, 1024 x 768 screen, which is similar to that of the iPad mini. It looks like Acer understands the fact that people need more portability so a smaller size would be preferred even more. The fact that the tablet does not weigh much and is very thin also supports the above statement.

The latest Android Jelly Bean device will feature a 1.2GHz quadcore processor so the speed of the tablet will be worth experiencing. Another good thing about the A1 is that it has a memory card slot for memory expansion.

Some other features are also noticeable. It is said that if the tablet is turned off, all you need to do is place 5 fingers on the screen of the A1 and the screen will turn on automatically. Let’s wait and see how users react to the A1 after its launch.


Source: Verge

Acer brings options galore to new Aspire V5 and V7 laptops

accerMany users and experts are of the view that the quality and design of Acer’s products are improving day by day. Just recently at a Press Conference in New York City, where dozens of reporters were present, the company announced the launch of many new products. These included the revamped Aspire V5 and Aspire V7.

So now, Acer’s users and potential customers have a number of choices to choose from. Acer has something for everyone. The V5 is available in the screen size of 11.6 inches, which is good for customers wanting to go extra portable. This ultra thin version of the V5 weighs hardly 3 pounds, so it is extremely light weight.  The V7 and V5 do not have very major differences.

Infact, the only significant difference is that the V7, as opposed to the V5, has a soft silky touch material at the bottom of the laptop. The V7 also has optional SSD’s meaning more storage/capacity. Apart from this, the V7 uses Intel’s Wireless display technology (WiDi), which has been used over and over again my many companies now.

Other than these factors, both the versions are very much similar. For example, both use the Acer converter port and HDD router.

Other options in the Acer series are the 14 inch and 15.6 inch screen laptops, so customers have the option of going for a display resolution of 1,366 x 768 or 1,920 x 1,080 IPS. Moving on to the options the customers of Acer will have, it is worth noticing that the V series will be available in both AMD and Intel processors and also with dual or quad-core chips.

So depending on your budget, you can choose from a list. One of the version has ‘gamers’ as its target audience as it features the NVIDIA’ GeForce GT7XXM series and AMD’s Radeon HD8750 graphic cards.

Although the exact price is not known but it is expected that the V series will start selling at around $499. Let’s wait and see how that goes.


Source: Engadget

Acer intros Aspire R7

accerThe laptop industry has become very advanced. Companies have produced some of the finest laptops. This article is about yet another article introduced by Acer, one of the major competitors in the respective industry. Acer has introduced a laptop, known as the Aspire R7 with one of the most amazing features, an adjustable screen.

Now users can work on their laptop and adjust the screen in accordance with their usability and convenience. The screen will be placed on the Ezel Hinge connected to the main body. This hinge will enable the screen of the laptop to become absolutely flat when pushed to its extreme. This option is especially suited to those users who have to give a lot of presentations.

To introduce this latest laptop, Acer invited reporters from far flung places. So yes, it was very obvious that the company is coming up with something different, something truly amazing. It is believed that the price of the new Acer laptop will be around $1000 and it is expected to become available in the market by the 14th of May.

Although customers will be kept waiting until then but the laptop will certainly be worth the wait. It will be available online on America’s No.1 online electronics selling website, Best-Buy.

The R7 will feature Core i-7 and Core i-5 processors, giving its customers the option to choose from either. The screen size will be about 15.6 inches, and with the option of adjusting the screen, this is a pretty fine size. The display resolution will be 1080p (Full HD), something very typical for the new upcoming laptops. The weight of the notebook is believed to be around 5.5 pounds.

The new R7 is said to combine, desktop, notebook and tablet into one. So Acer has come up with a all in one package at a pretty reasonable price. The officials also said that the R7 will feature a volume control button.


Source: Engadget

Asus And Acer Reportedly Launching New Chromebooks This Year

Acer-Asus-LogoThe Laptop industry seems to be extremely active these days. One thing is for sure that under this immense competition that is prevailing in the Laptop’s industry, companies will have to bring in more innovation, better and newer technologies in their laptops in order to assure a steady reputation in the industry. Looks like Asus and Acer understand this and therefore are expected to launch new Chromebooks sometime this year.

The details of these two upcoming chromebooks have not been given as yet but we do have slight information to discuss. The Asus Chromebook is expected to be launched in the third or the fourth quarter of the year. We cannot elaborate further on the Asus Chromebook. As for the Acer Chromebook, it is expected to be launched in July. So to make an informed decision, one will have to wait till both the chromebooks are launched and then decide accordingly. The Acer Chromebook is expected to have an 11.6″ screen.

Before this, a major impact was put on the notebook industry when the Chromebook pixel was launched by Google. However, the ‘pixel’ was launched particularly for the elite as it was priced really high. It is believed that the prices of the upcoming models of the Chromebook will be less than those of the Chromebook pixel. Let’s wait and see how that goes.

Apart from Google, Asus and Acer, many other players are also trying to make their presence felt in the Chromebook industry. For example, recently there was news that Hp and Lenovo are also thinking of entering the Chromebook market by launching more Chromebooks of their respective companies.

While it is true that innovation is necessary, it must also be realized that the customers need a good reason to buy your product. For that to happen, companies must conduct thorough survey’s to learn what their customers require and then produce products tailored to their needs.


Source: Ubergizmo