How to fix Samsung Galaxy A8 2019 that won’t turn on (easy fix)

The Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018) which was released last month packs some really impressive hardware specs and features but some of its owners have already been complaining about some minor issues. Well, it’s expected since no manufacturer can make their devices problem-free especially that the performance of these devices depends on a lot of factors.

How to screenshot on Samsung Galaxy A8

This post will show you how to take screenshots on Galaxy A8. There are two ways to do that. Check out the easy steps below.   How to take screenshot using hardware buttons Press and hold the Power and Home button at the same time. Do not release before your phone gives you feedback in

How to hard reset on Samsung Galaxy A8

Hard reset, also known as factory reset or master reset, is an important troubleshooting step when trying to fix problems on a Galaxy A8. This procedure will erase all personal data such as photos, videos, documents, contacts, etc. so be sure to back them up ahead of time. Also, make sure that you remove your

Lenovo Announces 4 New “A” Series Android Tablets

Lenovo is expanding its A-Series Android tablets by announcing 4 new models that will be released second quarter of this year. The models in this series are best known as entry level tablets offering consumers an affordable way to enjoy watching videos, listening to music, and running their favorite apps. Soon to join this lineup